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[TRY IT NOW!] The new homepage design is now available!

[TRY IT NOW!] The new homepage design is now available!

[TRY IT NOW!] The new homepage design is now available!

Head over to and discover our redesigned homepage!

Byremikeremike fanbase grows month by month which is a great motivation for us to constantly develop the platform. We want to be a place that meets all of your expectations and is worth being recommended to your friends & fellow gamers.

Ever since the launch, we have released multiple updates and kept adding new features. This has paused for a couple of months as we needed time to work on a big and very important update - a redesigned homepage. Even though our work is not 100% complete, we've decided to share the link with all users and invite you to test the new design. The new homepage can be found here:



Wait, what? Two homepages at once? Why is that?

The new homepage introduces A LOT of changes. It is completely different to what you've gotten used to over the last year and a half. We didn't want the new design to shock you and we realise that it might take some time getting used to the new layout.

This is why there will be two homepages available at once for the time being. We want to hear your feedback and make sure that direction we took with the new design is the right one. Please don't hesitate to leave us comments under this news or on the community forum. There is still time for some last minute adjustments so your feedback will be very valuable and can potentially change the future of!

Why change?

In our opinion, the old homepage is too "stuffed" - fits too much information in a small space. It is difficult to read and discourages new users from exploring the site. Furthermore, the old design is generally difficult to follow - some widget are very static and present the same information every day, others can change very quickly and make you miss out on the new information. We have discovered that an average user follows only 2-3 widgets that occupy fraction of space on the homepage. That is by no means an efficient design - after all there are hundreds of new deals every day that are not visible at the first glance!

Introducing timeline

Our "timeline" is something we're especially proud of. It contains a "twitter-like" stream of information that you need to catch up with since your last visit. There are 3 types of news available in the timeline:

1. Individual game discounts (historical lows and other noteworthy deals selected by editors).

2. Groups of discounts (for example a sale in a shop)

3. Editorial news (bundles, freebies, giveaways & announcements)

Unlike on the old homepage, you can now easily catch up with ALL the latest deals and scroll down to the point that you've remembered from your last visit. With the timeline you can be sure that won't be missing out on any interesting offer and you don't need to look for any additional information elsewhere!


We welcome your feedback! :)

It is impossible to keep two homepages at once forever as it blocks many future developments. There will come a point in which the old must be replaced the new. This is why it crucial that we know what you like and dislike about the new homepage. Do you find the new layout superior to the old one? What would you improve on? What can we do to make your experience even better? Please comment below and you can be sure that your voice will be heard! :)