Site feature: apply custom discounts - 20% off with Humble Choice, 10% off with EA Play and more!

By remike
Site feature: apply custom discounts - 20% off with Humble Choice, 10% off with EA Play and more!

Humble Choice subscribers - we have just delivered a frequently requested feature!

We have added two new filters on our game pages - DRM and special discount. While the first filter is self-explanatory, the latter requires a brief description. 

What is a "special discount" filter?

Most discount codes on are by default applied in the final price. But what if a discount code or voucher can only be used by select users? In such a case, modifying the final price for everybody would be very misleading.

We have identified a number of such "special discounts." They are:

  • 20%/17%/15%/10% discount on Humble Store for Humble Choice subscribers
  • 10% discount on Origin Store EA Play subscribers
  • 10% discount for Electronic Arts games on Steam for EA Play Steam subscribers
  • 20% discount in Ubisoft Store for using your Ubisoft Connect Units
  • 5% discount for your first purchase on Wingamestore with code PCGAMES5OFF
  • 10% discount on G2A for G2A Plus subscribers

It is up to you to decide which of these offers are accessible to you. Simply head to the game page, use the new "special discount" filter and select your desired options. The prices in our comparison should automatically update to reflect your filter settings!

How does the Humble Choice discount work?

The percentage of your Humble Choice discount depends on the number of consecutive months you've been signed up for the subscription:

  • 10% Store Discount - 1 Month Active
  • 15% Store Discount - 3 Months Active
  • 17% Store Discount - 6 Months Active
  • 20% Store Discount - 12 Months Active

Once you select your current tier in our new filter, the table should automatically update with your customized prices. 

Note: Humble Store does not currently offer the Choice discount for all games in their catalog. We detect such games and apply a 0% discount to reflect the pricing correctly! Furthermore, some DLCs only get a 5% Choice discount - can also detect that and apply a 5% discount regardless of your selected Choice tier!

Save your default game card filters.

We have also added the option to create your own "default settings" with these new filters to save you clicking.

You don't need to select "Humble Choice 10% off" + DRM: Steam" every time you visit Head to the "settings" page and modify your defaults. Your selected filters will be remembered whenever you visit our site as a logged-in user!

That's it for today! Let us know if you find the new features useful in the comments section below! Would you like us to add support for any other "special discounts"?