New look of game card. What has changed?

New look of game card. What has changed?

Standing still is going backwards. We listened to your feedback and we redesigned the game card view to make your experience better!

What has changed in the new game card design?

Here is a short overview of what we've implemented in today's update and why we've decided to make such change.

Saying goodbye to the tabs

In the old layout, information was arranged horizontally, hidden behind multiple tabs. If you wanted to check prices in keyshops, DLC, packs, bundles, price history or more information about the game, you had to click on tabs to reveal the information you're after.

This is no longer the case! We've arranged all information vertically and made it all accessible without any clicking. Browsing the game card should require much less effort.

Quick game overview

One of the biggest complaints about the old layout was lack of basic information about the game in the default view. 

We have added a new sidebar that contains all necessary information such as: developer, release date, reviews, genres tags and features. There is even a space for a miniature screenshot gallery!

Too many information bars? Gone!

In the old layout subscriptions and keyshop prices were displayed using "information bars". Sometimes there were 3 or more bars at once, which didn't look too good.

In the new layout, both keyshops and subscription have a special section, which should be much easier to follow

Your feedback matters

The rest of the changes you will have to discover yourselves. :) We truly hope that you like what we've prepared for you and that you see the new layout as an improvement.

Please share your comments - whether they're positive or negative, we'd love to hear from you. The new layout is still work in progress and your suggestions can shape the future of :)