Like a Dragon: Ishin! is coming to PC in February 2023. The pre-orders are live! (updated)

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Like a Dragon: Ishin! is coming to PC in February 2023. The pre-orders are live! (updated)

Here's everything we know about the new title from the creators of Yakuza saries. 

Even though Sony’s State of Play conference was primarily focused on PlayStation-exclusive titles, there was some exciting news for PC players. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and SEGA announced the release of a new Yakuza game! 

It’s not a fresh installment per se, as the original Like a Dragon: Ishin came out in 2014 but did not go outside Japan. However, with the ever-growing popularity of the franchise in the US and Europe, this game is debuting in the western market.

Is it time for Yakuza fans to rejoice? What is there to expect? Can you make a Like a Dragon: Ishin preorder? 

Is Like A Dragon: Ishin a Yakuza game?

It is considered a part of the Yakuza series in its motherland. Although, Like a Dragon: Ishin has no connection to its main plot that depictures the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu and his friends. Instead, it tells the story of a samurai and real historic figure Sakamoto Ryoma who changed the course of Japan’s history forever. However, the similarity between him and the Dragon of Dojima is striking. As a result, die-hard fans will see plenty of familiar faces.

What will Like a Dragon: Ishin gameplay look like?

During the Tokyo Game Show 2022 conference, the creators shared some Like a Dragon: Ishin gameplay footage, which looks quite promising. The action will take place in Kyo, an imaginary version of Kyoto. As the game takes us to the Late Edo Period, it reflects on a combat style, incorporating samurai swords instead of more common bicycles and baseball bats. Check out the whole video.

Wondering if Yakuza Ishin manages to maintain high standards of the franchise? Famitsu, a famous Japanese video game magazine, gave it nearly perfect ratings on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles —38/40 and 39/40, respectively. The developer is planning just a few graphic adjustments in the video below. For example, there will be cooler tones that might give a darker atmosphere.

We know the Like a Dragon: Ishin release date

SEGA is not teasing us with vague wordings like ‘next year’ or ‘soon’ when speaking of its installments’ premiere. Like a Dragon: Ishin release date is scheduled for February 21, 2023. Apart from being released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, PC players will be able to play Like a Dragon: Ishin Steam and Windows versions. 

Like a Dragon: Ishin preorders are live - what's the Steam price?

With so many people getting excited about the upcoming title, people can’t help but get curious about Like a Dragon: Ishin's preorder. Especially knowing that customers will pay ahead for quality production. Alas, we’ll have to wait a little longer to purchase Yakuza Ishin in advance.

UPDATE: the pre-orders for Like a Dragon: Ishin! are now available on Steam and select 3rd Party stores. The RRP price is set at $59.99, but you can save an additional 12% if you buy your Steam key from Fanatical!

Remember that you can always create a price alert on! This way, you will be automatically notified as soon as we find even better deals for the Like a Dragon: Ishin Steam keys.

Are you looking forward to trying out a Yakuza spin-off in a samurai setting? Let us know in the comment section below!

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