10 best Steam Winter Sale deals 2021 for last-minute presents

By mkmike
10 best Steam Winter Sale deals 2021 for last-minute presents
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Gaben has already started the holiday sale. What are the best offers and historical lows?

The wait is over and our wallets are (hopefully) full enough to take on Steam Winter Sale 2021. There are thousands of titles that one could pick, so a little bit of guidance wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Therefore, we dug into the core of this year’s sale and picked a handful of the titles that are at historical low prices as well as fantastic video games in general. This way, you’re practically guaranteed a good time with these.

There are some well-known titles here, along with a number of games that aren’t that famous, but are still worth checking out. No matter what you’re looking for, there will be something that will grasp your attention on this list. So, let’s just jump right into it, shall we?


We don’t really know if it’s a good thing that some of you may not have played the original game. Those who did can tell you all about the insane difficulty level that just wouldn’t work today. Maybe, except for some hardcore old-school platformer veterans, who might still be traumatised by the turbo tunnel level. The game was really hard, let’s just keep it at that.

The 2020 sequel has a number of flaws and may still pose a challenge that you wouldn’t expect from a contemporary platformer. Nonetheless, it may bring a tear to some older gamer’s eyes and make them relive some of their NES memories. This is more than enough to give this one a chance.

Black Mesa

Speaking of reliving certain memories, what if we told you that you can experience a new-old version of Half-Life? As HL3 is not going to appear anytime soon, this game can be some sort of a replacement before Valve finally decides to continue Gordon Freeman’s story. Black Mesa looks and plays better than the original, so your fond memories of the past most certainly won’t be severely hurt.


It’s common knowledge that  this From Software game series is incredibly challenging. However, there's just something addictive about the meticulously-crafted lore of the series and its tough but fair (well, most of the time) gameplay.

As the saying goes, just get good. Each defeated boss is a lot of experience and after you’ve accepted Dark Soul’s difficulty, the game gets more and more rewarding. The second title in the series improved a lot of things from first DS and added some extra features that made this franchise even more epic than it was before.

Grim Dawn

A good RPG doesn’t have to be revolutionary, but it’s the synergy of its elements that may result in a quality product. Grim Dawn features a really fascinating elements of class-building, which allows the player to mix various classes and use skill points to make your character a balanced fighter capable of various combat styles. The title plays similarly to Diablo series and has an aura of classic Hack n' Slash games to it.


It’s the low-profile entry in this list: even the authors of this game point out that this is just a small, entertaining city (island?) builder. It’s short, but simple, colourful, makes you proud of your constructions and brings a smile to your face. What else is there that we need from casual games?

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

Blending horrors with war isn’t anything new in the gaming industry. For example, Spec Ops: The Line managed to tell an important story and raise some important points through a regular shooter. In this game, you will explore a buried Sumerian temple and fight against hordes of deadly monsters that consider you their prey. To survive, you’ll have to face them by joining forces with your human enemies, otherwise no one is going to make it out alive.


Rhythm games have been around for some time already. You really don’t want to start playing this one if you ever showed signs of epilepsy: its chaotic, colourful, full of music, light and rage. And it’s possible to be experienced in Virtual Reality, if you’re brave enough. The game is weirdly addictive and even though so much happens on the screen, it’s really difficult not to look at it for a bit longer.


This is a weird beast. it's surely very much adored, although still pretty weird. It’s an RPG that looks like it was transported to our times from the DOS era, including the iconic white font on a black background. In a way, it’s similar to early Fallout games, as you don’t really have to fight here.

How cool is it to compliment your opponent so that he or she decides to stop fighting you? Very cool, indeed. The game contains a lot of important messages and its plot is full of good humour. The fights, in which you avoid getting hurt by playing old top-down shooters, are also neatly done. Generally speaking, a modern blast from the past.


In this game, saying that it’s “a matter of life and death” can be taken quite literally. You travel through a valley in your L.E.A.F. suit that allows you to run at incredible speeds and, more importantly, your costume lets you control life around you. Each of your deaths will bring more destruction to the valley itself, so discover this fascinating place with caution.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition

In case you’ve been living under a rock, this title is one of the biggest role-playing adventures that you can try out on PC. It has captivating, mature story, fantastic soundtrack and tons of activities to undertake while you’re not slaying any people/monsters. Geralt likes to use his spare time on card games, gambling, horse races and other fun things, so you won’t get bored even after hundreds of hours spent here.

This edition comes with both Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine DLCs that bring dozens of additional hours into the game, so you better start your adventure now. Before you know it, you’ll end up seeing the sun in the morning.

That was the list of the best Steam Winter Sale deals. As you most likely have noticed, there was a nice amount of both critically acclaimed titles, as well as some that may turn out to be a very great discovery. Don’t be scared to experiment a little.

Now is the perfect time to give a chance to some games that aren’t picked too often. Especially when there're such big discounts on them. Maybe you’ll be one of the first to discover their true worth?

Finally, it’s your turn to speak up. What have you found on Valve’s sale? Is there anything we could’ve mentioned here but somehow we didn’t? Any recommendations for other players who REALLY have to play this one title you’ve discovered? We highly encourage you to discuss all of these topics in the comment section below.

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