Salenauts v0.8.1 - changelog

Salenauts v0.8.1 - changelog
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All comments are now diplayed right underneath the news! We've added an extra entry in our menu - "freebies" - which aggregates all free games that we published in our news. There is also a new store in our system. What else is new?

Salenauts v. 0.8.1. - changelog

  • All comments are now displayed right underneath the news. We hope it will make them easier to follow.
  • Clicking on "x comments" in news meta will now redirect you straight to the comments section
  • New menu entry "freebies" which redirects to "Free games" page
  • "Free games" page aggregates all news on Salenauts which allow you to grab some freebies. They can be sweesptakes (drawing winners), giveaways (claim your free key) or deals (game costs 0.00) 
  • We've added a new store to our system - WinGameStore. You can track its deals in our Pricetracker. You will also find seperate news with WinGameStore deals in the future.
  • All forum users will now find a link to their Steam profile in the profile information box next to their forum posts.
  • The order of entries in the giveaway widget has been changed. The highest priority is now given to the giveaways which end soonest (the old order arranged giveaways by publication date)
  • We've added support to RSS feeds. The RSS icon finally works correctly.
  • minor bug fixes 


We aim to update Salenauts regularly and new functionalities will appear every 1-2 weeks. Some of the features that we're currently working on include:

  • adding more stores
  • providing a possibility to write a comment directly underneath the news (without redirecting to the forum page)
  • creating categorized feeds for our Pricetracker
  • adding "popularity" column to the Pricetracker which will justify the "Top Clicks" widget
  • adding "mini-chat" to the forum
  • adding "recent forum topics" widget on the frontpage


Let us know what you think of this update in the brand new comments section. Also, if you have further ideas for development of Salenauts, let us know about it in this forum topic.