Further changes to the game card layout and improved price history!

Further changes to the game card layout and improved price history!
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Last week we introduced significant changes to our game card design. Today we present you further improvements and more accurate historical low statistics!

It's time to address some of the feedback you left us in comments, e-mails and surveys.

“The new layout is horrible, bring back the old layout”

We’ve conducted a survey, asking users how they like the new look of the Game Card. It seems that the majority of users actually like the redesign.

Each layout change always comes with a difficulty, because users have their own navigation habbits. We understand that not everyone appreciates the changes. However, since the majority of users do like them, we will focus on improving the new layout, rather than rolling everything back to what it was.

“I want to hide keyshops”

The ability to hide the keyshops was available on GG.deals ever since we introduced unouthorized resellers. The fact that this option didn’t work was a major oversight on our part.

We fixed it with today’s update. Users with keyshops disabled will no longer see keyshop offers on game cards. Furthermore, they will see 8 official store offers instead of default 4.

“Historical low is too low”

We received TONS of messages regarding this and we recognize it’s a very important feature for most of you. Before we discuss the position of historical low, we want to talk about something else.

For a while now, we’ve been working on a very special feature that would make price history more accurate. We’re very happy we can share this feature with you TODAY!

Historical low can sometimes be really useless, if:

  • a game was available for free
  • a game was in the lowest tier of Humble Bundle
  • a game was featured in a pricebug

In such cases, the HL is forever doomed and will never again show you any useful information.

This is why, we’ve decided to EXPAND the historical low parameter and show you information that was previously unavailable:

  • 2nd best historical low
  • 3rd best historical low
  • 3 months low
  • 12 months low

Here is an example from “Sid Meier's Civilization VI” that previously showed historical low as “FREE”. Now it looks like this:


We needed extra space to show you all this information and this is why we originally chose to move price history next to the graph.

Second reason why Historical Low is no longer at the very top is the confusion it creates with keyshop price. We currently track price history ONLY from official stores. Therefore Historical low from official stores can sometimes be higher than the currently available price in keyshops… Separating current prices from historical prices seems like the only solution... for now.

Expanding the price history to all stores is a very challenging task, but we’re working on it. Once keyshops are also included in the historical lows, we will once again redesign the way we present you the price history.

Navigation issues: “I actually liked tabs”, “I can’t scroll back to the top of the page”

Tabs are back… well kind of. Every information that was previously available one click away in the tabs is now once again available one click away in the “tabs-like” anchors section located above the offers. We brought back an option to quickly access:

  • bundles
  • DLCs
  • packs

The anchor section sticks to the top of the page during the scroll. We improved the visibility of this sticky navigation bar by enlarging the font.

We also added an ability to quickly teleport back to the top of the page. As per some of your requests.

“Bring back risks associated with keyshops”

We brought individual risks back today. We left out this feature in the previous redesign, but it's here again due to numerous requests.

What else is new in today’s update?

We have once again redesigned the top of the game card to make better use of space.

We now show you instantly, which of the two prices (official vs keyshops) is cheaper with our new “Best deal” badge.

There is also a chance you will see a “Historical low” badge instead, if the price is historically cheapest in the official stores.


Your feedback is invalueable

We hope you will enjoy the changes implemented in this update. Is it a step in the right direction? Let us know in comment section below!

We will continue working on the game card design and we promise further improvements in the coming weeks.