Best PC games of 2021. Which of last year’s titles left the biggest impression?

By mkmike
Best PC games of 2021. Which of last year’s titles left the biggest impression?

2022 has come. Which of 2021 titles we liked the most?

Last year has been quite crazy for a lot of different reasons, starting from culture events to the politics. However, we do not talk about such topics, so let’s stick with a rather pleasant sphere, which is the gaming industry. There were so many great titles in 2021 that it’s extremely difficult to choose the best from so many. We’ll try anyway.

The following list will include our picks for the best PC games of 2021 we believe worth remembering this year for. We were waiting for a long time for a couple of them, while some took us completely by surprise. All are fantastic and deserve to be played. With that being said, there’s nothing else left to do than invite you to see our choices for the best titles of 2021. Enjoy!

Age of Empires 4

It’s been several years since we saw a new, full-fledged game of this series. Now that AOE4 is out, it managed to make an epic comeback with a lot of new features, 4 massive campaigns to discover and high replayability with a potential for hundreds of hours.

The authors somehow managed to maintain the atmosphere of older titles in the franchise, while they also enhanced the experience so that it matches contemporary standards of strategy games. By the way, the game is available within Game Pass PC, so keep that in mind before giving it a chance.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

Crash has definitely not been doing too well before being taken over by Toys For Bob. It’s a complete and solid platformer: it has a lot of techniques to use, enemies to kick and worlds to explore, resulting in a great gameplay.

Developers of this title wanted to pay tribute to the older games of the series by adding a lot of big as well as small references to them. Crash has returned and he has never been looking so good! Oh, and you could give Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy a go, it’s also really good.


It’s fascinating how a well-crafted premise changes the approach to a game. Deathloop isn’t a revolutionary FPP shooter when it comes to its mechanics, it’s the plot that sells it. You wake up on a mysterious island and discover that in order to escape, you’ll have to kill 8 of your enemies (called Visionaries) to end the loop, which puts you at the beginning of the same day each time you die.

Oh, and have we mentioned the other killer, Julianna Blake? She feels that it’s her duty to “protect the loop” and will stop Colt, the main protagonist, at all costs. Considering how much noise DEATHLOOP made, seeing best pc games of 2021 list without this tittle would have been a shame.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Final Fantasy is a series that certainly cannot be ignored. Speaking of Final Fantasy XIV Online, it’s already shown that it can be a great alternative to other MMORPGs. Endwalker only adds to the already fantastic experience: level cap is changed from 80 to 90 (and trust us, you really need this in such games), but what’s the most exciting is that you get to see how the story of the base title unveils. You’ll get to see more of this beautiful world with regions such as Thavnair or Garlemald, too.

Forza Horizon 5

Mexico sounds fun on its own, so adding a bunch of fast cars wouldn’t hurt, would it? This series has been growing stronger and stronger and this year’s installment is an open-world, arcade fest for any racing lovers. The game features tons of customisation options, cars, places to race and smooth driving system that won’t allow you to leave the steering wheel anytime soon.

It Takes Two

We’ve written about this little masterpiece a number of times, although mentioning it here is kind of necessary, in our honest opinion. It’s a cute platformer that tells a rather realistic story where a nearly-divorced couple transforms into dolls. Without co-operation, they won’t return to their normal selves. Will it be possible to save this marriage by putting it to the ultimate challenge? See for yourself. 

Similarly to Psychonauts 2, it’s a platformer that will be most enjoyed by older teenagers and adults who understand the bigger message. No wonder the title has been chosen as the Game of The Year by TGA. Will it be your PC GOTY 2021? No other way to find out than to play it.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

If you’ve never met Garrus and other members of Normandy’s crew, now is the chance. This epic RPG series set in space is exactly what you need from a video game tale about a hero: great story and characters, a lot of important decisions to make, satisfying gameplay and the feeling that you’re actually changing the world for the better.

Now you can experience all of this goodness in the form of carefully-crafted remasters that breathe some life into the original saga. What’s your next order, Commander Shepard?

Psychonauts 2

Has anyone been certain that this series would ever come back? It’s been more than 15 years since the release of the first game and someone decided to bring it back this year. And that was one of the best game-development decisions made in 2021. The second game improves practically everything that was good about the first Psychonauts while sneaking in a mature story into a somewhat childish-looking product.

Getting into other people’s minds via psychic powers feels cool at first, although when you realise that you shouldn’t meddle with them too much, the atmosphere surely changes a little. It’s 2021’s dark horse that has shown us what it means to be a self-aware platformer that doesn’t shy away from difficult topics.

Resident Evil Village

Have we just mentioned mature titles? This is another one of these. Ethan has seen a lot of weird things since Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and it’s not going to be any different here. A small Romanian village forgotten by the world, a big medieval castle owned by a family of rather terrifying ladies and the grim atmosphere of mystery. What can go wrong? Go figure.

The game is a direct sequel to the aforementioned Biohazard, so consider checking that title out or at least reading its synopsis. It's the first thing you should do, provided that you want to experience the newest entry in the franchise fully.

Tales of Arise

JRPG fans: the last game on this list is for you. It’s for those who would like to familiarise themselves with the genre, too. Don’t let anime looks of this game fool you: it tells a story that may not be as graphic as the one portrayed in the previous entry, which doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

There are two worlds in the state of conflict, namely a medieval-like Dharna and technologically-advanced Rena. This setting is perfect for various depictions of humans, and most of them aren’t too positive.

Fun fact: the animated cutscenes were produced by Ufotable. Anime fans certainly know that this is a sign of a certain quality, considering that the studio is responsible for animating Fate series.

These were arguably the best games that we’ve seen in 2021. Have you spotted your personal PC game of the year 2021 on the list, or is it not here? As we mentioned in the beginning, there were MANY noteworthy titles and it’s not that we’ve deliberately overlooked some of them.

In case you want to share your point of view and show us why a different game deserves to make it on the list, you know what to do. Happy New Year and let’s hope that 2022 will be full of great games!

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