The best PC games of 2022, so far - 15 must-play titles released this year

By mkmike
The best PC games of 2022, so far - 15 must-play titles released this year

What are the best PC titles released this year on Steam and Epic Games Store?

There are still plenty of titles we will (hopefully) see this year– although some already got delayed to 2023: sadly, we won’t see both Starfield and Redfall this year. If you’d want to know more about why these were delayed, be sure to read this article. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that we haven’t got a bunch of great games to play now – it’s quite the contrary.

Several triple-A titles were released, Elden Ring will most likely be among the contenders for the title of GOTY 2022, and we also received numerous fantastic indie titles as well. The year is already packed with some good stuff, but what games do we recommend you from the dozens of this year’s releases? Here’s our list of top PC titles released in 2022 on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The developers delivered us exactly what we wanted: that is, a zombie game with extremely satisfying parkour, a big city with lots of things to do in it (aside from surviving), and a multitude of weapons and tricks to get rid of the undead enemies. The plot may be a tad lackluster, although it wasn’t THAT bad – and everything else made up for the story. This title doesn’t have to be taken too seriously, and that’s when it becomes especially amusing.

Elden Ring

The latest FromSoftware masterpiece is still a hot topic in the gaming world: and it’s tough to argue with how good it turned out. It’s more welcoming to someone starting their journey with soulslikes than the Dark Souls trilogy, but it’s still a difficult ride that requires you to have a lot of patience.

This time, though, it’s optimized: a better fast-travel system, hundreds of good builds that will help you with your struggle, and a great story with a touch of George R.R. Martin’s influence. Not to mention that there's a horse – with how massive the world of Elden Ring is, you need one for sure.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

This game's visuals stand out from the get-go. Tango Gameworks is a studio located in actual Tokyo, and the developers used this opportunity to their advantage. The streets of the Japanese capital are stunning and full of detail, and the designs of enemies you encounter go deeply into Japanese folklore.

In terms of gameplay, it’s an open-world action-adventure title with decent combat, a selection of side-quests, followed by collectibles hidden all around. The story could be more consistent, although it’s still a solid, modern tale that blends the futuristic looks with tradition. A unique concept and good execution deserve a chance, so try it out.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The bricky version of one of the biggest franchises in the world has returned: and it’s packed as never before – the game gathered nine SW films together, creating an ultimate collection for any fan of this space saga. TT Games has transferred it to the world of video games once again, and it’s as fantastic as it was years ago.

The Skywalker Saga features professional voice-acting  (although some fans prefer the only-gesture approach from earlier installments). You can play as practically any favorite character of yours, and you won’t ever get tired of finding tons of collectibles on your way. Be sure to play it with someone else; it gets even better when two fans of the SW saga recognize the references together 😉

Norco (Included with Game Pass)

You find yourself in New Orleans’s suburbs; the city is deep into a civil war that has been happening for a long time. You wanted to find your brother here, but the case gets more complicated the deeper you investigate it. This dystopian take on the future has been put together in the form of a dialogue-heavy adventure game. Aside from looking fantastic with its retro-stylized art style, the title offers creative puzzles and a gripping story that can be resolved in many ways: depending on how you approach your role in the grim world of Norco.

Norco is also in the library of PC Game Pass: if you’d like to play it (among hundreds of other PC titles) for a great price, and you’ve never subscribed to GP before, you will pay only $1 / 1€ / £1 / 4 zł for the first month. The price applies to both the “standard” subscription and Game Pass Ultimate:

OlliOlli World

It’s not that common to see an auto-runner that happens to be something more of a simple game that gets boring after a couple of minutes: with this title, it’s a major part of the gameplay, but the real MVP of OlliOlli World is its, well, world and the crazy characters you meet along the way.

Even though the game is focused on skateboarding, the interactions with Radland folks complement the experience – and you get all sorts of cosmetic items as a reward so that you can customize your protagonist; not to mention that some of the tricks can only be unlocked via clearing side quests, so it’s worth doing at least some of them! 

Rogue Legacy 2

Here is your monthly dose of roguelikes: and it’s the sequel to Rogue Legacy! As in the first game in the series, every time you die, the fun starts over – as you play as a child of your previous “incarnation” each time you fall in battle. The title has a cute, cartoony look, but it’s not the easiest adventure you will embark on.

With each heir that “replaces” his predecessor, Rogue Legacy 2 grants you a sort of an ability that stems from the previous character you’ve played as – at the same time, it gets substantially harder to play. The second game in the franchise is still not as challenging as the first, and the classes feel more balanced and varied. That’s what a great sequel should look like!  

Shadow Warrior 3

It’s always been about slaying as many opponents as possible, so the third installment in the Shadow Warrior series is exactly that. Lo Wang finds himself in a rather troublesome situation as he released an ancient dragon by accident. However, the consequences may be much more severe than he thinks.

For this reason, he has to save the world and take a katana (and a range of guns) that guarantees a satisfying balance of melee combat and good old gunfights! All of this is happening in a modern variation of feudal Japan – you know, it looks magical. There’s no real depth to the game whatsoever; fortunately, this doesn’t take away all of the fun you have with it.


