10 best survival horror games PC - scary games to play in 2021

By kasumi
10 best survival horror games PC - scary games to play in 2021

It's spooky time! Check out our list of best survival horror games to try out this Halloween season.

If courage is your middle name, then you may love these scary games that are waiting for you! As the end of October is approaching fast, we've found you the best survival horror games to play on Halloween. This holiday before All Saints Day is not as popular and celebrated outside of the US, where it originates. So trick or treating may not be the best way of spending your day in your region. However, no matter where you are right now, it is always a nice idea to find some scary games, dim the lights, and sit in front of the monitor for a Halloween experience in the comfort of your home. The most courageous might even put on headphones. 

It’s time to get spooked! 😉 So pull yourself together and let’s discover some survival horror games that will lighten up your Halloween. 

Scary games worth playing on Halloween

The following list includes titles that are very much loved and appreciated by GG.deals editors. These survival horror games on PC were so terrifying, that even after switching off our computers we couldn’t find peace in the comfort of our homes for some time. Do you see a famous title missing? That’s very much possible.

For example, you won’t see Outlast 2 in our list. In our humble opinion, It was not as scary as it is simply disturbing with its gore elements. We also decided to skip some of the older games like Amnesia or FNAF, which, despite having great atmosphere and memorable gameplay, have aged drastically.

Alien Isolation

The fans of the Alien universe will love this representative of survival horror games from the Creative Assembly studio. However, it does not mean that those who aren’t familiar with the franchise must stay away from it. Quiet on the contrary! Many horror games enthusiasts will find something for themselves in this game. The empty corridors of the spaceship Amanda give goosebumps on their own. Now immagine Xenomorph following the protagonist step by step.

Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a game from 2016 that continuously enjoys unflading popularity. Just a few months ago the record of people playing at the same time was broken. How is this possible? All thanks to asymmetric multiplayer, in which some players play the role of mortals that are chased by a murderer with supernatural abilities is extremely addictive and exciting. It is worth mentioning that, despite some time passing, the game developers still care about their creation, regularly introducing new killers and fixing bugs.


Best survival horror games don't have to be made in full 3D to be truly realistic and immersive. Simple titles with a bird's eye view are equally effective, and the best example of that is Darkwood. The Polish studio Acid Wizard offered players a demanding and non-linear game, conducted in a procedurally generated world. The entertaining gameplay is divided into two stages. During the day, you should explore the surroundings in search of resources. But at night... monsters come at you.


If not space, then the depths of the ocean is also a great setting for a horror game. The action of SOMA takes place in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, more precisely in the PATHOS-II research facility located at the bottom. Instead of the standard game about zombies or other monsters, the developers chose slightly different boogeymen. The main opponents are robots guided by artificial intelligence, underwater creatures and mad scientists, or rather what is left of them. One can only run or hide from danger, because our main protagonist is completely defenseless.

Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is a continuation of the well-received survival horror from 2014. The main character of the game is a detective looking for his missing daughter. The tracks lead him to the town of Union. A quiet little town has become a place of evoking an alternative reality full of dangers. This survival horror guarantees plenty of freedom in eliminating enemies, although usually the best solution is to run away. Contrary to what the original offered, The Evil Within 2 features open locations filled with side quests.

Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3

The zombie games from the Resident Evil series are a true classic of the survival horror genre. Each of them is a great option for Halloween games PC. The full-fledged RE 2 and RE 3 remakes that came out in recent years turned out to be excellent productions. They managed to simultaneously reflect the atmosphere of the originals, while introducing a lot of mechanical improvements at the same time. Thanks to the adaptation of the production to the requirements of current players, the series has gained a lot of new fans. No wonder that there are rumours about Resident Evil 4 Remake coming to the market. However, we still have to wait for official information.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Resident Evil Village

Here’s something for the more adventurous as well as the slightly spooked players. The former should reach for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The return to the roots of the series turned out to be a bull's eye. Exploring an old mansion in a remote area while being practically defenseless evokes a lot of emotions. Resident Evil Village, with an action set in a forgotten Romanian village, is a bit more accessible for a mass consumer. Unfortunately, starting the game with the newest part is not an option, because the story told in Resident Evil 8 is a direct continuation of the events from Resident Evil 7. Therefore we recommend at least reading the plot summary.

