New PC game releases in 2021 to get excited about

New PC game releases in 2021 to get excited about

From new titles to continuations of beloved game series - here's what to anticipate in 2021.

God-awful 2020 and winter holidays are behind us, so we can finally focus on everything good that this year prepared for us. Of course, we’re talking about PC games coming in 2021, completely new, original titles and continuations of much loved game series. There is a risk that some of them may also be postponed if the world situation continues to be as uncertain as in 2020. But let’s stay positive. 😉

We can’t hide the excitement anymore. That’s why we’ve prepared the list of noteworthy PC game releases for 2021. We hope that all of them will have smooth launches and long hours of pure joy.

Baldur's Gate III

Release Date: second half of 2021
Platforms: PC

Baldur's Gate III is available on Early Access, but first users’ reviews (almost 90% are positive) indicate that the high expectations from this title might be quite adequate. Larian Studios regularly revises and patches their latest creation, meaning that the game’s full version should be ready and released in 2021.

The action of this iconic RPG takes place about 100 years after the events of Baldur's Gate II: Thron Bhaala. The gameplay mechanics are based on Dungeons & Dragons rules, so many situations will be resolved with the throw of a virtual dice. It is also worth mentioning the big change in fighting as instead of real-time duels with an active pause Baldur’s Gate III is introducing the turn-based combat system.


Release Date: 21 May 2021
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5

Developed by Arkane Studios, whom you may know from Dishonored and Prey, the title will offer interesting mechanics based on the theme of a space-time trap. The characters get stuck in an unending timeloop of death as they reappear in the same day, death after death. The only way to escape would be to kill everyone responsible for keeping this cycle going.

In fact, you are encouraged to die as this way you will acquire valuable knowledge and skills that would help you progress further on your next attempt. Deathloop offers a significant degree of freedom, so most of the tasks can be completed in numerous ways.

Far Cry 6

Release Date: 26 May, 2021
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

The sixth game of the sandbox shooter series from Ubisoft will take players to the tropical island of Yara, inspired by 1980s Cuba. A brutal dictator runs the country under the moto “no rights and civil liberties”. Dani Rojas stands up to the tyrant in an attempt to knock the ruler off the throne at all costs.

Like in the previous parts, the gameplay will focus on completing story missions and numerous side quests, as well as exploring the vast world. For the first time in the series' history, large urban centers will appear in the game alongside forests, fields and villages. Far Cry 6 was scheduled for February 2021, but Ubisoft decided it needed a bit more time to fine-tune the title and postponed it by a few months.

Hitman III

Release Date: 21 January 2021
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch

