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Release date

22 Mar 2021


bHaptics Inc.


About bHapticsPlayer

Game description

About this software:

bHaptics Player connects Steam with the company’s brand-new wireless haptic suit, TactSuit X16 and X40.

TactSuit X40, the flagship device of the company’s full-body haptic solutions and a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree, is a consumer-ready haptic vest that packs 40 vibro-tactile motors. The X40 enhances user experience significantly by providing powerful, yet sophisticated haptic feedback in sync with content, using the 40 tactile motors that are evenly distributed throughout the haptic vest.

TactSuit X16, as a breathable, light-weight version of the TactSuit X40, TactSuit X16 packs 16 of the same motor in the X40 and weighs a little over 2lbs (950g). The TactSuit X16, priced at 299 USD, is the most affordable haptic vest by far.

Both TactSuit X16 and X40 feature the following aspects:

  • Embedded Haptics: bHaptics TactSuit is a first consumer-ready haptic suit that connects users with virtual world via contextually meaningful tactile feedback. Thus far, more than 50 SteamVR and Oculus Quest titles, including top-selling multi-player VR FPS games, such as Onward and Pavlov, provides native support for the TactSuit X16 and X40. The company plans to continue to work with other titles in order to provide its users with optimized haptic feedback for each game.
  • Cross-platform Support: bHaptics TactSuit X series features dual connectivity via Bluetooth and audio jack and can be used with not only VR, but also consoles and PC. TactSuit X users can enjoy state-of-the-art haptic feedback and seamless connectivity with or without wires. ​
  • Innovative Software Support: Thanks to the company’s patent-pending Audio-to-Haptics software, which converts audio output of content into haptic feedback in real time, users can receive audio-based haptics when listening to music, watching movies, or playing PC/console/VR games without native support. Unlike hardware conversion, the company’s audio-to-haptic is controlled by software, allowing users to customize audio-to-haptic conversion parameters, such as frequency bands and thresholds, and create their own setting for different types of content.

The company’s TactSuit lineup consists of TactSuit X16, X40 haptic vests; Tactal haptic face cushion for VR HMDs; Tactosy for Arms, Hands and Feet. The TactSuit Lineup can be used in various fields from gaming to VR training. All bHaptics products feature lag-free wireless connectivity to bring the best possible haptics experience. The entire lineup is available for purchase on official bHaptics website.

About bHaptics:

Founded in 2015, bHaptics is the world’s leading full-body haptic solutions company committed to bringing haptic technology to everyday life. Last month, bHaptics unveiled TactSuit X series as the successor to Tactot DK 3. The new series features dual connectivity, breathable design, and accessible price point. TactSuit has a wide range of applications, including VR, PC gaming and music monitoring.  bHaptics is dedicated to connecting people with content through accurate and sophisticated tactile feedback.

If you would like more information, please contact our email.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • OS: Windows 10

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