11 best PlayStation games on PC - Former Sony exclusives you can play on Steam

By mkmike
11 best PlayStation games on PC - Former Sony exclusives you can play on Steam

Popular and so much desired: here's our list of PlayStation games that were ported to PC!

We’re living in unusual times. In the past, consoles and PCs were two rival camps, with the first ones having one weapon up in their sleeve - gaming exclusivity. Playing certain titles meant betraying your principles and buying a console. It may sound absurd, but it was very much justified, considering how special and objectively good these were.

Of course, we’re talking about PlayStation exclusives which became a badge of honor and the common name for high-quality production, iconic characters, and memorable stories. Playing them feels special and leaves a pleasant aftertaste that stays with you for a while. Nowadays, we’re lucky enough to see such games entering our realm. Slowly but surely, these amazing games start appearing on PC.

It isn’t much, as we still have plenty of installments we dream of seeing on Steam. Luckily, more are coming, which we will discuss later in the article. Nonetheless, we found ten ex-PlayStation exclusives on PC that did not lose their special appeal. 

The article was updated on 22.06.2022

Death Stranding

Some people may already be tired of endless praise for genius Hideo Kojima and his first independent project after the split from Konami. But let’s be honest, nothing gets the Game Of The Year title just for a famous name. The renowned game developer is known for the extraordinary imagination he puts to work in order to create innovative gameplay. With Death Stranding, he got absolute artistic freedom. The result is unusual and captivating.

Describing the gaming experience would not make it justice. On the surface, it looks like a delivery man simulator. It’s certainly not fast-paced, but those who played it would understand that it’s not that simple, and overcoming long distances takes some planning and strategizing. It's a perfect pick for those tired of standardized AAA action games who are up for an unusual experience.

Days Gone

Oh, the era of the zombie craze… Don’t you miss it and hope it'll make a comeback? Dying Light 2 is already with us, but it won’t hurt to familiarize yourself with this blast from 2019. The plot might not be the strongest suit of this game, which is unusual for PlayStation games on PC.

But then again, it’s a zombie title we’re talking about, and it’s the atmosphere that counts. Days Gone delivers it, hands down. Prepare for crowds of infected zombies chasing you, fun combat, and interactions between two bikers who’re just trying to survive in the post-pandemic world.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

Some skeptics complained that the game sags a little bit in terms of gameplay, especially sidequests. Regardless of this shortcoming, Horizon Zero Dawn is simply one of the most visually mesmerizing titles of the past decade. Its developer, Guerrilla, managed to achieve that by presenting an unusual depiction of the future, which is jaw-dropping both conceptually and visually.

Be prepared to take a lot of screenshots because the view of the wilderness roaming with animalistic robots is a breathtaking sight. And in this beautiful setting, we find our courageous Aloy, who is trying to unravel the mystery of this world, what was before, and how it came to be what it is today. 

Bear in mind that the PC master race got just the base game but also The Frozen Wilds expansion, digital content, and in-game items.

Detroit: Become Human

The craze for this story-rich title can be long gone, which is a common problem with such a genre. Nonetheless, there's no sense in denying that this game is one of the most impressive representatives of all PlayStation games on PC. Just look at the chain of events you get at the end of each chapter! The plot can go anywhere, depending on your choice and how much you explore.

Thanks to a fantastic sound and visual design, you’ll be having an interactive, nearly cinematic experience about the future conflict between humans and hyper-realistic androids that are gaining consciousness. The stories of all three main characters and their sidekicks are captivating, and you will probably be playing the game over and over to see all the endings.


Are you in the mood for something more cozy and subtle? Then, you should check out this blast from the past (2012, to be more specific) by an indie developer. Journey manages to put the traditional storytelling practices to test by telling the story of a pilgrim stranded in the desert without a single spoken or written word. Surprisingly, this does not hurt the game one bit and even elevates the whole… journey.

But it's not the only aspect here that proves the ancient words of wisdom: “less is more.” The minimalist design and primitive controls carry on with this feature. And just like that, without colossal development and marketing budget, the game managed to earn itself the status of an unique indie title. So relax and take in the experience slowly. 

