Improved price history on - track price changes from all stores!

By remike
Improved price history on - track price changes from all stores!

We've made significant improvements to the way we present historical low info and price history graph on game cards!

Here is a short overview of the changes we've implemented today:

Historical low is once again on top of the game view!

The most common criticism of the recent layout changes was the absence of historical low information on top of game cards. Users complained they had to scroll all way to the bottom to learn about price history.

We've listened to your feedback and decided to make historical low info more accessible. You can now find this information right next to the "current prices" section:

Track price history from official stores AND keyshops

The pricing we display is now much more accurate and features:

  • Current best price from official stores
  • Current best price from keyshops
  • Historical low price from official stores
  • Historical low price from keyshops
  • TOP 3 historical prices from all stores
  • TOP 3 historical prices from official stores only

We've started recording historical prices from keyshops at the beginning of 2021 and our keyshops price history so far covers the period of 5 weeks.

Remember that if you don't like keyshops at all and would rather view price history the old way, you can always disable keyshops in the user menu.

Let us know in comments section below whether you like the changes and find the additional information useful. :)