Games like New World - best MMORPG games for PC in 2021

Games like New World - best MMORPG games for PC in 2021

If Amazon's latest hit is not your cup of tea, or you search for similar games, here are best New World alternatives for you to try!

The first game from mega corporation Amazon is gaining more and more players, while our mailboxes are flooded with questions, such as “Where to buy New World cheap?”. The craze for this game just couldn’t get unnoticed. That’s why we decided to take a look at some of the best MMORPG 2021 PC as a special gesture for those who have problems logging in to the Amazon Games RPG. Don't worry, you won't find a paragraph about World of Warcraft and cheap prepaids in the article. 😉 Only creme de la creme.

What is an MMORPG?

MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) is a special subgenre of role-playing game that allows many players to simultaneously play together in a virtual world. The origins of MMORPGs date back to 1978. It was then that the first text-based MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game running on a private server was created. The gameplay was based on issuing commands that allowed players to interact with the environment. Text games dominated the market for almost 20 years, as it was only in 1996 when 3DO launched the first MMORPG with a global reach - Meridian 59

Ultima Online, which was released in the same year, is considered to be the ancestor of modern productions. On January 7 1997, another significant event for MMORPGs took place. It was then that the iconic Tibia appeared on the market. Along the way, we also got Neverwinter Nights, Lineage 2 and many other strong titles. However, the real boom for online games did not start until 2004, with the premiere of World of Warcraft, which until today is considered the most groundbreaking MMORPG in history. For 17 years, the world hasn’t seen a title that could end the hegemony of WoW and become the new best MMORPG PC. Does Amazon have a chance to change this status quo?

The most popular MMORPG games in 2020, according to MMO Population:

  1. World of Warcraft – 2,540,956 active players
  2. Old School Runescape – 2,022,561 active players
  3. FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn – 1,544,458 active players
  4. World of Warcraft Classic – 1,125,336 active players
  5. Destiny 2 – 803,213 active players

Amazon New World, or a few words about the hottest MMO in 2021.

Repeatedly postponed, written off by many before the release… So many opinions were shared, stating that New World price was way too high. People with wicked tongues were extremely skeptical about Amazon Studios debut. The speculations would go as far as saying that even buying New World cheap is not worth it, because soon the title will be given away for free. And guess what happened? None of that! The first release by Amazon is the biggest new MMORPG 2021 premiere on Steam. At its peak, as many as 913,000 people were logged in simultaneously. The tables have turned and now everyone wants a New World Steam key

The production of Amazon Game Studios takes players to an alternative world inspired by the atmosphere of the 17th-century American colonies. As any respectable MMO, New World offers huge locations filled with so many things to do, making it seem like New World Steam price really pays off. One cannot complain about the lack of activities. The arcade combat is also capable of gluing you to the screen for hours. In addition to character development, you can also occupy yourself with farming, fishing, and even expanding your own settlement. The biggest downside is so far the little end-game content, but that will probably change soon. New World Steam price has been set at £34.99 / 39,99€ / $39.99 / 142.99 zł. Most likely it is not going to budge - at least not until Steam Halloween Sale. If waiting for a price drop is not on the table, there are numerous keyshops where you can buy New World cheap

If not New World then what? 5 best New World alternatives that guarantee hundreds of hours of fun

Black Desert

For a long time, Black Desert has been referred to as the most beautiful MMORPG on the market. The debut production of the Korean studio Pearl Abyss offered the graphic design refined in the smallest details right from the release day. The complex locations and animations of the heroes' skills were especially impressive.

The duels here are very dynamic and require players to have great reflexes, which plays a much greater role than the character stats themselves. Unfortunately, for this reason, the newcomers will have to be prepared for a rough start. The entry threshold is very high, but it's still one of the best MMORPG games for PC that's at least worth a try. Especially considering the fact how affordable it is. 

Destiny 2

Unlike the other titles that are mentioned in this article, Destiny 2 puts more emphasis on shooting rather than fighting with melee weapons. The cosmic story prepared by the creators of the earliest Halo games continues the plotlines from the previous title. The setting does not exactly fit games like New World description, but has so much to offer in terms of gameplay.

Destiny 2 is standing out with its excellent shooting system, making some FPS games bite the dust. The locations are filled with powerful enemies, treasures and many amazing side missions, which often surpass those available in the campaign.

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV experienced a real renaissance in terms of popularity this year. It managed to beat some of the best MMORPG 2021 in the beginning of the year. Lots of people moved to Square Enix from WoW that had been struggling with several issues in game and on a corporate level. Unlike most typical MMORPGs, in which you only click through subsequent dialogues, FF XIV is distinguished by an extensive and engaging storyline.

In combination with dynamic gameplay, lots of additional content and multiple side activities, and you can truly start seeing a pretty good New World alternative. The fourth expansion pack Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will be released on November 23. The story told in the supplement is to be the culmination of the main storyline. In addition, the DLC will introduce new locations, missions and skills for the characters.

Guild Wars 2

Released in 2012, Guild Wars 2 is still very popular among players and deserves its place in games like New World list. Certainly, it is due to the lack of a monthly subscription (we’re looking at you, WoW 👀) and active support by the creators. Moreover, it is a great position for people who prefer solo play and have just a little of free time. The entry threshold is low, leveling up is pleasant, and the vast majority of activities can be approached independently.

Another expansion, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, is also on the horizon. The third expansion will debut in February 2022 and will offer a new story that will take place in the island region of Cantha. Preorders have already started on the official website of the game. Fortunately, the price of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is not exorbitant at 29,99€.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls series is not just an endless circle of Skyrim releases. It's also ESO, or The Elder Scrolls Online, one of the best MMORPG games for PC from ZeniMax Online Studios. The action of TESO takes place several hundred years before the events known from the previously mentioned Skyrim. The extensive storyline is not the only advantage of this MMO. It is a great option for games similar to New World, which can surpass it in some ways, most certainly in terms of content.

During the seven years of presence on the market, this title has been packed with DLC content, so there is definitely something to do there. Immediately after completing the tutorial, the game allows you to freely explore the whole world, which makes it much easier for new players to join. The price of The Elder Scrolls Online is not excessive, but keep in mind that ESO receives a lot of add-ons that must be purchased separately.

What game holds the title of the best MMORPG 2021? Are there any other games like New World that are worth mentioning? Do you think Amazon will win the hearts of players around the world, or is it just a momentary hype? We’re dying to know your opinion. Let us know in the comment section! 👇

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