15 games like Diablo to keep you occupied while waiting for Diablo 4 and Immortal

By mkmike
15 games like Diablo to keep you occupied while waiting for Diablo 4 and Immortal

Before we meet the Lord of Terror again, here are the Diablo-like titles that will make the wait easier!

We already know that the upcoming mobile game set in this famous series will also be released on PC this year, and we still aren’t sure when the Diablo 4 release date will occur. As for now, those who seek some of the best games like Diablo can pick something from the list below! 😉

We’ve gathered PC titles similar to the famous Blizzard series, even though they may often be substantially different in some aspects. Without further ado, here’s the list!

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

This game is a port of an older title from the PlayStation 2 era. We begin with an isometric adventure in the world of the Baldur’s Gate series. Control one of three characters (each plays differently) that were almost killed at the beginning of their tales.

They were rescued from certain death, and after several years, they plan to repay the thieves that played with their lives. The title is much faster than the main series and lets you experience what a great D&D session feels like, especially with the implementation of a co-op mode, in which you can invite a friend to explore a bunch of dungeons together!

Children of Morta (Included with Game Pass)

Here’s a 2D RPG in which, as one of the members of the Bergson family, we embark on a difficult rogue-lite journey. The Bergsons will do everything in their power to protect their land, so they start a dangerous journey deep into the mountain’s core.

With each level, you not only help your main character grow in power – it’s the whole family that benefits! Aside from well-executed gameplay and a wide variety of playstyles that you can try out, the game offers a gripping story and magnificent pixel-art visuals.

This title is a part of Microsoft’s subscription service. If you’d like to get access to Children of Morta (and other PC titles on this list) and have never been subscribed to PC Game Pass before, you will pay only $1 / 1€ / £1 / 4 zł for the first month. No matter which option you choose, the price is the same for the first month!

Darksiders Genesis

A spin-off (and a prequel at that) to the main Darksiders series with an isometric view? That’s quite a novelty for this franchise, although abandoning the TPP view proved to be the right decision. After an arguably unsuccessful Darksiders III, the series definitely needed a bit of fresh air.

The title shares many similarities with classic hack and slash games, adding a little bit of puzzle-solving and exploration known from other RPGs. It gets even better when played in co-op, which you can invite your friends to play via the Internet or by the good old split-screen.

Godfall Ultimate Edition

This “looter slasher” blends the idea of a dynamic action RPG with the slasher genre and mechanics known from Borderlands, resulting in a swift and exciting game. Simultaneously, it maintains the grim atmosphere of Blizzard’s iconic series.

It’s a bit repetitive, and you’ll have to grind for a bit here, but isn’t it what we also have in other games on the list? 😉 Still, it was a bold concept that turned out relatively good, and the title has been recently improved with the Ultimate Edition

Grim Dawn Definitive Edition

This one is practically a spiritual heir to Titan Quest, developed by the same studio. This steampunk dungeon crawler (which is already a big plus) poses a more significant challenge than a hack-and-slash player would expect. You’ll have to decide whether standard attributes are more important than weapon capacity – what does a lot of health do when you’re not skilled enough to fight?

Other than the unique setting and unusual approach to leveling, the title rewards you for wanting to explore, either with great loot or, like in the Dark Souls series, bits and pieces of lore that will improve your understanding of this unwelcoming world.

Hades (Included with Game Pass)

If you were looking for a game with a truly engaging story, look no further. Hades is fantastic in every aspect: the gameplay offers a varied combat system with a range of great weapons to try out; the plot and the voice acting are both impeccable and make the world of the title even more believable.

We could name the advantages of this fast-paced roguelite for hours, and it still wouldn’t be enough. You’ll love the challenge, the designs of enemies, and the hundreds of builds that you can create to fight your father, Hades. Supergiant Games constantly updates the game (which was firstly in Early Access), ensuring that you’ll experience Zagreus’s adventure in the best possible way. 

Last Epoch

The game is practically what its developers describe: a middle ground between lighter titles like Diablo and more difficult journeys, just as the one in Path of Exile (which, spoiler alert, we will also talk about here). This game takes us on a trip through four different ages of Eterra (time travel, wee!), in which we will try to find a cure for our land, consumed by a mysterious force called The Void.

We start with selecting one of 5 Base character classes, which can "evolve" into a Master class, allowing for further development of your base abilities. It's also possible to let our equipment travel through time – if you particularly like this one item, it's not going to stay behind! All of this is in the traditional, isometric view. The game is still in Early Access, so you can expect it to get even better over time.

Lost Ark

Even though it’s a F2P experience, you will find only the finest action RPG qualities in Lost Ark. The titular artifact can’t go in the wrong hands, and it’s our job to protect it. Similar to Final Fantasy XIV Online, the game has a full-fledged story with solid quests and cutscenes – and is an interesting take on classic isometric role-playing titles.

The more you get into it, the more starts to happen - treat the first 15-20 hours as an introduction to things on a much bigger scale. The massive world and important events that we're part of during the playthrough allowed this Korean hit to appeal to the Western audience. Top that with a great combat system and stunning visuals to get the full package of a genuinely good game like Diablo.

Monster Hunter Rise

It’s a TPP title that’s not changing the successful formula of earlier Monster Hunter installments. As you can imagine, you walk around the massive world of the game searching for the biggest and deadliest monsters – which you then try to hunt down, this time around the Kamura Village. Other than that, the gameplay hasn't changed too much.

