We're changing! New design of main menu and search

We're changing! New design of main menu and search

We worked hard to make the main menu more intuitive and easier to use.

Here is a short overview of the changes we introduced today.

Articles in your search results

That's right. Our main search bar now gives you an option to find not just games, but also articles published on GG.deals. It should come in handy when you're looking for bundles, freebies or, say, new arrivals in Xbox Game Pass!

New layout of search bar and search results

We made our search feature a little bit more compact. The search results no longer occupy the entire page, which hopefully should improve the site navigation. 


new vs old

The new search is also more mobile friendly, meaning that you will see 3x more results on your screen compared to the previous design!


new vs old

Design changes in the main menu

Here is what we hoped to accomplish in the new menu design:

  • We wanted to make menu more compact vertically, so that the viewport in higher and you can see more content on each page
  • Most important positions in the menu (Deals, Games, News) are still accessible after the scroll. Previously, they would disappear and only the search bar was accessible.
  • We improved the accessibility of keyshops on/off switch as well as region selection. Both settings are now duplicated - you access them through the top bar of the menu as well as through the user menu dropdown
  • The menu is now more compact and more convienient to use on mobile devices.
  • You can now edit your alerts directly from the notification dropdown.

Your feedback matters

How do you like the new menu? Are you able to find and access all features you usually use on GG.deals? Do you enjoy the new search? Let us know how you find the changes in comments section below!