Salenauts v0.8.5 - changelog - Viva La Revolution!

Salenauts v0.8.5 - changelog - Viva La Revolution!
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If you have seen Salenauts before, you will probably notice the changes that took place with this new build. We have worked really hard to make this place even better. We hope you like the new features and we promise to give you even more! 

Salenauts v. 0.8.5. - changelog

Searching for games

  • We have completely rebuilt the way in which the search engine works in Pricetracker. 

You now have 3 options.
a) you can search for the latest deals (discounts >10%) of the chosen phrase
b) you can search for all prices (includes 0% disounts) of the chosen phrase
c) you can use the suggestion to check all current prices of one selected game!

  • Suggestions are also available in "Games" section and allow you to quickly navigate to the selected game of your choice
  • The "search for games" bar has been added on top of the mainpage. It should help you find the lastest discounts quicker!


Main Page

  • The mega large tiles promoting selected news are no longer here. Instead we have decided to use smaller tiles section in that place to promote individual games. New tiles link directly to game cards and allow you to compare prices of the selected games.
  • The tiles with promoted games rotate at random. Although we only display 5 games at once, refreshing the page will result in different games appearing in random places (cool, huh?).
  • As mentioned before, the search bar has beed added at the very top of the page to allow you to search for even more games.
  • The stream of news displays evenly in one column. It is no longer moved to the right and no longer interrupted by the "upcoming releases" widget
  • "Upcoming releases" have been moved to the sidebar on the right
  • All news on the main page feature 2 new buttons:

These are designed to help you navigate directly to the deal, without having to go to the full news.

  • We decided to change the way in which we write the "lead" section. Leads will now contain a shortened list of the discounts featured in the news. Hopefully, it will give you some idea of what is discounted.
  • The order of widgets in the sidebar is now changed. "Most popular news" widget went right on top of the sidebar.
  • The aformentioned widget no longer features expired news
  • "New releases" widget is no longer available. We thought it was pretty useless. If there is a good discount on a rew releases, it will be featured in tiles on top of the mainpage.


Other changes

  • We have slightly diminished the size of the tables with discounts (rows are now 50px instead of 60px tall). They seemed a bit too large and it was hard to embrace eg. the list of games featured in a bundle without scrolling. We hope that narrowing gaps between the rows will make our tables easier to read.


Let us know, what you think! :)