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20 best couch / local co-op games for PC

20 best couch / local co-op games for PC

20 best couch / local co-op games for PC

Bored guests, relatives, BFF or love of your life - these 20 local co-op games will entertain anyone! (Trust us, we checked).

There's a certain charm about gathering with your friends at home, leaving behind your responsibilities and having fun just like in the good old days. In the era of online co-op battle royals and single players with complex stories, it is nice to come back to the roots. Whether your friends, relatives or love interest are total noobs or share your passion and dedication for games, team has prepared the top 20 local co-op games FOR PC to fit any difficulty level and any occasion.  

For beginners - simple gameplay which rarely goes beyond ‘move, jump, attack, special attack’. Perfect for the parties full of normies or for a fun date night with a person who can’t game to save his/her life. Nonetheless, these games can be enjoyed by a more experienced crowd, as long as you switch the difficulty level.

1. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (For 2 to 4 players)

This ‘born to be a co-op’ looks like nothing you’ve ever seen. You and your team find yourself in cutest, most colourful cosmos operate the spaceship, manoeuvring it to the end of the level and avoiding obstacles and enemies while you do so. The gameplay is intuitive and easy to get a handle on, but requires superb coordination as numerous ship tools located at different locations still need to be managed at once. If you don’t mind overload of different shades of pink, try this game. (。◕‿‿◕。)

2. Overcooked & Overcooked 2 (For 2 to 4 players)

This game is Hell’s Kitchen experienced in the comfort of your room. Tasks appear to be basic (take out veggies, chop them, fry them, serve the correct orders), but as the countdown starts, you realise that superb coordination between team players is required. You start developing strategies and allocating tasks with your fellow chefs, turning the gaming sesh in a proper team building exercise. recommends Overcooked for a complete rookies and Overcooked 2 for slightly more experienced players, as even the first levels of the sequel are noticeably harder.

3. (Literally, any of) LEGO Games (For 2 to 4 players)

Those who don’t like LEGO games are most likely never tried playing LEGO games in co-op. It allows you to relive your favourite adventures in action games with adorable signature design of LEGO. The colourful design and intuitive gameplay can be found appealing by different demographics, making LEGO games a great option for gaming sessions with your friends, siblings, even children or your parents. All you need to do is pick a game from the list, because it has everything your soul may desire. From superheroes to Harry Potter, from Star Wars to Lord of the Rings plus original games. 

4. TowerFall Ascension (For 2 to 4 players)

Any skill level can figure out the gameplay, while still keeping it challenging for everyone. The pixel graphics suits this arcade platformer well and would put off only the most raging haters of such style. There are numerous strategic tricks that are fun to discover throughout the game and use on your opponents (eg. shooting the arrow through candle and the ability to catch the arrow). TowerFall Ascension offers you different multiplayer modes whether you’re up for co-op quest or battle royal. Overall, this game has great replayability due to intense PvP action.

5. Unravel Two (For 2 players)

The sequel managed to transfer all perks that made us fall in love with Unravel: the graphics that are pleasant to the eyes, charming music and adorable main character Yarnie. And now you can enjoy the heart-warming atmosphere of the game with your player two, solve the puzzles by winging across gaps, rappelling down walls, ascending cliff faces and lassoing distant objects. The puzzles manages to challenge an inexperienced gamer, but not to the extent that it discourages to continue, making Unravel Two truly noob-friendly. This beautiful, stress-free game is perfect for a laid-back gaming session with your significant other.


6. SpeedRunners (For 2 to 4 players)

If you’re tired of co-operating with your friends and up for nerve-wrecking competition instead, this one deserves your attention. As all of the contestants choose their character, you start racing each other, running and swinging on the hook across the map in order to cut each other out of the map and therefore eliminate out of the round. Each race gets harder to win, because the game mechanics and tricks are easy to grasp. SpeedRunners is one of the most competitive games we’ve ever played and most certainly gonna do well at parties and get-togethers.

7. Rayman Legends (For 2 to 4 players)

This game combines all the best qualities of the classic platformers and the industry advancement in game design. Numerous thought-through maps offer varied challenges unique to their specific themes. Rayman Legends gives you the nostalgic feeling, just like when you played Super Mario, but the nostalgia is presented in charming, beautifully hand-drawn graphics. Rayman Legends has a great potential for sucking you in for hours, trying to complete all levels with perfect score. This is arguably the best platformer you will ever find.

8. Castle Crashers (For 2 to 4 players)

Hack, slash, and smash your way to victory with your fellow knights. Castle Crashers is an adventure arcade, which sucks you in for a long time and makes you laugh even during the crudest battles. The RPG elements (different weapons, character stats) are so simplified  that a total rookie will get a handle on what needs to be done. In we think that Castle Crashers is another great option for numerous occasions and crowd.

9. Team Sonic Racing (For 2 to 4 players)

If you and your friends love kart racing, but you refuse to convert to console for Mario Kart, then this is the best option for you. With 21 tracks, customisable vehicles, 15 racers to choose from and wide selection of wisps that help your team and disadvantage your enemies, Team Sonic Racing offers you anything you’d want in a kart racing game. Team Adventure, Grand Prix and Exhibition modes that require teamwork is refreshing, but can be found challenging. Without all players performing well actively helping each other by sharing wisps you are not gonna score high. It is TEAM Sonic Racing after all. 

10. ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 (For 2 players)

We strongly recommend this one over Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter or any other fighting franchise. The feature that really elevates ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 above everything else is the selection of the character, which, thanks to superheroes hype, are found familiar and more eager  to play with. This allows you to set up the battles of the century every five minutes: from epic Wolverine Vs Dante or Deadpool Vs Spiderman to bizzare Rocket Racoon Vs Phoenix Wright. (Who would object that?).

11. Broforce (For 2 to 4 players)

Are you and your bros and gals into action-packed side scrollers? Big guns, crazy enemies and choppers? Do your lives desperately need “bro” puns and 80s action movies reference thrown in your face? Speak no more, this game has it all. It oozes with testosterone and pixelated brutality. ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽︻╦╤─  And so. Many. Explosions. It’s hard to speak of Broforce with a straight face and grammatically correct sentences as it erupts such strong sense of joy, you feel like a little hyperactive kid on a sugar rush. Better check Broforce out rather than reading articles about it.

For pros - pretty self-explanatory. More advanced gameplay that will confuse and scare the rookies. The less experienced players should be accompanied with the knowledgeable player who will explain all of the game mechanics. 

12. Cuphead (For 2 players)

It’s impossible to say anything new about the adventures of Cuphead and his sidekick Mugman, as all the praise has been said before us. This game has it all that makes a great game: stylish authentic graphics, memorable soundtrack that matches the graphics ideally, and a thought through crisp gameplay. Speaking of the gameplay… As it may appear adorable and easy at first glance, Cuphead is the source of pure frustration and rage, which can be shared with your pal through local multiplayer. A well-deserved title “The Dark Souls of 2D platformers”. Test your friendship better than anything the real life challenge.

13. Trine 2 (For 2 to 3 players)

If you’re into 2D adventure platformers with puzzle elements, but tired of childish colourful graphics, this is the go-to game. This one is a delight to play with the party of 3, as you dive into the dazzling, beautifully designed fantasy world with the Warrior, Mage and Thief. The puzzles seem challenging enough most of the times, and those that seem easy to solve require good cooperation and creativity in using your special powers. We also recommend to try all of the games, apart from Trine 3.

14. Human: Fall Flat (For 2 players)

This bloody hilarious, silly puzzle platformer will make you laugh and grind your teeth in frustration. With the colourful minimalist art style, the main feature of Human: Fall Flat is it's gameplay with its signature wonky physics. The process of finding the solution while figuring your way out around the deliberately difficult controls is going to be one of the best co-op game experiences. Human: Fall Flat shines the brightest when played with friends, especially when you throw them off the cliff instead of helping.

15. Rocket league (For 2 players)

“Car Football!” - is the description of the game in a nutshell. This crazy but brilliant idea has been masterfully executed and turned into this bundle of pure joy. After tested this game on different types of P2, it was found to be fun for anyone, regardless of whether they enjoy football and/or cars. Despite online multiplayer working perfectly, there’s something pleasing about actually seeing the raging face your pal as the ball flies into the net of their goal. This is a highly addictive and competitive game is a great addition to your Steam library regardless of how you plan on playing it.

16. Portal 2 (For 2 players)

A timeless classic that still looks beautiful and most certainly deserves the attention of any puzzle games lover. The two-player co-op mode features two bots  whose AI abilities are being tested by placing them in the riddled rooms. Just like in the first Portal, you escape rooms by creating the portals in strategic places, with a little help of objects and physics . Only this time you analyse and come up with the solutions together, as well as get frustrated when you run out of ideas with each try.

17. Death Squared (For 2 or 4 players)

Finished Portal 2? This game slightly different, but will definitely please the fans, whether they'd played it ages ago or recently. The concept of Death Squared is simple, but the puzzles are far from that as soon as you beat the first 10 levels. You control cubical robots and move each of them to their goal marker without letting any of them fall off the surface, get crashed or be destroyed with deadly lasers. confirms that Death Squared gives you the same sense of joy and challenge as Portal 2, only with more simplistic and colourful graphics.

18. A way out (For 2 players)

This title provides an experience that is rare to find: a story driven game for two players only, meaning that cooperation is mandatory for the development. Just like the main characters, inmates Vincent and Leo who’re striving to escape prison and avenge, only together you’ll manage to fool the guards, gather necessary tools for the tasks and stay alive in car pursuit while being shot at. A good balance between the action and cutscenes makes A way out enjoyable for different types of gamers, even if they’re two complete opposites. This one, no doubts, is for true partners in crime. 

19. Divinity: Original Sin II (For 2 players)

Hands down, this is the best RPG couch co-op experience the gaming industry currently has to offer. Due to the nature of Divinity: Original Sin II, a quick gaming sesh is a mission impossible, which scares off some people, but not the true RPG fans and those who’re willing to try this genre. If you are the one, we strongly recommend you dive into the magical world of Rivellon. The powerful and rewarding turn-based combats do not limit your creativity and freedom as who want to share their passion with their bestie or partner for life.

20. Gears 5 (For 2 to 3 players)

For the main campaign is also available for local co-op. But if you're looking for co-op goodness in the world of Gears, there are several multiplayer modes. Escape mode is a new entry in the series that will see you infiltrating an enemy territory with up to two players and plant a bomb before trying to scarper out of there. Horde mode is also making a comeback with some new features that will change things up a bit. In Horde you take on waves of enemies with up to four other players.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article and managed to discover new games to try out. (づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ Who are you gonna play these local co-ops with? 

Didn't find anything new? Discover even more local co-ops on You can find the best PC game deals from both official stores and keyshops on our website. 

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