Persona 4 Golden

To be honest, not the Persona we’d absolutely love to see on PC (there are more coming, don’t worry!). Nonetheless, the announcement that ATLUS is reconsidering its PlayStation exclusivity policy was sudden and greeted with enthusiasm. No wonder, as this series is renowned for great soundtrack, gameplay, plot, and characters.

This generous praise is well-deserved by this installment too. In Persona 4 Golden, except for some improvement and minor additions, the story is pretty similar to the classic edition. In a colorful anime setting of a Japanese rural town, a group of teenagers discovers special abilities that can help them save people from the grim consequences of suppressing emotions.

Heavy Rain

After the release of Fahrenheit, which generated mixed reviews, Quantic Dream really wanted to put all of its creative strength together to make a leap in the gaming development industry. As a result, the players received the signature "choices matter" game that popularized this game mechanic. And with the PC release, this masterpiece can be truly timeless.

Heavy Rain has one of the most dramatic and heartbreaking opening chapters that instantly throws its players into an atmosphere of anguish and hopelessness. As the literal heavy rain pours down, the Origami Killer goes on the hunt by targeting children from troubled families. The stories of a divorced father, a private detective, an FBI agent, and a photojournalist intertwine and connect with the mysterious murderer. Will the maniac be stopped?

God of War

This absolute gem of action-adventure games is a quintessence of PS exclusives on PC. Breathtaking graphics, flawless combat, immersive atmosphere, likable and renowned main characters who won over players' hearts.

God of War coming to PC came as a pleasant surprise. We have been hoping for a proper PC port without hiccups, resolution issues, and FPS drop, and we got exactly that! After troublesome 2021 releases, gamers are having a great year so far, which allows for some optimism. If you’d like to play other TPP games similar to the adventures of the Ghost of Sparta, check out our article on the best third person action games to play on PC in 2022.

Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition

It’s time to lose yourself in the unique atmosphere of the Sengoku Era, full of unrest, uprisings, and captivating Japanese mysticism. It is a decent sequel that feels and plays similarly to the first Nioh, which has souls-like mechanics and familiar echoes of pain and frustration over dying again and again.

But, to be fair, it is an excellent souls-like title with a good selection of weapons, level design, loot, and splendid fighting. Look no further if you are up for a challenge, proper action, and a rewarding combat system.

Beyond: Two Souls

After Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream continued the theme of narrative adventure games filled with QTE sequences the studio is well-known for. Explore the story of Jodie Holmes, who is able to communicate with a spirit named Aiden.

You will play as both the girl and the entity. The latter will become helpful whenever an enemy appears. It will also offer guidance with numerous puzzles along your way. Help Jodie understand why she’s been linked to Aiden since birth in this cinematic adventure thriller featuring a Hollywood cast of actors.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade

The original Final Fantasy VII is still a masterpiece picked by many over its remade version. Although, seeing Cloud and the gang in their new “incarnations” is a feast for the eyes. Aside from completely new visuals and some bold changes in the plot (Tetsuya Nomura knows no boundaries), the combat system also got redesigned. It now mixes the traditional turn-based FF battles with real-time, exciting action. Swapping your characters and making the best use of their abilities is a key to victory!

The Intergrade version of the title features the “Episode INTERmission” DLC that introduces (or re-introduces 😉) players to Yuffie, one of the characters from the original FF7. The DLC contains two new chapters, one in Sector 7 Slums and the other in the Shinra Building. 

Now that we've covered all the currently available games let's see what the future holds.  After numerous announcements, these are several titles that will (hopefully) also receive their PC ports in 2022. What exactly should we be excited about?

What PlayStation games are coming to PC?

If everything goes well, we will still see numerous former PlayStation exclusives on our computers in 2022. You can already set price alerts for them on GG.deals so that you won’t miss discounts and sales. 😊 Without further ado, here are the games we can’t wait to try on our PCs!

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - August 12, 2022

One of the best Marvel games and a fantastic title overall will finally be available to PC gamers! Insomniac Games took the original concept of Peter Parker’s story and expanded it with new events and characters. Then, they blended all of this with satisfying gameplay similar to what you may have seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum and the rest of the trilogy.

