Dishonored 3, new DOOM, Oblivion Remaster & more Bethesda games leak from the FTC documents

By kasumi
Dishonored 3, new DOOM, Oblivion Remaster & more Bethesda games leak from the FTC documents

Leaked data contains some intriguing details regarding new Bethesda games.

This was a pretty stressful night for the Xbox department but quite an exciting one for gamers. Due to a breach caused by a misconfigured link, 38TB of Microsoft data was leaked, including documents from the infamous Microsoft vs FTC trial. Journalists and regular internet users instantly found some interesting details regarding the company's future plans.

New Bethesda games leak

The following image was discovered among numerous documents, which leaks new Bethesda games that may come soon. 

Judging by what's shown on the table, the acquisition is planned to be pretty fruitful, with Bethesda Softworks releasing

  • Indiana Jones Game
  • The Oblivion remaster
  • Starfield DLC
  • New DOOM game & 2 DLCs
  • The Elder Scrolls VI
  • The Fallout 3 Remaster
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel
  • Dishonored 3

The schedule also includes more vaguely-named titles, such as Project Platinum, Project Kestler, or Licensed IP Game.

New Xbox Series X console coming in 2024

Apart from Bethesda's plans, a whole lot of details were shown regarding the new Xbox console, which is planned for 2024. Unfortunately for those who've been hoping for a major upgrade, the mid-gen Xbox Series X Refresh is going to have similar specs to the current console with rather minor improvements. Moreover, it's going to be all digital, which is dreadful news for those who've been collecting physical versions of the game.

Which of the leaked Bethesda games are you looking forward to the most? What do you think of the whole situation with the breach in the software repository? What are your first impressions of the upcoming Xbox Series X Refresh? The comment section is all yours, so don't hesitate to share your opinions. 

Source: Resetera


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