12 best sniper games to play on PC & Steam in 2022

By mkmike
12 best sniper games to play on PC & Steam in 2022

These sniper PC games will surely make your heart race during the missions.

There is something captivating about playing a marksman in the game. You can be a crucial figure on almost any map, and your skills often save the squad. And the shot of adrenaline that you get during the missions is truly energizing, even if you spend time concentrating and staying quiet.

The choice isn't as rich as in regular single-player FPS titles on PC. Nonetheless, we managed to gather the twelve best sniper games for PC that make you feel like a pro assassin. Enjoy the read!

Arma 3

Created by a Czech studio, Bohemia Interactive, Arma 3 is now the most complex contemporary soldier simulator, and it’s packed with content. You can play alone, in co-op, or online. The best part is that you get to fight alongside players from all around the world. Initially, the title focused on a fictional conflict on an island somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. However, after numerous additions and mods created by players, you can now be a soldier of any powerful army on Earth and utilize various vehicles that you would use in a regular battle.

Every army could use a sniper, although you should keep in mind that each attempt requires thorough preparation. Pick your targets according to the intel you receive from a spotter you’re working with, and remember: getting noticed will get you in big trouble. There's no better game if you need it to feel like a real deal.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

We’re aware that the COD series isn’t exactly a full-on sniper experience, yet there’s a sniper mission in almost every installment. Modern Warfare has one too, and it’s called “Highway of Death,” where you fight with Russian forces.

“All Ghillied up” is also worth mentioning. It appeared for the first time in the original Modern Warfare and left a big impression. It's set in Pripyat, and we play as Captain Price; he has to find a good shooting spot in a hotel to eliminate the leader of the terrorists – Imran Zakhaev. All of this without being noticed, of course.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It’s one of the absolute classics in general, not just among sniper PC games. Valve offered us 5 vs 5 matches in Global Offensive, and you know the drill: bomb planting, rush B, and other fun activities like that.

Terrorists and counter-terrorists have got different goals in mind. Baddies want to detonate the objective marked on the map or kill all counter-terrorists. The good guys cannot let the explosion be activated, so they disarm the bomb or, as you can imagine, kill all the bad guys.

Escape from Tarkov

With the level of realism that you can find in Escape from Tarkov, the game could as well be called a sniper simulator, even though it’s more of a war simulator. After all, it’s not only the rifle you can use here. Shotguns, grenade launchers, or machine guns are also at your disposal.

The title focuses heavily on survival. Fighting enemies is one thing, making it to another day is a different matter. Without resources, you’re pretty much toast.

Hitman Trilogy

Again, it’s not a sniper game per se. On the other hand, what’s stopping you from constantly using the rifle? The Hitman series is a sandbox that allows you to approach your missions however you like – so you can take a sniper rifle with you to every mission! Aside from a somewhat unrealistic manner of bullet “behavior,” it will still be an exciting experience.

We should add that there are Sniper Assassin challenges that require you to eliminate all of your targets with a rifle without being noticed in every installment of the trilogy. Good luck with that! 

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

It’s the first Operation Flashpoint game of the series that wasn’t developed by Bohemia Interactive (the masterminds behind the ARMA series we mentioned before), and that shows. Codemasters didn’t exactly give the fans what they wanted. We received a smoother game, but, as a sacrifice, it wasn't a battlefield simulator anymore.

On the other hand, it’s still a realistic FPS full of clever ideas that you won’t find in other shooters. Due to this fact, some of the fights are long-distance, which calls for a scope and a sniper rifle.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

CI Games didn’t handle the vast world of Ghost Warrior 3 entirely, although they still managed to make a solid title. The plot takes us to a mountain region in Georgia tormented by Moscow-sponsored separatists. You’ll have a chance to play as an American Marine sniper; your job is not only to help the local resistance but also to find your lost brother. 

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

After releasing Ghost Warrior 3, CI Games decided to change the scale of their next title, which resulted in the first Contracts. Vast maps were replaced with smaller ones; the story took a background role while the approach to gameplay evolved.

The crucial part of the game was the titular contracts: mission objectives that involved killing a particular person or finding a specific object. The game's sandbox nature allows for creativity, which suited our tastes – and led to a sequel. Contracts 2 wants to be bigger and better than the previous game in the series – you will have plenty of opportunities to wield your sniper rifle here.

Sniper Elite 4

You knew the list of the best sniper games couldn't be complete without this franchise. We don’t recommend playing the first game, as it did not age too well. Instead, you may start your journey by playing the second one. Whereas Sniper Elite V2 is an excellent way to start, you can begin with the third or the fourth title – they haven’t aged a bit! Sniper Elite 3 takes us to North Africa, and Sniper Elite 4 offers us a trip through Italy.

Sniper Elite 5

Karl Fairburne cannot retire just yet, as he has to embark on an adventure to picturesque Britannia, a part of France. His mission will involve infiltrating a German fortification called the Atlantic Wall. Fairburne will also stumble upon a Nazi secret plan, Operation Kraken.

In this stealth shooter, you can decide to do things by the book a.k.a. eliminating your opponents with a sniper rifle without being detected. You can also decide to forget about secrecy and recreate brutal scenes from Rambo. You're free to choose any approach. Pick the weapons that suit you best and fight for freedom!


Maybe it’s not as realistic as the ARMA series, but it’s a fantastic battlefield simulator that prioritizes co-op. Enormous areas were created to fit mind-blowing 100 players on the same map! The gameplay is relatively slow, and battles are fought over long distances. As you often shoot at a pixel around half a kilometer from you, one should consider getting yourself something with a reliable scope. 

Zombie Army Trilogy

And here's the Sniper Elite spin-off: it’s more of a shooter that allows us to fight some Nazi zombies. Setting aside, you still need to use your rifle frequently, as in the main series in the franchise. All missions can be finished solo, although it’s way better to play them in co-op; we highly recommend getting a friend to massacre the undead together.

These were the best sniper games on PC that grant you a satisfying shooting experience. Sure, some of them aren’t necessarily focused on this aspect, although they still provide weapons that feel like a solid sniper rifle should.

Do you know any other PC games with such a mechanic? Or maybe you remember a particular mission in any of these that made you feel like a true professional assassin? Either way, the comment section is waiting for you right below! 😊

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