The Division 2 is no longer available for purchase in third party stores

The Division 2 is no longer available for purchase in third party stores

Humble Store, Green Man Gaming, 2Game, Voidu, Wingamestore, Gamesplanet & others deleted their product pages for The Division 2 on the launch day.


Since today all authorized third party stores are not allowed to sell you the new Ubisoft hit, The Division 2. We were able to confirm with our sources that this is due to Epic Games exclusivity. The game can now only be sold directly through Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Store.

Now, the price comparison of Division 2 on looks like this:

Epic Games has joined the distribution market claiming they will "end the monopoly of Steam". However, instead of increased competition and better prices, gamers are getting exactly the opposite. Current prices of The Division 2 are over 30% higher than the historically lowest price recorded by On top of that, gamers have less choice which store they want to purchase their game from.

We feel that actions of Epic Games defeat the purpose of our site which is to compare prices in official distribution stores and show you the best deals on the web. We begin to wonder whether all these "Epic Games exclusivity deals" form a threat to the very existence of We have more and more reasons to believe that inviting unnoficial stores to our comparison engine is a good direction for the future of our site. Competition is good and we definitely need some form of alternative to the new monopolist on the market which Epic Games Store have turned out to be...

What do you think? Would you consider buying The Division 2 in keyshops given that most of the official stores are no longer an option? Do the Epic Games exclusivity deals affect your shopping experience in any way? Let us know in comments below.