You can kick, punch the opponents, and use your technically advanced web-shooters like real Spidey to immobilize baddies with them or grab something to throw at them. New York is a big place, so you will also be using your abilities to jump around the whole city. We can’t wait to explore New York on our PCs!

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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Fall 2022

Shortly after Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, we will also get to play the sequel. This time, Miles Morales will watch over New York while Peter is enjoying his vacation. The gameplay is more or less the same as in the first game of Insomniac’s series.

However, Miles likes to use a range of gadgets and Bio-electric energy named “Venom” (suitable, right?) and “Camouflage” that lets you move around without being detected for some time. This invisibility works perfectly for numerous stealth segments in the game.

There is some time before we could set off on Spiderman adventures on your PC. While waiting, check out our list of best superhero / comic based games to play on PC while waiting for Spider-Man.

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Persona 3 Portable - the first half of 2023

Some series love appearing on portable devices, which also applies to some of earlier Persona titles. What about a Persona game that got a slightly different version of the same game on PSP? It seems that Persona 3 Portable will be one of the games in the series that PC players will be able to finally check out!

This one will let us experience the life of a typical high-school student with a bit of intense nightlife. But instead of partying or playing games, this young gentleman stays up late to fight demons. The gameplay is a nice mix of visual novel-like interactions with your school friends and fighting monsters called Shadows with your Persona powers. Speaking of high-school students…

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Persona 5 Royal - October 21, 2022

The definitive edition of arguably the best modern JRPG will be available on PC after six years of being restricted to just one console. The gameplay and the setting are close to Persona 3 Portable mentioned above. Similar to the other title, the main character lives a double life.

Joker attends school like any other guy his age, and we experience his journey in the form of an adventure game blended with visual-novel mechanics. On the other hand, his pastimes will be quite extraordinary when he becomes the leader of Phantom Thieves of Hearts. You will fight Shadows in a solid, turn-based RPG system. 

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The Last Of Us Part I Remake - TBD

If you've ever discussed what games you would like to play on PC, there is a 99.99% chance someone would bring this one up. This series is worth discovering regardless of what some critiques say about Part II. The world is in chaos due to a mysterious fungus turning people into zombie-like Infected. Surviving in this world is tricky enough with monsters, but as you can imagine, even humans are not to be trusted.

The story follows Joel, an aging, exhausted smuggler, and a girl named Ellie, whose destinies intertwine due to a coincidence. They will explore terrifying areas full of enemies, engage them in combat using guns and melee weapons and continue their search for the rebellious group Fireflies that wants to find a cure for the deadly fungus.

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UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection - 2022

The Uncharted series has been holding the proud title of PlayStation exclusive since 2007. As it seems, this status quo will change in 2022, on the 20th of June. After all of his crazy journeys and raiding the tombs, Nathan Drake decides to move to Philadelphia to lay back and enjoy a calmer life.

However, his adventurous past just can’t leave him alone as the presumably dead older brother suddenly appears and asks for help finding Henry Avery’s treasure. This collection will include the remastered versions of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and a stand-alone expansion, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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These were the confirmed titles that will eventually come out on PC shortly. There are also a few more games that will likely join them soon.

Are Returnal and Sackboy: A Big Adventure getting a PC port? Possible leaks

There’s no such thing as enough former console exclusives getting ported over to PC, which is why we’re excited for a possible PC release of Returnal. Read our article about Returnal appearing on Steam Database to get more details, as it covers the possible leak of the title's being ready to join Steam’s library.

It’s also possible that we will see a PC version of Sackboy: A Big Adventure, as it also has appeared in the mentioned database. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when these games will come out (or that they will definitely be out on PC).

Still, Sony has recently claimed that “half” of its exclusives will be available on personal computers by 2025. We did receive quite a few already, so maybe we can trust the company to do what it says? 😉

These were the current and upcoming games to play on our PCs. You can also spice things up a little and check out our list of the best PC exclusive games which can be played on Steam Deck. PC also has several games that console players can only wish to try. 😉

Going back to the main topic, what are your favorite PlayStation games on PC from this list? With Sony’s statement about porting their exclusives to PC, we should expect a lot more now. The selection may not be exceptionally generous now, but certainly not lacking in quality – and there’s still more to come. 

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