13 best fantasy RPG games to play on PC & Steam in 2022

By kasumi
13 best fantasy RPG games to play on PC & Steam in 2022

Immerse yourself in wondrous universes with the top fantasy RPGs.

People mostly associate PC role-playing games with elves, knights, killing monsters, and saving the world. However, the genre has to offer so many incredible worlds, unusual settings, and magnificent creatures that do not fit those cliches.

We’re going to take a look at some of the best fantasy RPG games out there to show you that it is more than just “slaying dragons to rescue the princess”. The choice is not as easy as you may think. Both Ni no Kuni and The Witcher fall under the same category, but we wouldn’t necessarily recommend these two to the same person. But nothing stops you from adding both of them to your collection. 😉

Best fantasy RPG games to play on PC in 2022  

It is pretty hard to pick a game that might suit one’s taste perfectly. To provide you with some top-notch, diverse titles, we’ve decided to prepare this list of the 13 best RPG games on Steam. They might not all be brand new, but that doesn’t make them less enjoyable. Without further ado, let’s begin!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Is there a single gamer who doesn’t know about Geralt of Rivia, the famous monster slayer? He’s also the protagonist of one of the best dark fantasy games, so the name surely rings a bell. Brutal and unforgiving, the world of The Witcher 3 is undoubtedly one of a kind. Even the simplest side-quest can lead to something much bigger in scope.

With one of the greatest DLCs ever made (Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine), you can lose yourself in this world for hundreds of hours. And don’t worry about the number “3” in the title. Even if you’re unfamiliar with Andrzej Sapkowski’s books or Netflix series, you can quickly leap into action and play as Geralt himself. For many gamers, it is considered the best RPG on PC to this day.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered

Do we have any anime lovers out there?  Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch might be a perfect pick for you! It takes a different approach to the genre than the previous title on our lineup. Are you tired of dark fantasy games? Here’s something colorful and uplifting. It can cheer you up after a hard day, although it’s capable of making you cry like a baby, so prepare some tissues. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Follow Oliver on a journey to save his mother as he meets new friends and enemies along the way. Turn-based combat, beautiful graphics, touching story, and music composed by the irreplaceable Joe Hisaishi. In a nutshell, it’s a playable Studio Ghibli movie and one of the best fantasy RPG games out there.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Now we have something for fans of more classic PC role playing games. You can explore the vast world of Rivellon alone or in co-op mode with up to 4 players. The freedom here is unprecedented. Feel free to touch everything, talk with everyone, or go on a killing spree.

If you prefer challenging combats over dialogues, Divinity: Original Sin 2 won’t leave you disappointed. Use your surroundings as a weapon, take advantage of height, and combine various elements into devastating attacks.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Looking for some games with dragons? The good old Skyrim got your back! This time with all-new features and add-ons to upgrade your experience. The Anniversary Edition includes some of the most popular mods as well. Even if you’re sure that you know the game through and through, they may still prove you wrong.

Replaying Skyrim doesn’t seem like a bad idea with Starfield being delayed and The Elder Scrolls VI coming God knows when. Especially with all the improvements, modifications, and DLCs. We would sacrifice a lot to play it for the first time.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

The more, the merrier, so let’s have two games with dragons in a row. The PC version of Dragon’s Dogma includes all the DLC, improved graphics, and full mouse and keyboard support.

What makes Dark Arisen worth your while is its combat system. You can climb onto enemies, so nothing stops you from blinding a cyclops or cutting off a hydra’s head. The plot (trying to reclaim your stolen heart sounds pretty nice to us) is captivating enough to keep you going. But the fights are what you should be waiting for! If you still want more after finishing the main game, go and visit Bitterback Island. Challenging quests are waiting for you there.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring was probably the most hyped game of 2022. Not only did it live up to high expectations, but it hands-down exceeded them. Just picture a combination of Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and George R. R. Martin’s imagination combined in one project. That’s how Elden Ring feels. After a short tutorial, you are free to go literally everywhere.

It might be a good entry point for those who want to try a soul-like game. Were you afraid of their infamous difficulty? Don’t be. Here you can explore around, come back later, and kick the enemy’s ass. There’s a way to overcome every obstacle, so jump on your Torrent* and explore The Lands Between.

