Best PC games for Christmas present in 2021 - Xmas gifts from gamers to gamers

By kasumi
Best PC games for Christmas present in 2021 - Xmas gifts from gamers to gamers

Get the most wanted PC games this Christmas for your loved ones.

Judging by the constantly dropping temperatures and Christmas decorations appearing in town, the Holiday season is right around the corner. And there is one thing that occupies everyone’s minds (apart from family and feast) - presents. Getting PC games for Christmas present is a great option. Apart from the fact that games are a great source of entertainment, you don’t have to head off to crowded shopping malls in order to buy them. And will always give you hints where you can buy it for the lowest possible price, so you can save your money on other Holiday related costs. Just check the cheapest offers presented in the price widget.

Getting down to business... Here’s our list of the best games for a Holiday gift! You will find titles that will bring joy and long hours of engaging gameplay for both experienced, mature players, as well as something you can get for your younger relatives without any hesitation. For your convenience, we decided to divide the article in two parts: games that will be perfect for more advanced players and the titles that can be handled by young and less experienced ones.

Game present for adult players

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

One of the biggest surprises this year and a great candidate for a video game Christmas gift. After the coldly-received Marvel Avengers, not many people believed that the new game set in the MCU universe will be successful. Wrong! 

Guardians of the Galaxy turned out to be one of the most interesting AAA games released in 2021. It’s full of humorous jokes and interesting interpretations of characters that are nothing like a lazy copy-paste of comic books or movie versions.


The latest Arkane Studios game so far has been released only on PlayStation and PC. Deathloop is one of the most appreciated games of this year. It managed to gather as many as 9 nominations for The Game Awards 2021! Your fellow PC player would definitely be glad to get this game for a Christmas gift. And it’s not just because it will involve you paying for the game. 

An unique FPP shooter tells the story of a pair of killers who are trapped in a time loop. The only way to escape is to eliminate all eight Visionaries supporting the anomaly in one day. Unexpectedly, the enemy of the main character is also a murderer, who is getting to enjoy chasing you and putting a bullet between your eyes.

Resident Evil Village

Yup, we dare to add a bit of spookiness to Winter Holidays, because we can’t skip this top tier survival horror, which generated some hype during its release. Too bad that much of the hype was due to the praise and memes dedicated to Lady Dimitrescu, because the recent Resident Evil game has so much more to offer.

As you play the protagonist of the previous installment, Ethan Winters, you will explore diverse locations full of secrets and a pretty good variety of enemies. All elements of the game, like soundtrack, graphics and performance are on high level, just like one would expect from AAA titles. Thanks to a wide diversity of the locations, the atmosphere of horror and thrill is maintained throughout the whole game. 

Tales of Arise

If you’re on the hunt for a video game Christmas present that will make your anime / Japan obsessed friend thrilled, then look no further. Set in two fantasy worlds, where technologically advanced Rena has control over medieval Dahna, the story is told through emotional dialogues and  stylish, likeable main characters. As they belong to different sides of the barricade, they overcome their differences and unite forces to fight off the tyranny.

Apart from a strong, coherent story, Takes of Arise can offer engaging, action-packed combat  with all sorts of attacks to implement. Developed with the help of veteran developers, as well as by newcomers, the new installment of the famous JRPG series will appeal even to those who aren’t familiar with the previous games.

Days Gone

When the game came out in 2019 exclusively for PlayStation 4, the opinions were divided. It’s true that the game did not deliver a breathtaking, nerve-wrecking story about humans surviving in a post-pandemic (not THAT pandemic), zombie infested world. However, Days Gone has different advantages.

As of Christmas 2021, you won’t find a better gift for a person who’s obsessed with zombies. Thanks to great visuals, location and sound design, as well as great artificial intelligence of the enemies, the full diversion is guaranteed. The fights get your blood pumping, especially during the horde combat.

Far Cry 6

The Far Cry series has been sticking to its foundations for years. Some people were slightly disappointed with the lack of major novelties, while others were glad to receive another story fitted in the well-known and proven by time formula for a loved gameplay style. Far Cry 6 does just that. 

Instead of revolutionary changes, there are revolutions, because the game takes place on the island of Yara, ruled by a tyrant. Partisans try to remove him from power, and the player will try on the role of one of them. The DLCs also worth mentioning. The first one, which allows you to play the role of one the Far Cry 3 antagonist - Vaasa Montentegro, is now available. The next two, in which you will be able to walk in the shoes of Pagan Mina and Joseph Seed, will appear in the near future.

New World

Unexpectedly and seemingly out of nowhere, this open-world MMO from the debuting developer Amazon Games took gamers by the storm. It does not introduce anything ground-breaking to the genre, but twitching some cliche elements does the trick. 

