New filters on - 4 new ways to customize your browsing experience

By remike
New filters on - 4 new ways to customize your browsing experience

We've added new filters and improved some existing ones to make your experience better

1. Filter by the number of user wishlist, alerts and collections (Games view)

The new "ranks" filter lets you narrow your search by the number of wishlist, alert and collection occurences.

There are two ways of using the ranks filter:

  • You can set a specific range - for example between 2000 and 5000 wishlist/alert/collection occurences
  • you can also restrict your search to top 100 / 250 / 500 games in the wishlist/alert/collection ranking

The new filter replaces the enigmatic "game rating" filter that was previously used for rating games based on wishlist occurences. "Ranks" filter should be much easier to understand and will give you greater control over the results.

2. Subscription filter (Games view)

The subscription filter lets you restrict your search results to games included in services like:

  • Xbox Game Pass PC
  • EA Play
  • Uplay +

You can now easily explore the full list of games included with Xbox Game Pass PC and see how much they are worth!

3. Improved Steam reviews filter (Deals, Games, Wishlist, Alerts and Collection views)

There are two improvements to the Steam review filters.

First of all, we have removed the correlation between the description ("positive reviews") and the numerical range ("80%-100"). This correlation wasn't working perfectly, because Steam also factors in the number of reviews to determine the overall description.

After the changes:

  • Filtering by description accurately reflects the description from Steam.
  • Filtering by range represets the numerical value from Steam.

The second improvement is a separate section for "Steam reviews count". This is a new filter that focuses solely on the number of reviews from Steam and works independently from other filters.

4. Alert status filter (Alerts view)

The alert status filter allows you to choose whether you want to view "active" or "paused" alerts". It will be very useful if you want to hide the alerts you have previously paused.

Let us know in comments, how do you find the recent update. Are the new filters useful? What other filters would you like to see on