8 tips on how you can save money during Steam Summer Sale 2022

By remike
8 tips on how you can save money during Steam Summer Sale 2022

Lord Gaben, emptier of wallets wants to take all your money and you will need a good strategy to defeat him!

The largest annual Steam sale has now launched, and the Steam store overflows with countless deals. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. On the one hand, this is an excellent opportunity to save on your wishlisted games or grab some previously unknown games for a great price. Then again, an unprepared user can get carried away with a snap of a finger and start splurging. The wide selection of titles, ranging from hidden gems to top-notch AAA games, can blind even the most rational mind and persuade to panic buy, even if the offer isn’t that good.

Just like that, the euphory of spending money quickly turns into disappointment. Been there, done that, but we want our users to avoid such an experience. That’s why we’ve prepared the list of tips to help you get through Steam Summer Sale 2022 without going bankrupt.

1. Compare game prices before you make a purchase

That should be your number one rule before making ANY game purchase! Use the GG.deals price comparison feature to check out other offers in authorized digital stores (and keyshops if you don’t mind them). Just because the game is available on Steam sale doesn’t mean you can’t get it even cheaper elsewhere!

Use the search bar on the top of the GG.deals page to find any game and its lowest price. 

2. Get even better discounts with Steam bundles

Another must-do task is to check whether the game is available in a Steam bundle. Hunt for cheap bundles during Steam Summer Sale 2022 and grab an extra discount that stacks with the promotional price. Moreover, if you already own some items in the package, you will only pay for the games you don’t own!

Log in to Steam and scroll down the game page to see more offers. Sometimes the price of the bundle can be even lower than the price of an individual game!

3. Hunt for historical low prices

The historical low attribute indicates that the game has never been cheaper before. Be on the lookout for green “historical low” labels and green prices on GG.deals. If you see that the game you’re about to buy has such a symbol next to its price, it’s a perfect opportunity to make a purchase.

If the price is black, you can always check the game’s price history on GG.deals and view how far off the price is from an all-time low. Analyze the price chart and make an educated decision on whether it’s a good time to splurge or not.

4. Find hidden Steam Summer Sale gems with our Deal rating

Deal rating is our internal parameter that helps you sort any offers on GG.deals from best to worst. It prioritizes:

- best games (the more users wishlist the game, the better)
- best prices (the closer to the historically lowest price, the better)
- best discounts (the higher the discount, the better)

Explore our Steam deals page and sort it by “Deal rating”. Perhaps it will help you spot hidden gems that you would otherwise miss on the Steam store itself?

5. Sell your Steam Trading Cards and get funds in your wallet

Playing games on Steam gives you Steam cards. You can collect the sets of cards and exchange them for decorative items on Steam (such as backgrounds, badges, and emoticons). Alternatively, you can sell them on Steam Community Market.

Usually, single cards are not worth much. However, you can use applications like ASF or Idle Master to farm cards from games in your library - you don’t even need to install them on your disk! You know what they say - a penny to a penny, and it will be a coconut.

6. Use GG.deals wishlist instead of Steam wishlist

Yes, the Steam wishlist is great for checking the discounts on your favorite games. But did you know that you can synchronize your Steam wishlist with GG.deals? By doing so, you will see the current offers from the Steam store itself and 40 other digital stores that may offer your wishlisted games for cheap!

Many games from 3rd party stores will come in the form of a Steam key, so even though you save money, the game still lands in your Steam library!

7. Narrow down your search with GG.deals filters

The Steam store is quite good at recommending games that may interest you. However, when there are more than 20 000 on sale, it’s impossible to explore all of them. Here’s where GG.deals filters come in handy.

You can narrow down your search by multiple criteria, such as price, discount, genre, feature, reviews, etc. You can view only historical lows and hide the games you already own. Exploring the Steam Summer Sale 2022 on GG.deals is more convenient than doing this through the Steam store itself!

8. Don’t buy unless you’re sure you’ll play the game

It’s very easy to fritter away on games during a sale to satisfy the need for enlarging your Steam library. You should always consider whether you intend to play the game down the line or not. Don’t buy any game just for the sake of having it!

And last but not least, if you buy a game and don’t like it, you can refund it on Steam and get your money back! Ensure you didn’t exceed the 2-hour playtime limit to make your refund possible. Currently, the Steam refund system works only with games purchased directly on Valve's platform (you can't get a refund if you've purchased a Steam key on the 3rd party site).

Enjoy Steam Summer Sale 2022!

We hope that you found these suggestions helpful. Don’t mistake us for a bunch of minimalists preaching anti-capitalistic mumbo-jumbo. We’re simply encouraging our users to shop smart. You can still buy many games and enjoy them without feeling awful about overspending. Nowadays, it’s essential to maintain good financial habits and keep track of your expenses. Regardless, only you decide how to handle your hard-earned money.

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