A bit of action-combat system, a little more extensive material harvesting, crafting and boom! With the dynamic fights, addictive crafting and fun exploration, the game managed to gain a wide appeal among many players.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon series managed to become the definition of an arcade racing game, just like NFS used to be in the past. And Forza Horizon 5 maintains the high standards by further improving graphics, car handling and sound effects, making the driving experience even more realistic. Another move to the right direction was moving the game from monotone Britain to diverse routes and sceneries of Mexico.

It is hands down the best representative of its genre and one of the best gifts for gamers. Car enthusiasts will lose themselves in the insane amount of cars they can try out and tune. Those who rarely play racing simulators will truly appreciate how smooth, complex and exciting these have become, consequently returning to the game again and again. A truly versatile Christmas gift. 

It Takes Two

Don’t get yourself fooled by the cartoony looks and infantile storytelling. It Takes Two is packed with some difficult to crack puzzles that will make even the adult players break some sweat. And it’s not just due to these puzzles being tricky. They literally require a large degree of teamwork and CO-LA-BO-RA-TION. Thus, the name - It Takes Two. 

Once you feel baffled and stuck, you can take a break and distract yourself with numerous competitive minigames and explorations of the mesmerizing worlds. This is hands down a perfect gift for gamers. This also applies to soulmates, so the game will be a heartwarming present for your forever Player 2. 

Game present for a kid

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Spongebob SquarePants is one of the most iconic children's characters and our personal favourite. Although, not everyone is convinced that this is a perfect fairy tale for the youngest (considering the cartoon's peculiar humor), this problem does not exist in Battle for Bikini Bottom. 

The remastered version of the game from 2003 looks pleasant, and it is not too difficult, so even a seven year-old will get a hang of it. There’s also a potential for the game series, as the next installment titled The Cosmic Shake is already on the horizon, and it will debut next year.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

The original of this casual 3D platformer made some noise over 20 years ago. Introducing the younger generation to this specimen will be a great Christmas gift for a young gamer, but also can be a good option for someone who’s already familiar with the classic. Because this remaster managed to give a modern glow while maintaining the classic’s original charm. 

The plot is as simple as ABC. You take control of a purple dragon who travels around the happy-go-lucky world. If you can’t stay calm until you get your hands on all of the collectibles in platformers, Spyro will occupy you for a long while during the Christmas holidays. 

Lego DC Super-Villains

Enough of games with all-good and fluffy protagonists. It’s time to try out the role of a bad guy. Lego DC Super-Villains is considered to be one of the best Lego games by many players, not just by die-hard Lego and DC fans. It perfectly combines perks of both worlds like Lego games’ humour, iconic villains and well-written story of DC.

Add to all of that a star casting of (finally) good voice acting, interesting plot and an ability to create your own OC with an extensive character customization, and you will get a great addition to your library. You will enjoy the story mode just as much as exploring the open world. A small advice: do invest in a controller for this game. This can be another option of gifts for gamers. 😉

Minecraft Dungeons

“Aren’t you, kids, tired of arranging these blocks?” - one uneducated, tasteless individual might ask. 🧐 Despite the fact that we have "Minecraft" in the title, it is not about sourcing raw materials and building everything and literally everywhere.

Minecraft Dungeons allows you to play the role of a brave warrior who stands up to fight against the Archer and his army of monsters. The arcade combat is not the easiest one to get around, but after befriending its peculiar mechanics, even the youngest players should have no problems with this title.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels cars were every kid's dream back in the old days. Nowadays, we have many more toys on the market, and there are no such problems with availability. However, not everyone lives in a large house with enough space to be able to build these fancy tracks. In that case, Hot Wheels Unleashed can be a great alternative.

There are several dozen cars from numerous different classes at your disposal, which you can race on a variety of tracks. Most importantly, there is also an extensive route editor that allows you to implement even the craziest ideas. Fun for many hours guaranteed.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

We are finishing this list on a strong note. Getting Kena: Bridge of Spirits for Christmas is the equivalent of getting PlayStation exclusive experience right on your PC. It is stunning in many aspects, starting from a splendid gameplay to splendid graphics and cutscenes that look like a high-budget Pixar movie. This action adventure game from an indie developer Ember Lab makes AAA titles bite the dust.

The mesmerizing atmosphere is elevated with the attention to details, top quality soundtrack, beautiful sceneries and a story which teaches you to be kind to nature, the world around you and even towards your enemies. Kena: Bridge of Spirits proves that games became a great storytelling tool on a similar level to books.

Do you think video games for Christmas is a good idea? If so, what titles are you getting for your loved ones? Let us know in the comment section!

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