New feature: filter by GeForce Now support & VR compatibility

By remike
New feature: filter by GeForce Now support & VR compatibility
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Newly added filters let you explore VR games and GeForce Now supported titles!

Guess what? We didn't just stop at adding Steam Deck compatibility filters! We continued working on our new platform filter and managed to expand it with even more options!

New filters: "GeForce Now", "VR supported" and "VR required"

Head over to our "Games" and "Collection" page and take a look at our "platform" filter. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll find 3 new filters available at your disposal:

You can use these filters to find:

Obviously you can mix & match these filters with numerous others to create your perfect combination of filters.

The owners of VR headsets will be pleased to hear that we've also added some VR-specific options in the "Features" filter to make exploring virtual reality titles easier.

VR & GeForce symbols on game cards and the game list

To help you identify games by VR / Geforce Now compatibility, we've added special symbols on the game list...

...and on the individual game cards (for example Rise Of The Tomb Raider)

Whether you're playing your games on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Steam Deck or you're streaming your game via GeForce Now, you can use to find interesting titles at the lowest price!

Our next goals & your feedback

We're very excited that we could implement so many improvements recently, starting with Dark mode skin and followed by keyshops integration in user wishlists, Steam Deck support and today's changes. However, we know that there is much more to be done. We want to:

  • make the platform filter available in Deals & Wishlist views
  • make GeForce Now filter more accurate (ie specify which DRM is supported)
  • bring back Humble offers
  • complete the keyshop integration

& that's just the tip of the iceberg.

In order to make sure that our priorities are aligned with our users' expectations, please leave us your feedback in the comments section below or on the community page. Your comments fuel our motivation to continue making this site better and better!