GTA The Trilogy The Definitive Edition PC is back on Rockstar Store

By kasumi
GTA The Trilogy The Definitive Edition PC is back on Rockstar Store

After a short "break" the highly anticipated trilogy has returned to Rockstar Store for PC players.

After the PC version of the new GTA The Trilogy being removed from the developer's exclusive platform, it has suddenly came back to Rockstar Store three days later. However, it is safe to assume that not many fundamental improvements were implemented in such short period of time. Rockstar has apologised for the turbulent release via its Twitter account and promised that they will continue fixing and improving the performance of the game.

The release of GTA The Trilogy The Definitive Edition could be characterised only by one word - disastrous. The players who managed to get their hands on the trilogy complained about the constant frame rate issues and numerous bugs that at times were hilarious, but mostly were interfering with the gameplay.

The problems with the games were apparent on all platforms, but the PC version of GTA Trilogy had even more issues, such as inclusion of uncompiled code with game scripts and developers commentary.

The controversial return of the all-time classic has caused some stirring with the gamers writing bomb reviews on Metacritic, which consequently gave it an appalling 0.5 User Score. 

If you're not discouraged by the rocky launch and still want to get the GTA Trilogy remaster on PC, here is the direct link to the PC offer available on Rockstar Store.

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