Days Gone and other PlayStation exclusive games are coming to PC

Days Gone and other PlayStation exclusive games are coming to PC

Days Gone and other PlayStation exclusive games are coming to PC

Jim Ryan states the wait will not be long. Days Gone is among other Sony games that will be released on PCs.

After last year's Horizon Zero Dawn release on Steam, it's time for more PlayStation exclusive games for PC.

In an interview with GQ magazine, president and chief executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, announced that Days Gone will debut on PC this spring.

Moreover, it won't be the only PlayStation exclusive to appear on our monitors! Many more titles are planned, however they haven't been revealed yet. Jim Ryan points out that the company's decision was largely influenced by the warm reception of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition by PC players, as well as the lack of negative feedback from PlayStation fans.

Which PlayStation exclusive game do you want to come out on PC? Let us know what your heart desires. 😉

Source: GQ Magazine UK

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