*Torrent is just the name of your character’s horse. We recommend legally buying games. Just take a look at GG.deals 😉

Tales of Arise

Let’s go back to Japanese RPGs for a moment. Tales of Arise won over the players’ hearts during The Game Awards last year. You don’t get the best RPG title for no reason. It has got an engaging story, action-packed combat, and stunning visuals. A big budget helped to improve almost every aspect that the previous installments were struggling with.

The newest entry in the series is worth checking, even if you’re not a fan of anime style. Dahnans won’t free themselves from the tyranny of Renna alone. Would you lend Shionne and Alphen a helping hand?

Fable Anniversary

Ah, Peter Molyneux. He always promises us the Moon and delivers a much smaller satellite. You get the picture. His games are not bad by any means. People love Black & White duology, and Fable is a classic among PC and Xbox gamers for a reason.

Explore the world of Albion and help its people as the Hero of Oakvele. Find a nice girl and get married. Doesn’t that sound like your dream life? No worries! Destroy everything, kill everyone along the way, and become the villain. It’s all up to you. Just beware of the consequences.

The Anniversary edition offers new difficulty settings, textures, models, and many game mechanics improvements. The expansion, The Lost Chapters, is also included, with two new endings and a few additional hours of gameplay. This might not be the best RPG on PC (and Microsoft consoles) of all time, but it’s helluva fun and deserves a place on the list.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

If you like classic tabletop role-playing games, this one is right up your alley. Create a team of heroes and embark on a journey to the fallen elven empire. The story might not be its strongest suit, but has it ever been in most of our old D&D sessions?

Talking about Dungeons & Dragons, Solasta: Crown of the Magister offers one of the best implementations of such a system out there. In both combat and exploration, you roll the dice for almost every action. Players can always adjust the options to fit their playstyle if something seems too complex at first glance. One of the best fantasy RPG games? Probably not. Does that mean that you should skip it? Hell no!  

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

There can’t be a list of great fantasy games without at least mentioning Baldur’s Gate! Fortunately, you can purchase it on Steam. The Enhanced Edition includes only the base game, but you can also buy a huge DLC, Siege of Dragonspear. Even the veterans have something to discover while replaying this cult classic.

The basics remain the same, so don’t worry about major changes. The most significant advantage of this newest edition is that you can easily play the game on modern hardware and in higher resolution. Turn-based combat, a great story, and memorable characters are all found in Baldur’s Gate. Truly one of the best PC role playing games.

Dragon Age: Origins

What can we say about Dragon Age: Origins that haven’t already been said? The spiritual successor to the classic BioWare games, created by the studio itself. It has six totally different prologues, a massive storyline with many side-quests, and a significant replayability value. What’s not to love?

It's almost 13 years old but still holds up to this day. The graphics might have been a little bit prettier, but it’s nothing that a little mod or two can’t fix. If you miss old BioWare games like Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights, you probably know about the Dragon Age series. And if not, prepare for a long and unforgettable ride with arguably the best dark fantasy games of the last two decades.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut

The title that ignited the spark. People tend to compare The Witcher to the Persona, as it all started with the third one. Well, while it might be true for the Atlus series to some extent, that’s not the case here. Geralt’s story began in the first game and ended with the DLC to the third one. Wild Hunt ensures you enjoy the story without knowing the previous two games. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that the first installment isn’t worth checking out.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is a little archaic, but the atmosphere makes up for it 100%! It might offer you something that you have never experienced before. The choices are not “good” and “bad”. You will be mostly forced to choose “the lesser evil.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist). Among all the PC role-playing games, this might not be top-notch, but we still recommend playing it. It’s dirt cheap.

Final Fantasy IX

The article would have been incomplete without this beloved franchise. Its title might suggest that all games included are, indeed, “fantasy”. Well, you can’t take that for granted. While waiting for the release of the 16th installment, why not go back and play one of the PlayStation 1 classics, remastered for Steam release?

Final Fantasy IX helped the series to come back to its roots. The story is not as simple as back in the NES times, but there are many references for some long-time fans. It concludes what many call “the golden age” of the franchise. It might not be entirely accurate, as X or XIV are still brilliant, but it was an end of an era. Final Fantasy VII is a cult classic, but IX also deserves some love. You should give it a go!

It’s hard to pick the best RPG games on Steam because there are so many! Sticking only to the fantasy genre doesn’t make the task easier. We did what we could to select only those worthy of your time. But what is the best fantasy RPG for you? Did you manage to find one on our list? Do you prefer classic high fantasy games with dragons and elves? Something a little darker like Dark Souls or Dragon Age? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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