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New & improved Collections are LIVE!

New & improved Collections are LIVE!

New & improved Collections are LIVE!

We've added some long-awaited features, including custom tags, new platforms support and more!


While GOG Galaxy 2.0 is still in beta, we would like to invite you to check out our own redesigned system for organizing your digital game library.

It took us a good number of weeks to build and we would truly appreciate it if could give it a chance 😊

What's new in Collections?

Here is a short overview of features we included in the new design:

  • Assign tags to games in your Collection. Currently you can choose the following tags: Beaten, Maxed out, Favourite, Play next. Let us know in comments if these 4 tags are enough - we're happy to add more of them!

  • Create your own tags! Choose your colour, name it and press save. That's it! You will be able to use your new tag everywhere. Your custom tags will even appear in the filters dropdown!



  • Sync your Collection with GOG. This option will import all games from your library.



  • Sync your playtime from Steam and GOG. Or write it down manually to keep track of your playtime from other platforms.


  • Sort your Collection by Playtime. Combined time from Steam/GOG and other platforms.


  • Manage multiple games in your collection at once. Mass edit tags and platforms of selected games.


  • We're added support for new platforms. You can now manually assign games from Bathesda Launcher, Epic Games Launcher and Twitch Launcher


Why should I use Collections?

While we all agree that GOG Galaxy 2.0 is a perfect client for combining multiple game libraries, here are a few reasons why Collections can also be useful for you:

  • More filtering options (Steam reviews, Steam tags, Steam features and more)
  • No duplicates of games (if you own games in multiple stores, you will some only 1 entry on as opposed to duplicates on GOG Galaxy 2.0)
  • Ability to add games to your Collection manually
  • Ability to edit multiple Collection entries at once.
  • We also believe that Collection management makes more sense when combined with price comparison site, wishlists and price alerts.


We need your feedback!

Please, let us know in comments, how do you like the changes that were introducted today. Remember that is still a work in progress and we're striving to make it better and better. 💪


Here is a direct link to Collections.