New feature on Steam - check out Steam Charts for sales & popularity stats

By Nyxx
New feature on Steam - check out Steam Charts for sales & popularity stats

Valve makes viewing statistics easier with their new Steam Charts that gather all information on trends in one place.

Steam is constantly updating its platform to make it more user-friendly. Fortunately for players interested in statistics, developers, and others associated with the gaming industry, Valve introduced Steam Charts, which replaced the old stats page, providing more detailed data on the current trends.

The main section of Steam Charts, Overview, summarizes live data regarding players online and the 100 best-selling and 100 most-played games on one page. It also lets you quickly access the recent weekly and monthly rankings.

The top-seller list is based on revenue and includes information such as the game's price, the number of weeks on the charts, and an indication of how a given title's position has changed since the previous week. However, the most interesting feature must be the region switcher, which allows users to see the bestsellers in other countries.

The ranking of the most popular titles is based on the number of users who currently play the game. This section also gives you an insight into the peak numbers for each position. Moreover, there's an option to sort by daily players, which ranks the games by the total number of unique players during the last 24 hours.

What do you think about the new Steam Charts? Do you deem this change necessary? Which features do you consider the most useful? Are you generally interested in statistics regarding games and trends in the industry? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Steam

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