Sep 23rd update - new stores, new features and layout changes

Sep 23rd update - new stores, new features and layout changes
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The layout from Preview is now live on! We also added support for 2 new stores!

Layout changes

Over the last 3 weeks you were able to test our new layout as part of Preview. Your feedback was overwhelmingly positive, therefore we decided to integrate the new look with the main domain of

Together with the new look, we also included other features of Preview:

  • keyshop prices are now available in search results and games view
  • historical low prices are now unified in all views (for example, if you enable keyshops you always see historical low from both "worlds")
  • Deal Rating is simplified (flame emojis) and easily customizable using Deal Rating slider

What else is new?

Over the last couple of weeks we also prepared a few more quality of life improvements:

  • Deals view has now an option to show/hide the sidebar on the right. If you find the sidebar distracting, you can simply hide it.
  • will now always remember your settings for page size (24/48/96) and page layout (list/grid) if you're logged in! The settings will save in your user profile.
  • We also changed the default page size from 24 to 48 (Deals, Games, Wishlist, Alerts, Collection) and from 12 to 18 (News)
  • Some of you didn't like the layout of the articles on the homepage of the Preview version. We addressed this feedback and worked to make this section more compact.

New stores

Starting today, users can compare prices from two more official stores. Say hello to:

Your feedback matters

Let us know if you like the new! We strive to constantly improve the site and your feedback is absolutely crucial! 

PS: We hear you about Dark Mode. This is our next big milestone and we hope to implement the dark version of very soon!