10 best PC games to play with your partner on Valentine's Day

10 best PC games to play with your partner on Valentine's Day

From simple platformers to puzzles and RPGs. Here's our varied list of the best games to play on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day is right around the corner. Unfortunately, due to pandemic, millions of couples have limited options of celebration. Seems like it’s not just the singles that are staying at home. 😔 Fortunately, the gaming industry has advanced so much that is has the titles of all calibres and genres to offer. Nowadays, PC games have a strong, universal appeal and are capable of attracting even a non-gamer audience. You and your significant other should definitely consider Gaming Valentine’s, especially this year. 

Every partner is unique and has different taste. One might prefer a straightforward action platformer with simple controls, others can spend hundreds of hours in simulators, some would prefer story rich, ‘choice matter’ titles. And some... will tell you to “git gud'' during an RPG sesh. Nonetheless, we created the list of top games to play with your partner on Valentine's Day. We’ve tried our best to include different games from numerous genres, the safe ones for non-gamers, as well as not so obvious ones. We hope you’ll find something to suit your Valentine.

Tell Me Why

Release Date: 27 August, 2020
Is it co-op? No

Good stories, family dramas, superpowers, shocking revelations and plot twists. This is what DONTNOD Entertainment has been specialising in for the past six years. And their most recent game Tell Me Why has all of these essential components for creating their signature slow-paced, immersive story rich adventure. Those who are distant to the gaming world will be surprised to learn that games can be so deep and wholesome.

The player dive into the story of two reunited siblings coming back to their hometown, which, apart from many happy memories, is strongly associated with a traumatic experience. Tell me why explores some important topics such as numerous mental health problems, transgender people and challenges they face. 

Stardew Valley

Release date: 26 February 2016
Is it co-op? Yes, online and split-screen

Stardew Valley is a heartwarming, highly addictive, almost therapeutic  farming simulator, which does a great job at assisting you in your escape from reality. No surprise that you can enjoy the game on your own, but after 5 years since the release date, the multiplayer has become a nice surprise. The “host” will need to create a new multiplayer mode or convert a singleplayer world into multiplayer to enable the feature.

Playing Stardew Valley with your partner can significantly reduce time you spend farming and mining, allowing you to focus on other objectives. It also brings up even more life to the life-sim aspect of the game. You will share the budget, go to sleep at the same time and get the chance to tie the knot. Isn’t it romantic? 😍

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime 

Release date: 9 September, 2015
Is it co-op? Yes, local

Who could have thought that an action space shooter could be so cute? Asteroid Base indie developer added adorable characters, tonnes of hearts as well as coloured the entire game in numerous shades of pink. This and the fact that absolute noobs will be able to play it make this the best games to try on Valentine’s Day.

The controls are very easy and straightforward, but the gameplay is really dynamic, thanks to the spaceship’s construction. You’ll have to run around the place, go up and down the stairs to get to the machine gun to shoot at enemies and then back to the steering wheel to avoid collision with obstacles. Therefore, you and your better need to coordinate your actions well.

Detroit: Become Human

Release date on PC: 18 June 2020
Is it co-op? No

We’ve mentioned before that everyone enjoys breathtaking stories with charismatic characters being in the lead. Which is why Detroit: Become Human can be a good game to start playing on Valentine’s Day. It’s no secret that it has one of the most complex plot trees of all story rich games, so choices matter here. The upcoming confrontation between humans and android may sound like a trivial setting, but is so well-designed and enriched with details, that it becomes unique.

You play for three androids, through the eyes of which you’ll experience the hardships and dilemmas of being a machine with conscience. Due to the fact that the game is very cinematic, your significant other can enjoy the game as a passive viewer or actively participate in discussions when decision making moments occur. Alternatively, both of you can take turns and see where your joint decisions will take you.

Unravel 2

Release date: 9 June, 2018
Is it co-op? Yes, local

After the successful release of Unravel, the continuation of Yarny’s adventures was only a matter of time. Unravel 2 has the same signature features as its predecessor: well-designed levels, beautiful visuals, calm and charming soundtrack.There are numerous puzzle games you can play on Valentine’s day. However, we feel Unravel 2 is the most fitting for the occasion as it has a balanced difficulty of puzzles. They’re not too challenging, but finishing each of the unique and mysterious levels is still rewarding.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Release date: 18 October, 2018
Is it co-op? No

One may be very surprised to see this in the list. But do not underestimate your partner’s sense of beauty and appreciation of art. This unconditional masterpiece of a single player puzzle game is surely fun to play on your own. But two heads are even better than one. 😉 You and your significant other are trying out the role of an insurance investigator who’s job is to explore the stranded cargo ship and identify all passengers and describe their grim fates in detail. 

You’ll solve this mystery with a special pocket watch which takes you back in time to the moment of death. That’s when both of you turn into Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, start analysing every detail of the scene, start creating clue boards and excel spreadsheets. Return of the Obra Dinn is a great option for those who cannot stand the mainstream St Valentine’s Day vibe and all that pink hearted nonsense. 

Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Release date: 30 August, 2019
Is it co-op? Yes, local and online

Horror games aren’t reserved just for Halloween. The prelude of dimming the lights, turning up the volume and hiding under the blanket… Sounds very suitable for Valentine’s day, only you’ll be hiding under the blanket in terror. Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is not the top of the top horror games on the market, but it’s got the perfect combination of an engaging story, likeable characters and simple gameplay, making it a decent game for couples to play.

The game starts off like a standard horror movie with a company of five young people going on a diving trip, which goes horribly wrong. It’s your and your partner’s job to save them all from grim death. Pro tip: before the game decide the characters each of you is going to control. Then see who’s worse at keeping them alive.

Moving Out

Release date: 28 April 2020
Is it co-op? Yes, local

The process of packing things and moving out, like home renovations, is a test of endurance for relationships. But what if we tell you that it can be really fun and hilarious if turned into a game? Moving Out is made in the best traditions of Overcooked games, thus it’s meant to be played with someone for the best experience.

In each mission you’re supposed to move all the necessary content as fast as possible with some optional achievements in place. The game requires a high degree of cooperation, especially when it comes to moving large objects (best of luck with moving cornered sofa through the doorway). 

Diablo III

Release date: 15 May, 2012
Is it co-op? Yes, online

This is another treat for those couples that just need a fun game without rainbows, flowers and teddy bears. The release of Diablo III wasn’t smooth, which significantly stained the reputation of the game. It’s a great shame, because the rocky start doesn’t change the fact that it’s a rather entertaining, responsive RPG.

Diablo provides plenty of mesmerizing hack-and-slash action, which is wrapped in pleasant-looking, juicy graphics. And, thanks to generous loot, it also feels rewarding. Overall it provides a fun and relaxing experience. We recommend adjusting the difficulty level to match the skills of your Player 2.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Release date: 4 August, 2020
Is it co-op? Yes, online

This funny battle royale took the locked down audience by the storm. It’s impossible to resist the charm of dorky characters racing each other through absurd obstacles in the best traditions of Takeshi’s Castle. If you and your better half are in the gloomy mood over Valentine’s Day in pandemic reality, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is something that can lift your spirits.

Like in any battle royale, you aim to win against other players (in Fall Guys, there are 60 players). As you run to the finish line and avoid swinging axes, balls on chains and spinning blades, the whole action is accompanied with deliberately ridiculous physics. Whether you’re on your way to qualify to the next round or bouncing off to a completely different direction from the bouncepad, it’s hard to stop laughing.

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