12 best games like GTA to play on PC in 2022 while waiting for GTA 6

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12 best games like GTA to play on PC in 2022 while waiting for GTA 6

Looking forward to GTA 6 but still no news? Here’s a list of games similar to GTA you can play right now!

There is no doubt that the Grand Theft Auto series is a benchmark when it comes to open-world games. Rockstar Games are masters of creating huge maps teeming with life, fascinating stories, memorable characters, and many side activities to perform outside of the main questline. Obviously, the next best thing to games like GTA would be the new installment. However, it's not that simple.

Despite GTA V being released on PC in 2015, the online version of the installment is still going strong, so we are years away from getting our hands on a proper sequel. However, many players seek new experiences in the open world subgenre.

Best games like GTA available on PC in 2022

Fortunately, there are quite a lot of games like Grand Theft Auto you can play on PC right now! Let's have a look at some of them. If any titles catch your eye, remember you can find the best deals through our website.

Watch Dogs: Legion

The latest installment in the Ubisoft franchise is by far the most ambitious one. The action takes place in London in the near future. The city is under total control of the all-seeing surveillance state, private militaries, and a powerful crime syndicate. All of them are preying on the vulnerable.

The player takes control of… anyone in the city! You are the entire Resistance! Each NPC you see can be recruited to your team. Every character has a unique backstory, personality, and set of skills. The gameplay of Watch Dogs: Legion consists of using stealth and gadgets, driving, and shooting to infiltrate enemy facilities. Hacking cameras and other devices to achieve your goals from a safe distance is also a great strategy a player can employ. Grab your tools, as it’s time to set London free!

Saints Row

The Saints Row series has long been known as the crazy cousin of the GTA franchise. Even though the latest installment dials back the madness a little in comparison with the previous entries, it’s still a great game to cause some open-world havoc.

In Saints Row, you create your own character and embark on a mission to take control of Santo Ileso, a colorful city in the American Southwest. On your way to the top, you will have to complete many over-the-top missions, side hustles, and criminal ventures. Take on Los Panteros, The Idols, and the Marshall Defense Industries to prove that you are indeed worthy of being called the Boss.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

Mafia: Definitive Edition is one of the best remakes of games available for PC. When it comes to GTA clones, this title is more focused on telling a compelling criminal story with complex characters and interesting plot twists. Nonetheless, just like in all open world games we talk about in the article, you can enjoy the stunning Lost Heaven, Illinois.

The player takes on the role of Tommy Angelo, at first a simple cab driver, who gets involved with the mafia and rises through the ranks of the Salieri crime family during the Prohibition era in 1930s America. As you can expect, the life of a gangster involves a lot of shooting, running away from cops, and performing hits on members of rival crime families. If you’re a fan of classic noir gangster stories, you will feel at home in the fascinating open world of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Red Dead Redemption 2

While most of the GTA games were set in contemporary urban landscapes, Rockstar Games is no stranger to exploring different time periods and settings. One of the biggest hits they released is hands-down Red Dead Redemption 2. This western story about cowboys and bandits features classic themes such as the importance of family, finding your place in life, redemption, revenge… and naturally, a lot of shoot-outs and blowing stuff up.

As should be expected from an open-world game made by Rockstar, apart from the amazing main questline, there is plenty to see here when venturing off the beaten track. Random encounters with strangers, hidden sidequests, places to explore, animals to hunt, and much more make this world feel alive even without the direct influence of the player. Red Dead Redemption 2 is definitely one of the best third person action games to play on PC, and it makes us excited for the future release of GTA 6.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Most games similar to GTA set their stories in places familiar to the western audience. Sleeping Dogs changes that! Players are thrown into the vibrant, neon-lit city of Hong Kong, where they will have to bring down the powerful and dangerous Triads. The biggest problem is the fact that this has to be done from the inside…

What makes Sleeping Dogs unique and unlike other games like Grand Theft Auto is that apart from the usual mechanics, it also features a brutal hand-to-hand combat system inspired by martial arts. As Wei Shen, an undercover cop, you will have to find the balance between proving yourself loyal to the Triads and doing everything in your power to bring them down! Sleeping Dogs is undoubtedly still a breath of fresh air in the genre.

Yakuza series

While the Yakuza series may not seem like one of the typical GTA clones at first glance, it still shares some of the characteristics that make the Rockstar franchise special, like the side activities and mini-games that you can find in the world. All these allow players to pause between the main quests and can provide some fun even during shorter gaming sessions. Depending on the entry in the series, you can try go-karting, karaoke, managing a club, playing arcade games, and more.

