What are the best Steam Autumn Sale deals? 10 Steam games at lowest ever prices

By mkmike
What are the best Steam Autumn Sale deals? 10 Steam games at lowest ever prices

There are lots of great offers on sale, but which are the best?

As expected, there are so many deals that it’s really hard to decide on which game to purchase. Let’s investigate a little bit. Steam Black Friday sale 2021 best deals are, in our opinion, titles that deserve recognition. It can be the gameplay, story or anything that cannot let you go. Additionally, they’re at historical low prices, so that's a nice detail, too.

What can you expect? Certainly a good range of both high-budget and indie titles.

So, a little something for everyone from the wide selection of Steam Autumn Sale must have games. To keep things simple, let’s limit our list with the “traditional” 10 titles. There are more fantastic games on Valve’s sale for sure and we’re aware of that, treat this as only a small portion of what goodness you can find there.

Half-Life: Alyx

Let’s begin with a VR title. And a really good one, we should add. To even consider a new Half-Life game to be playable in Virtual Reality AND be actually good was quite a risky statement to make before its release. We see how it turned out and, frankly, we won’t have it any other way. The game utilizes features and story as in a regular title in the series, you just control your character in a slightly more direct manner.

There are also other games that could be experienced this way, so here are some other VR games for PC that you might be interested in.

Gears 5

Marcus Fenix may have ended his journey some time ago, yet the Gears franchise is going stronger than ever. We could write poems about how smooth the gameplay is, how good of a story is told by the title or how nice it is to play the newest game in the series via co-op. Instead of all of this, we highly recommend to experience this epic production first-hand.

Wasteland 3

Much like old-school Fallouts, Wasteland does not make you choose one path. You can go your way with so many things that it’s actually quite impressive. The gameplay may also appear quite familiar. It’s like the authors took first Fallout titles and somehow made them into a game that feels nostalgic, although still has the charm of the past days. Great stuff.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Yup, that’s a recent one. It’s been talked about for a while now and, just as rumours say, it’s a great sci-fi journey with lots of humour, great characters and satisfying gameplay. Have I mentioned the soundtrack? No? Then, the soundtrack, just like in the Marvel films, is fantastic in their game adaptation.

New World

We’re still processing how it was possible for Amazon to make games. Nonetheless, this title is without any doubt a fantastic one. Interesting premise (hey, how about we set the story on Earth, but with swords and magic?) and precise execution constitute a game that cannot be put to shame by other MMOs. A surprise, sure, but a pleasant one.

While you’re at it, you could also check out what New World Black Friday has to offer. There’s no harm in equipping yourself with something extra.

Forza Horizon 4

The newest instalment is definitely not to be overlooked, although why shouldn’t you check out what came a little bit earlier? There’s no denying that Forza series just maintains a certain quality and you get a fantastic racing game set in open world full of possibilities. Wanna take a ride?

After you’re done with FH4, why not check other offers in Forza Horizon 5 Black Friday sale? 


Who said that the best crossover must be in Smash? For you, fellow weebs, there’s a chance to finally see if one of your favourite shonen characters can beat Goku. In right hands, everything is possible.

We should mention that to get to know the ultimate answer, you should act quick. Sadly, JUMP FORCE will be removed from distribution on the 8th of February 2022 and the game will be oficially shut a bit later, namely on the 25th of August 2022. So, if you want to see some anime action, don’t wait too long.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Sometimes, simple means best. That was the case with this title. Seemingly, it doesn’t stand out too much: you have your typical classes, typical builds and turn-based combat. Rivellon just emanates some unspecified atmosphere and makes you wonder why haven’t you played an old-school RPG for so long.


Who said that this list cannot contain Steam sale best indie games? Literally no one, so we should mention one of, as they call them, “walking simulators”. Play as Henry, who took an opportunity to become a ranger who watches out for a fire so he's far from other people. And there are some weird things going on. In this simple premise, you can find a compelling story about an adult who somehow lost himself and wants to find sense again. 

AI: The Somnium Files

Lastly, let’s take a look at one of Steam Black Friday Sale hidden gems. You’re a detective who stumbles upon a woman’s dead body, with one eye gouged out. You decide to solve the mystery behind the crime.

The game features visual novel elements mixed with adventure game tropes. What’s really interesting is that the detective can literally enter the memories of interrogated people and see for himself if what they’re saying is true. Pretty handy for his job, huh?

Here you have it, that was the list of Steam Autumn sale 2021 highlights. All titles had their individual feel to them and among them, something highly likely caught your attention. 

Best Steam Black Friday sale games are, in our opinion, these that left an impression. Sometimes, they can be widely played and known by everyone. There are also times when they appear from nowhere and take players by surprise. Nonetheless, they all have something in common: they make you feel that it’s worth to be a gamer.

In case you’ve played these titles already or want some alternative, you can always take a look at other Steam Black Friday sale 2021 articles, where we highlight other fantastic deals on Valve’s platform.

Naturally, we’d love to see your picks for best Steam Autumn sale games. This way, you can help others in the community and get to know about something new in return, so that’s clearly a win-win situation. So, what gems have you found?

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