Pac-Man Museum+ and Cricket 22 are now included with PC Game Pass
Added Subscriptions
A collection of legendary titles from the PAC-MAN series and a thrilling cricket game have been added to the popular gaming subscription.
Fanatical - Killer Bundle 22
Added Bundles
The bundle features six amazing indie games!
Steam - Bandai Namco AniMAY Sale
Added Deals
You can buy various games from a leading developer and publisher at a low price!
Rockstar Store Spring Sale 2022
Added Deals
The popular Rockstar Games are on sale, up to 50% off!
Sniper Elite 5 is available on PC Game Pass. Pay only 1 dollar and start playing now!
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Make use of the cheap Game Pass offer and enjoy the latest game in the award-winning sniping series!
Fanatical - Build your own Best of Elite VR Bundle
Added Bundles
Can fun games meant for a virtual reality be cheap? As the newest Fanatical shows, VR doesn't have to be expensive!
Fanatical - Grey Alien Games Bundle (available again)
Added Bundles
Need a break from all those flashy games? Try the casual titles included within the bundle. You can get a few for only one dollar!
Fanatical - Epic Quests Mystery Bundle
Added Bundles
Take a chance to grab a bunch of gaming gems from Fanatical!
FREE BioShock: The Collection on Epic Games Store
Added Freebies
The complete collection of BioShock games can be yours for free!
Prime Gaming June 2022 - what games are we getting?
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UPDATE: six titles were just now officially confirmed! See what's coming to Amazon Prime Gaming in June 2022.
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