Imagine that each time you fall in battle, you don’t die – you get older instead. Sifu goes with this mechanic beyond the sole fact that you’re aging: the older you are, the more damage you can deal. At the same time, you’re more vulnerable, so you need to play it safe to succeed.

The Kung Fu combat system requires you to learn similar things as in Sekiro: you need to know how to parry efficiently; otherwise, you won’t be able to deal with hordes of enemies that you will be facing. You need to achieve a specific flow in battle, just as in some authentic martial arts. You can also utilize what you find – including weapons that you can “borrow” from an enemy. Will you be able to avenge your family before your age crushes you?

Syberia: The World Before

Despite being buggy and not looking great at all, Syberia 3 wasn’t a bad game. The series had to wait a couple more years to have its proper comeback. The World Before blends the story of Kate Walker with tales of a completely new main character, Dana Roze. The latter heroine lived in the times of WWII, although both ladies have a lot in common, and their fates intertwine at some point.

Gameplaywise, you get an impressive variety of places you visit and people to meet. It’s fascinating how the developers nailed the portrayal of two distant points in time. The puzzle-solving aspect isn’t particularly difficult: the game focuses on its plot and is extremely dialogue-heavy. Was it a wrong move to make the game more of a cinematic experience than a classic adventure title? There's no better way to find out except to play it.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

It’s not exactly a new title, yet the Ultra Deluxe version is also a lot more than a bunch of cosmetic, insignificant changes to the original. It’s practically a recreation of The Stanley Parable back from 2013. It’s another adventure game on this list, but it’s undoubtedly quite unique. It’s not a title with regular gameplay at all: the narrator is the one who advises your subsequent actions; you can listen to him or not, and this will determine how the story will play out.

Imagine that Truman Show had a narrator and was a video game: this is what things look like here. The new version introduces new paths, the narrator has even more to say, and there are more secrets to unveil. So what if the curiosity killed the cat? Here, you need it to explore the game fully – don’t be afraid to ignore the narrator at times!

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

People sure love the Borderlands series, even though the third main title wasn’t to everyone’s liking. Gearbox decided that a spin-off would be a good idea – and, as it turns out, it was! The titular Tiny Tina (who appeared several times in the main series) created her own D&D game that you will have the honor to participate in. As it is her version of a fantasy setting, expect weird things to happen.

The gameplay is the looter-shooter experience we all know and love. Still, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands introduces a new level of insanity, followed by a crazy but lovable cast of characters and a couple of gameplay gimmicks (like magic!) or co-op for up to 4 players. Gather some friends and begin your unusual RPG session together!

Total War: Warhammer III (Included with Game Pass)

It’s the third and the last time when the Total War series meets the world of Warhammer in a mix of turn-based and real-time strategy. The third installment brings Kislev and Cathay to the table! If you’d like to stay on the side of Chaos, there are seven different races in total, and you can lead each of them to the ultimate victory. The game is available on Game Pass from Day One: be sure to give it a go if you’re already subscribed!

Tunic (Included with Game Pass)

So far, there hasn't been a single Zelda game on PC, and the situation won’t change anytime soon. Tunic looks as if Link suddenly decided to transform into an adorable fox and go on with dungeon-crawling. Don’t get fooled by the cute graphics, though: this game is seriously tough. It also implements the campfire mechanics familiar to those who played Dark Souls: it becomes a checkpoint after you rest next to it. In return, the nearby opponents get reincarnated.

The title also doesn’t lead you by hand: it’s your problem to figure out what to do with the item if you find something on your way. It’s a classic Zelda-like game in a modern disguise, which isn’t a bad thing. You will need a bit of patience and lots of curiosity with Tunic – it’s a challenging journey, but it feels much more rewarding when you have to figure something out by yourself, and you finally do.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters

We end with another Warhammer title; this time, it’s a tactical RPG in which you lead a squad of Grey Knights who are bravely fighting with the forces of Chaos. The isometric view is at it once again; we shouldn't forget about the turn-based combat system that screams XCOM whenever you look at it. The battles you will have won’t be large-scale, although they certainly aren't a walk in the park nonetheless.

You need to be confident that your team is well-prepared for any occurrence: there are numerous character classes and weapons to help you with the decision. You need to be on your guard anyway, as your enemies have a worrying tendency to mutate during a fight. Without solid preparation and swift reaction in unexpected situations, you’re toast.

These were the best games that year 2022 has to offer so far. A neat variety of genres, don’t you think? 😉 There’s something for FPS fans, adventure game enthusiasts, or strategy enjoyers. Even people who like roguelike and beat’em up can’t complain! That is a good sign for the rest of the year – let’s hope its second half will be as good as the first.

Have you played any of the games we’ve mentioned? If you have, feel free to comment on how you liked them. If you haven’t, be sure to check out these that pique your curiosity. After giving these games a try, don’t forget to tell us your verdict in the comment section below!   

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