This installment introduces the all-new quest type, The Rampage. You’ll have to fight hordes of monsters with unique weaponry. In return, you will be given all sorts of upgrade items to make yourself even more powerful. Pick your best weapons and companions, and rise to the challenge! 

Path of Exile

The game is as traditional of a hack and slash as it gets, which isn’t a bad thing, really. Plus, it’s far more challenging than most of the PC titles mentioned here. It’s all about the loot: you will stumble upon thousands of items, all of which are of a particular rarity. It’s a bit rough to get into, although the developers make sure to provide players with lots of new content.

There’s also the endgame, and it lives up to the name. It’s incredibly harsh on even experienced gamers, so make sure you're well-prepared. Oh, and one more thing, it’s a free-to-play title that takes pride in this aspect: no amount of money will give you an advantage during a PvP battle – and there are a lot of multiplayer events here.

There will be Path of Exile 2 at some point, although the studio stated that a Beta wouldn’t appear earlier than in 2022. As for now, some say that it may get released even in 2024. How will things turn out? We’re not sure, but thankfully, the first game is still alive and kicking.

Remnant: From the Ashes (Included with Game Pass)

How about we leave fantasy for a bit and go to see what the future might look like? Remnant portrays a grim post-apocalyptic vision of the world, now overrun with the Root – dangerous and hostile creatures with no mercy. The game is a third-person action shooter that puts you in the role of one of the remaining humans, who has no other way than to deal with the enemy. And we do that with, once again, time travel!

Pick one of three classes (each specializes in weapons for various ranges) and travel through procedurally-generated worlds filled with the Root. There will be plenty of weapons to grab, armor to wear, and bosses to beat, so remember to ask your friends to tag along. Others will also get it whenever someone finds an item, so playing in a co-op is the most optimal way to experience the title.

Shadows: Awakening

Awakening is an edition of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms that enhances the playthrough with additional content that initially was supposed to come out as a separate DLC. As a follower of one of the Devourers, deadly daemons capable of taking control over the world, we can choose to either be the world's savior or doom it for good.

The game is also an isometric RPG, although it stands out due to its phenomenal real-time combat system. We pick three heroes that we can switch control over whenever we please; there’s also a possibility to see how being a Devourer feels like: control the daemon to solve some puzzles and defeat non-material enemies!

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr

It just sounds cool to be an Inquisitor (well, most of the time), and as we’re appointed as one by the Imperator himself, it’s even better! This isometric ARPG takes us to the Caligari Sector; we have the mission of exploring the area, which just so happens to be full of enemies.

We must assign our protagonist one from three classes, all of which have their further specializations. Then, either on foot or behind the wheel, we explore procedurally-generated locations, fight tons of bigger and smaller enemies (we should add that AI is surprisingly skillful here), and indulge ourselves in a complex crafting system in the game.

Warhammer: Chaosbane

Another title from the Warhammer universe? Rightfully so. It’s the first hack and slash in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, and it’s an experience that hack'n'slash fans will get into immediately. Five varied classes (a soldier; a Dwarf; High Elf; Wood Elf, and Dwarf Engineer), nearly two hundred abilities, and over fifty types of monsters will make for a classic, satisfying game experience.

It's also worth mentioning that the title offers co-op with up to 4 players; you may also challenge yourself with as many as ten difficulty settings that make the journey even more challenging. 

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Let us end with this dark fantasy ARPG: you’ve survived the slaughter of Castagath and been recruited to a military academy along with your two closest friends. All of you will become renowned warriors in the future. When the mysterious Brotherhood of Dawn poses a threat to your land, you decide to defend it will all you’ve got!

It may sound simple, but adding the dodge roll mechanic to the game makes a huge difference, especially with the flexibility of classes: it’s not like you’re not able to change your playstyle if the first choice proves to be poor. The title also maintains a healthy balance of difficulty – you won’t defeat everything in your sight in a minute, but you won’t have to spend hours to find a build that will let you process further, either.

This was our list of best games like Diablo – we hope you’ve found something to your liking. You may also check out our other article that features even more similar PC titles; maybe they will hit the spot. 😉

Diablo Immortal release date and how to sign up for the Open Beta

Now, we’ve mentioned that the Diablo Immortal release date will also feature a PC version (Beta) next to the mobile release. Here’s some more info on the matter! It has been officially confirmed on Twitter – we will see Immortal on PC as well! It will happen on the 2nd of June 2022, marking the beginning of an Open Beta for the game. Here’s a trailer that came with the announcement:

The PC version will fully support the WSAD control system, and cross-progression with mobile devices will allow you to move further in the story, alternating between your computer and a phone with Android or iOS.

As for the Immortal beta, you can sign up for it on this page; you will need to log into your Battle.net account. If you turn out to be one of the lucky ones to try out the Beta, you will receive a mail confirmation from Blizzard with a unique code. Keep it, as it will be necessary for the Beta client.

Are you as excited as we are for the return of the Lord of Terror? You still have time to occupy yourself with the titles we’ve listed until, possibly, you will be given access to the upcoming Blizzard games.

Anyway, if you know any other great PC titles that should’ve made it to the list or want to add some personal notes to the ones we’ve gathered, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below! 😉

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