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Application info

Release date

11 Oct 2021



About LunarManVideoLibrary~月球人影库

Game description

In this software, just fill in the movie name and add the address of the movie in the local disk to display your movie in the corresponding list of the software.

Of course, you can make more detailed settings to improve the displayable content of each film (for example, add film plot screenshots, film covers, film profiles, actors and film categories).

The software mainly takes the movie list and TV series list as the main body. When creating new or modifying old movie information, the actor and movie classification will be automatically added to the actor list and classification list to facilitate you to find the movie content of the corresponding information.

The software is designed to provide "safe mode" for special film lovers. Press the space bar to quickly stop the film playback and screen shielding to prevent dangerous situations( You know)
At present, the software only supports the addition of MP4 format files. Later versions supporting multi format files will be launched. Please look forward to it!

At present, the function of the software is not perfect. At first, the software is just for the convenience of sorting out the movies in the computer, because I need to spend a long time to find the movie I want to see every time. You may wonder why it takes a long time. HMM.. The names of some movies are some exclusive codes (you know), so in order to solve this problem, Will have the birth of this software.

More functions will be added to the software in the future. At present, I do it alone, so it will take a long time. Please understand more.

In terms of software functions and art effects, the follow-up will continue to be supplemented and improved. Please also put forward valuable suggestions. thank you!

System requirements

  • OS: Window 10
  • Storage: 300 MB available space

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