The Dark Pictures Anthology

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a trilogy that currently includes two games. The third installment is on its way and you can read more about it below. These cinematic adventure games maintain a horror atmosphere and can be played independently from each other, because the events in each part are not related in any way. Man of Medan is the first game of the trilogy and tells the story, which unravels on an old, seemingly haunted US ship from the Second World War. Little Hope, on the other hand, takes place in a small, abandoned town.Gameplay requires the player to make difficult choices, which will determine not only the course of a given story, but also the lives of the characters. There are also simple arcade elements and logical puzzles. Both titles are a great choice when it comes to Halloween games PC.


Scary games PC and on consoles would mainly focus on single player campaigns. It is obvious that in a group of friends everything is merrier and less frightening. Besides, who would like to show that they’re scared of something in front of a friend? The creators of Phasmophobia went in a completely different direction, focusing on the four-player co-op mode. The end result is brilliant. Gathering evidence for ghosts has never been so fun. In addition to support for VR goggles, the game implements an interesting mechanic for communicating with ghosts using your own voice.


Armies of zombies, monsters and gory action can give you some goosebumps. However, if you’re looking for those scary games on pc that leave you so frightened you start jumping in panic over a random sound in the house, then Visage is your perfect companion this Halloween. Symbolically, the action of this psychological horror with survival elements takes place in an old house that has a rich and rather dramatic past, which you’ll have to discover. One location does not mean boring gameplay at all as the setting of the house keeps changing over the course of the game. Therefore, no matter how well you’ll familiarise yourself with the layout, there’ll always be something new and scary waiting for you in each room.

5 upcoming horror games

The future's looking bright (in case of horror games, wouldn’t it be better to say “darker”?). Bloober Team has a few more titles up its sleeve, and considering the fact that each time they raise the bar a bit, we’re in for a treat. The developers themselves announce that now they want to focus on productions with more action, aspiring to the title of AAA games. Moreover, there are also more and more talk about the new part of Silent Hill. These are just gossips, but they do not come from nowhere, do they? We are also waiting for more zombie games. Maybe there will be something about State of Decay 3, or the second installment of They Are Billions! But here are the upcoming horror games that are most certainly coming in 2021 and 2022.

Dead Space Remake

The iconic series is back! All thanks to Electronic Arts that continues its journey on the hype train of remasters.  Not so long ago, we got a refreshed version of Mass Effect, and a remake of Dead Space is waiting in the queue. Survival horror, originally created by Visceral Games studio, will not only offer familiar experiences in a modern form. It will also be expanded with solutions that were removed from the 2008 version of the game due to technical limitations of the engine.  We won't be getting this Halloween game this year, but maybe next ... who knows what life will bring.

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

In just a few days, on October 22 to be exact, the release of the third and last game (at least for now, because the anthology itself is to consist of eight games) will be released in the The Dark Pictures series. The plot of House of Ashes will take players to the Middle East and allow them to play the role of American soldiers who awaken the ancient evil. The gameplay itself will not change much. It will still be a cinematic adventure game with elements of horror, in which the choices made during the game will play a significant role.

Layers of Fear 3

Not very much details are known about the upcoming production of the Polish studio Bloober Team. However, a mysterious teaser suggests that the series will return to the threads started in the first games. What is certain is that the title will take advantage of Unreal Engine 5, making it one of the most anticipated of the upcoming horror games. Will Layers of Fear 3 take the genrer to a new level in terms of graphic standards? Next year's premiere will answer this question.

Project Zero / Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Released in 2014, exclusively for Nintendo Wii U, the title will finally get a full port for numerous platforms, including PC. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water tells about the adventures of three heroes whose fates accidentally intertwine. Their only "weapon" is the apparatus used to exorcise the spirits. The fifth full-fledged installment of the cult series was well received by players, so there is definitely something to wait for! The release of the game is going to take place on Halloween, on October 28!

The Outlast Trials

The third installment of the legendary Outlast series will debut in 2022. As in the case of its predecessors, it will be a survival horror game. The action of the title will be set during the Cold War, in a secret laboratory where human experiments are carried out. A great variety of gameplay will be the ability to play with up to three friends in the co-op mode.

What are your favorite horror games? Do you often reach for titles that give you goosebumps or do you prefer staying away from them? Let us know in the comment section.

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