Salenauts v0.8.6 - changelog

Salenauts v0.8.6 - changelog
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A new store addition + some long awaited features.

See what has changed at Salenauts since your last visit!

  • Humble Store has been added to our price comparison system! You can now browse their deals in our Pricetracker
  • "Delete all notifications" button has been added
  • We have tidied the list of stores in the Pricetracker and added an option  to select/deselect all of them with one click
  • Big one. Once logged in, you will now be able to distinguish the titles from your collection/wishlist anywhere on the site (Pricetracker / Games/ News etc.). Relevant "heart" (wishlist) or "star" (collection) icons can be found right before the game title

  • You can now select stores for which you want to receive notifications on discounts
  • Some minor improvements have been made to e-mail alerts on price drops (ie. the logo wasn't displaying properly)
  • Other minor bugs & fixes

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We try our best to implement new updates every two weeks.