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New & improved Wishlists are LIVE!

New & improved Wishlists are LIVE!

New & improved Wishlists are LIVE!

You asked, we listened!


Starting today, you can enjoy the redesigned Wishlist & Collections packed with new functionalities! We were able to deliver some of the most frequently requested features and we’re very excited to share them with you 😊

So… What’s new?

  • You can filter your Wishlist by Store and DRM
  • You can sort your Wishlist by recently updated offers first
  • There is a quick access menu on Wishlist
  • There is a quick access menu in Collection
  • You can create your own presets on your Wishlist
  • you can create your own presets in your Collection

The redesigned Wishlists & Collections open up many new possibilities. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the changes to make sure you get the most out the new functionalities.


Store and DRM filters on Wishlist



Adding support for these filters was a challenge, because they require a bit of magic. 😉 They don’t just FILTER the results. They SUBSTITUTE results with the best new match.

Say you’re only interested in DRM-free games. There are 200 games on your Wishlist, but only 2 of them are cheapest as DRM-free options. Selecting “DRM-free” in our “DRM” filter won’t just show you 2 results. If will alter all 200 results to show you the best prices of your wishlisted games with no DRM.

Similarly, our “Store” filter alters your Wishlist results to display offers from selected stores only. Magic!



With this functionality, you no longer need to copy your Steam wishlist over to Fanatical, 2Game, Humble Store or Green Man Gaming. You can EASILY transform your Steam wishlist into any other store wishlist on using "Store" filter.


See recently updated deals first


This is an interesting update for users who visit their Wishlist regularly and want to know what changed since their last visit.

You can access Recent Deals from the quick access menu.



The time when the deal was last updated can be found here:



Quick access menu + ability to save presets on Wishlist


We’re received feedback from multiple users suggesting we should change the default sort order of the Wishlist. Some of you prefer alphabetical order, some want to browse offers with best discounts etc.

We figured that there isn't one correct solution. This is why we decided to add a quick access menu that lets everyone access their preferable configuration with just one click. You can choose between:

  • Best deals
  • Recently updated deals 
  • Biggest discounts
  • Alphabetical order
  • Games recently added to your Wishlist
  • and more



Not enough choice? You can also create your own Wishlist presets and access them from the menu! Simply select your preferred sort order and filters and press “save preset” button. 

The configuration you save will be easily accessable in the dropdown menu.



>> Try it yourself! Head over to Wishlist page! <<


Quick access menu + ability to save presets in Collection


Similar functionality was added to user Collection. You can quickly access presets such as:

  • New games in collection
  • Alphabetical order
  • Games you've played the longest
  • Games you've beaten
  • Games you've maxed out
  • and more

On top of that, you can create your own presets for easier access to your favourite configurations.


>> Try it yourself! Head over to Collection page! <<