14 best platformers on PC Game Pass to try in 2022

By mkmike
14 best platformers on PC Game Pass to try in 2022

Microsoft’s service is relatively cheap and full of great games. Here are some of the best platformers on Game Pass!

While Game Pass is undoubtedly cheap, not everyone is convinced that it's packed with great titles. We dare to disagree. Microsoft managed to gather tons of various genres. Some of the representative games are so great we have a hard time believing those are available on the subscription. Therefore, we would like to change the minds of the skeptics.

Let's start off with platformers on PC Game Pass. This category dominated the market in the 80s with the legendary Pong, Arkanoid, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders. Initially, players could enjoy them mostly on arcade machines, but with the technological advancements, they switched to PCs and other devices.

Later, the platformers of the past were usually associated with consoles such as Atari, NES, and Sega Master System. Later, people also played them on SNES, N64, Sega Saturn, and, finally, PlayStation and Xbox.

At first, gamers could experience 2D titles. Only at the turn of the XX and XXI centuries, solid 3D games started appearing, thanks to machines with continuously improving specs. Also, multi-platform gaming started gaining popularity. An increase in households with a PC didn’t escape the attention of analytics, which is why PC players began slowly returning to gaming roots.

The best platformer games on Xbox Game Pass

Feeling overwhelmed with the selection of PC Game Pass platforming games? That's understandable, so here's our list of recommendations!

Alice: Madness Returns

It may be one of the oldest games on this list, but nothing beats the crazy world of American McGee. The title is a sequel to the classic released in 2000. They share the loose, twisted interpretation of the book series written by Lewis Carrol. It’s a TPP action game with breathtaking locations, unnerving enemies, several melee weapons, and an insanely engaging, mature story. Explore Wonderland again in search of the peace you lost outside of it!


Players usually associate Compulsion Games with We Happy Few, released in 2018. However, a few years before this unique title, an equally ambitious and unusual game, Contrast, hit the market. The gameplay is its highlight and is divided into two distinct stages. One of them requires arranging the light sources to create a path with them later. Thanks to this ability, it's possible to transform into a two-dimensional shadow the main heroine possesses.


Here’s a title that deviates from the genre's formula. It’s a full-fledged platformer at its core. What does the play-through look like? Pretty straightforward. You only need to jump on the roofs of trucks in motion, so you don’t fall down. Simple in theory but immensely challenging in practice. Even though the first stages can be beaten with your eyes closed, the game will get especially tough towards its end.

Human: Fall Flat

This wacky and eccentric game by a Lithuanian studio called No Brakes Games surely deserves some love. It involves creative mechanics, which requires you to manipulate your surroundings and is possible due to an advanced game engine. What does it all boil down to? You just need to get your rubber characters to the end of the stage. It’s not an easy task, as their moving capability is heavily limited.

It Takes Two

While we can still get a PC Game Pass discount, why don’t we fully seize the opportunity by getting one of the best PC games in 2021! It Takes Two is a co-op action-adventure title that will keep you engaged throughout the whole journey. The maps offer great variety, and the challenges you must face change every few minutes. Cody and May, who are trying to save their relationship, have new gadgets and abilities at their disposal during each stage. The game’s only downside is that you have to play it in co-op. On the other hand, with such a masterpiece in your library, you won't be looking for a partner for too long.

New Super Lucky's Tale

This would be a PC title for the younger audience if not for the extra stages. The main protagonist of New Super Lucky’s Tale is a lovable fox named Lucky, who’s trying to help his sister in her attempts to keep the powerful Book of Ages away from the evil Omen. The game’s charm is enhanced by its dazzling, cartoony visuals.


Olija is a 2D action game with a bit of Metroidvania vibe to it. Skeleton Crew Studio’s title is inspired by sailor tales, adventure novels, and game classic Another World. The plot focuses on Faraday, a traveler who ends up in a strange world after his ship sunk. He meets a woman, Olija, who steadily becomes important to him as time passes.


It’s hard to walk past Omno. The design is simple, colorful, and capable of impressing the player constantly. The main element of the gameplay is exploring varied biomes and solving basic environmental puzzles. Obviously, there are also mechanics known from other games of the genre, including jumping between platforms.

Ori and the Blind Forest / Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Both entries are marvelous Metroidvania platformers, which are referred to as "easy to learn, hard to master." The controls aren’t elaborate, although developers made everything in their power to ensure that avoiding encounters and traps is tricky. Plus, the Ori series grasps attention with an atmospheric soundtrack and fairytale-like appearance.

Psychonauts / Psychonauts 2

There is no Game Pass platformer games list without mentioning the Psychonauts series. Despite the first title aging noticeably, it’s still amusing enough to give it a chance. It’s worth checking out before moving to the latest creation of Tim Schafer and his Double Fine Productions studio. The games follow a beginner psychic, Raz, who can use psychic powers. One of his abilities happens to be “visiting” other people's minds. Are you ready to help our protagonist save the good name of his spy organization?

Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

The developers of Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth (that’s a lengthy name, we know) deserve praise for making such a complex and fantastic game. The title by Team Ladybug studio is a Metroidvania put into the form of an action platformer. It tells the story of an elf lady who’s exploring underground dungeons. Apart from the usual activities, you will face many demanding duels with enemies met on your way.

Spelunky 2

It’s time to spelunk! The adventurer can control a professional caver and explore away procedurally-generated undergrounds. However, these caves are not all fun and games to inspect. They are filled with treasures and, for some balance, traps and dangerous foes. Despite being one of the most difficult games on this list, it deserves its place among the best platformers on PC Game Pass.


Supraland isn’t the easiest title to categorize. It can be identified as a 3D platformer set in a semi-open world, filled with puzzles and, what’s somewhat surprising, you play it in the first-person perspective. The game by Supra Games studio focuses on exploring the massively interactive surroundings. Most of the objects you find during your journey can be used in some way: be it to solve puzzles or clear your path further.

Unravel / Unravel Two

Both Unravel and Unravel Two are cheap PC platformers. Nonetheless, why would you pay if you can check them out by subscribing to Microsoft’s service? The titles follow the adventures of Yarny. The first entry focuses on a single-player experience, while the second one is a co-op PC title. The mechanics are heavily influenced by the fact the characters are made out of yarn. They can “roll out” themselves and use the excess thread to swing or move objects so you can reach places seemingly out of reach.

Interested in subscribing to PC Game Pass after reading about carefully selected propositions? Here are the current offers for both the “regular” version of the service and GP Ultimate:

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There are more platformer games on Game Pass, which you can try out by subscribing. Explore fantastic titles, some of which focus on combat and some a bit more pacifistic (excluding the cases when a failed jump causes you to throw the gamepad out of the window 😉).

Do you have any personal recommendations? The comment section is all yours. Happy platforming!

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