10 best cozy games to play on PC & Steam in 2022

By Nyxx
10 best cozy games to play on PC & Steam in 2022

Tired after a rough day? Check out our selection of games that will help you relax.

Life can be challenging, and we naturally want to destress and forget our troubles for a moment. Fortunately, the entertainment industry can comfort us even when we have no one around to do so. The gaming industry is no exception because you can find some of the best cozy games on PC designed to calm the nerves and soothe the soul.

What are cozy games?

Although this term is quite broad, it generally refers to gratifying, low-stress experiences that both casual and hardcore players can enjoy. Moreover, their characteristic features are soothing music, relaxing gameplay, and adorable aesthetics. They usually are indie productions and have no restrictions regarding genre. However, many are predominantly RPGs and simulators.

Best cozy games on PC

You came to the right place if you need recommendations. Today's article is devoted to some of the best wholesome games. Brew your favorite tea, light up scented candles, and unwind, while reading our list! To reduce financial strain and further maximize the calming effect, we added widgets that automatically show stores that sell those titles the cheapest. 

Stardew Valley (Included with PC Game Pass)

Have you ever fantasized about quitting your job and starting fresh? If the answer is yes, you ought to try Stardew Valley. It's a farming RPG with addictive gameplay and charming pixel art. It centers on daily life in Pelican Town, where you seek to restore your grandpa's farm and integrate into the neighborhood as a new farmer.

If growing plants isn't your thing, there are many other activities, such as fishing and cave exploration. Regardless of your preferences, you're bound to find something to suit your taste. Such variety is crucial for creating versatile, cute PC games. Another factor that makes Stardew Valley so widely popular is that even an old computer can run it without any issues. You can discover even more non-demanding titles in our article about the 17 best games that run on low-end PC and budget laptop

Did you know Stardew Valley, and many other terrific games, are on PC Game Pass? The first month of membership costs merely $1/1€/£1/4 zł and grants access to the extensive library of games. Follow the links below and give Microsoft's subscription service a shot.

Donut County (Included with PC Game Pass)

What would you do if you were a literal hole? Well, you can give this lifestyle a try in this adorable puzzle game. In Donut County, you control a hole in the ground that grows bigger with every devoured object. The fact that the title has an actual storyline sprinkled with ridiculous humor distinguishes it from many other representatives of the genre.

What else is there to say? It's the perfect pick after a bad day at work. Become the abyss, gobble everything that gets in its way, and, if possible, gather all the achievements. 

Cozy Grove

The next title on our list presents many characteristics of the wholesome game. It's a life-simulator with hand-drawn art and ambient music, which takes you to a haunted island where you develop your own camp and befriend amiable spirits.

Similar to Nintendo's Animal Crossing, the game is synced with real-world time. As a result, you can experience different seasons with their specific festivities. Each day you can enjoy new quest content, and then all you have to do is relax during fishing, crafting, and decorating your camp. Cozy Grove is a must-buy for individuals who love atmospheric and slow-paced gameplay.  


Cute games on PC can be truly artistic and mesmerizing. This title is undoubtedly one of the most captivating platform-adventure games available. GRIS is an artistic experience where you play as a struggling young woman who is lost in her own world and tries to deal with her emotions.

During the journey, you'll explore beautiful locations, solve straightforward puzzles, and maneuver across platforms. Optionally, you can take up skill-based challenges. Moreover, the game transcends any language barrier, as it has almost no text. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Gris. You won't regret it.


Journey, similarly to GRIS, is a platform adventure with a twist. There is no narration, and the interpretation of this mysterious world is up to you. You'll traverse a vast desert to reach the looming mountaintop. Don't fret, as you may meet another traveler during your journey.

Alas, verbal communication won't be possible. Hence you'll have to understand each other without words to solve puzzles. There are not many games like Journey, so it's definitely a worthwhile experience. Can't expect any less from a past PlayStation exclusive. If you're interested, you can have a look at the 11 best PlayStation games on PC - Former Sony exclusives you can play on Steam article.

Spiritfarer (Included with PC Game Pass)

As demonstrated in Spiritfarer, the best cozy games can raise various topics, like death, without coming across as gloomy. In this colorful management sim, you play as ferrymaster to the deceased. Embark on the journey to find more spirits and grant their last wishes before releasing them to the afterlife.

Your goal is to satisfy spirits' desires and ultimately bid them the best possible farewell. Besides befriending them, you'll spend time upgrading the boat, farming, and crafting. Fans of touching stories and unique themes will surely fall in love. 

Unpacking (Included with PC Game Pass)

The essence of this game is contained in its title, as the core gameplay is all about pulling possessions out of boxes and placing them across a room. You don't initially know much about the girl whose belongings you are unboxing. But as you go along, you learn about her interests and life circumstances.

There is no need to hurry since the game has no time limit or score. Therefore, you can take as much time as necessary to unpack the protagonist's life.

Night in the Woods

Our next pick is a match made in heaven for fans of mysteries and the small-town atmosphere. Night in the Woods is an adventure game that follows the story of Mae, who recently returned to her hometown after quitting college. To her surprise, a lot has changed during her absence.

Possum Springs is in decline due to the closure of local mines, and her old buddies have grown up. On top of that, suspicious things are happening in the woods. The gameplay mainly focuses on exploration and conversation with townsfolk. However, there are also occasional minigames, such as band practice. Besides, the game has a cast of characters with whom you can easily empathize, as their life struggles are relatable.

My Time at Portia (Included with PC Game Pass)

This game is perfect for you if you're seeking a fun blend of an RPG and a farming simulator. It takes you to the town of Portia, where you get to have a fresh start. You'll spend your days developing your workshop, fulfilling commissions, gathering resources, and running your farm.

It's also impossible not to mention the town’s friendly community and diverse residents. Who knows, you may even marry one of the townies. The choice is yours, and there's something for everyone in My Time at Portia.


Our list wouldn't be complete without this gem. ISLANDERS is a minimalistic city builder with a colorful art style and simple gameplay. There are no complicated rules or sophisticated systems, so it's an ideal title for relaxation.

The core idea is that placing structures is rewarded with points, which enable unlocking more facilities. After you fully develop your city, you can travel to another island. The game ends if you run out of buildings. Fortunately, islands are procedurally generated, so each round is different.

These are all of our picks for the best cozy games on PC. Do you enjoy this type of gameplay? Do you often reach for such titles? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to mention your favorite ones. 

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