10 best Steam Halloween 2021 deals - Steam sale games at historical low prices

By mkmike
10 best Steam Halloween 2021 deals - Steam sale games at historical low prices
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Which of the Steam Halloween Sale deals are the best?

Steam Halloween Sale 2021 is around only for a little bit and has already delivered thousands of fantastic offers. Which of them are the best, though? There is probably no definite answer, yet we would like to propose some, namely 10, best Steam Sale games. All of these titles have made a difference in the gaming industry and will not leave you regretting the money you spent. If this hasn’t convinced you yet, please note that all of the following Steam Halloween Sale games are at their respective historical low prices! Now that we've got the introductions out of the way, let’s get started with the list of best Steam games on sale:


Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Metroidvania can go a lot of ways. In this title, it decided to continue what Ori and the Blind Forest did best: tell a compelling, beautiful story with great art and a healthy dose of difficulty – and you have a great sequel ready. Think of Hollow Knight, although a little bit more forgiving. Nonetheless, equally as magical.

Psychonauts 2

A real blast from the past and a bit of new result in another psychedelic adventure. You get to control Raz, who just happens to be able to “invade” other people’s minds and resolve their problems within the worlds created by themselves. Sounds a bit weird, yet Psychonauts 2 is a platforming treat, combined with well-designed gameplay and a great story.

Sam & Max Save the World

A long time ago, before Telltale did other, better known titles, the studio decided to put the lovely dog and rabbit wannabe-detective duo into action. Now, you can revisit their crazy adventures in this seemingly normal adventure title. It’s just normal in its own universe, that’s about it.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Can we all agree that this is the best moment to explore the series’ roots and see how did it become what it is now with Age of Empires IV? Yes? Fantastic. Do yourself a solid and follow the path which led to the newest instalment in this classic strategy franchise. Don’t forget to abandon most of your plans. You have an empire to build!

The Room

Ever wondered what it would look like to combine Victorian aesthetic with a puzzle game? We neither, yet here we are. The Room looks like it came out of Ken Levine’s (responsible for Bioshock series) mind and makes you think intensively. Like, how do I solve this puzzle? Once you do it, there are probably not too many things as satisfying as the feeling of accomplishment you get afterwards.

FAR: Lone Sails

What if Kate Walker refused to travel by foot in Syberia series? This game seemingly wants to answer that question. In this steampunk-like journey, you wander around in your cool-looking vehicle amongst nothingness. Maybe something is out there to discover? No other way than to hit the road.


Imagine that Frank Miller wanted to make a game. Sin City would be the first answer, but what if we told you that killer7 wanted to go further and is more of a shoot’em up nature than a normal shooter? Oh, and it’s straight from Japan. Only adds to the positives, right?


Tired of other roguelikes/rogualites? They lack some magic? Well, this thankfully doesn’t. Noita is a pixel-art action roguelite like any other, still maintaining the essence of the genre. If you can’t look at Spelunky anymore and you’ve had your fill of successful runs in Hades, give Noita a go.


There was a time when game developers thought that combining live-action with games is a good idea. Erica is a love letter to the era of combining cinematic features with games, simultaneously providing a thrilling adventure with several endings to discover. Name some popular Steam games that are brave enough to dig this deeply into gaming history, we’ll wait.


Last but certainly not least, a fascinating vision of hell in this weird mix of art and nudity. And a lot of violence. This game will make you question the sanity of its authors. Then, you will question your own, realising that this was a hell of a ride.

These were the, in our opinion, best Steam games on sale. They represent a lot of different genres and induce many emotions, ranging from positive to negative. The popular Steam games doesn’t necessarily mean the best games. The games on this list are best to experience. If they’re not objectively the best games that Halloween on Steam has brought us, they’re one of the most memorable, at the very least.


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