The most recent open-world games in the franchise released on PC include Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, and Yakuza 0. Each one is a mix of over-the-top combat, a rich story with lots of sidequests to pursue, and an exploration of the bustling cities. If you’re an anime fan and love Japanese culture, you will feel at home with these games.

Just Cause 4

Let’s be honest. Gamers don't always look for titles with compelling stories or challenging encounters. Sometimes we just need to go on a GTA-style rampage! The Just Cause series provides just that. Forget realism, and bring on the explosions!

In the most recent Just Cause 4, you are dropped into a massive sandbox and given tools to wreak havoc. Various weapons, vehicles, and other gear are at your disposals, such as hot air balloons, rocket boosters, or a wind gun. The best way to travel around is to use your wingsuit and grappling hook, but you need to be careful not to find yourself inside a tornado or a thunderstorm!

Oh… there’s also a story. Something about saving the people of Solis, a fictional country in South America. We're pretty sure flying around the country and causing mayhem is the right way to do that!

LEGO City Undercover

If you’re looking for games like GTA V but don’t really like shooting and realistic violence, there is still an option for you! LEGO City Undercover is basically something of a Grand Theft Auto for kids. But that doesn’t mean adults can’t have fun with this title!

In this open-world game, you take the role of Chase McCain, an undercover cop whose task is to make the streets of Lego City safer for law-abiding citizens. Lego City Undercover can be played in co-op, so you can experience this adventure, catching car thieves, driving vehicles, finding collectibles, and investigating more than 20 unique districts together with a friend or your child. With all the humor typical for a Lego game and the funny movie references to discover, this title is something you can enjoy regardless of age.

Hass the title piqued your interest? You might want to read about the best LEGO games to play on PC & Steam.

Cyberpunk 2077

Despite all the controversy surrounding the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, the PC version of the game was always considered the definitive one. Now, almost two years after release and a series of patches and updates added by CD Projekt Red, Night City is definitely worth a visit! Especially if you’re looking for games similar to GTA.

While the open world of Cyberpunk may not be as complex as in games developed by Rockstar, this title by the Polish studio offers much more freedom in terms of gameplay and character progression. The skill trees in this game can make you feel more like you’re playing an open-world Deus Ex rather than simply a sci-fi Grand Theft Auto. As typical for a CDPR game, the storytelling is top-notch. Together with the stunning visuals, Cyberpunk 2077 makes for a package that is a must-have for any PC gamer waiting for GTA 6. What's more, a new story expansion, titled Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, has just been officially announced to come out in 2023.

Mad Max

This title is a proposition for gamers who mostly enjoy the vehicular combat of games like GTA. In the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max, your car is the main tool for your survival. To stay alive in the open world of The Wasteland, you are going to have to become one with your car, upgrade it and make it the ultimate beast!

Besides a robust vehicular combat system, Mad Max also offers missions where you explore enemy facilities on foot and engage in brutal hand-to-hand combat, heavily inspired by the Batman Arkham series. This is surely one of the games based on a film franchise that you do not want to skip. It’s also a great game to play on the go, as it’s on the list of titles verified for the Steam Deck.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ever since the release of Origins, the Assassin’s Creed games started presenting bigger and broader experiences, allowing the players to explore huge open worlds, finding adventures both in the scripted quests and during free roaming. Valhalla is no different in this regard!

This time you become a savage Viking warrior, with the lands ranging from the shores of Norway to the kingdoms of England becoming yours to explore and conquer. During your playthrough, you will lead raids against your enemies, develop and expand your settlement, and gain political power. But most importantly, you will unleash your inner berserker in deadly fights against dangerous enemies. It’s time to choose your favorite weapons and start hacking and slashing your way to glory in this open-world action RPG.

Far Cry 6

At this point, Ubisoft knows exactly what they’re doing with the Far Cry franchise. If you’re a fan, you already played the latest entry into the series. If you’re a newcomer, Far Cry 6 is the perfect place to start.

Like all mainline entries in the franchise, Far Cry 6 introduces an entirely new setting and a new cast of characters. This time, apart from exploring the wilderness and the jungles of Yara, the new fictional country, players will also visit more extensive and more dense urban areas, like the city of Esperanza. Your mission will be to lead a revolution and overthrow the cruel dictator, Anton Castillo. To help you with this goal, you can count on your Amigos, among which you can find a shirt-wearing crocodile and a wheelchair-bound Dachshund puppy. With friends like these, no one can stop you!

These are just some of the games like GTA you can play on PC right now. Have you played any of these? Do you have any titles you would add to this list? Are you waiting for Rockstar to release GTA 6? We’re interested in your opinion, so let us know in the comments!

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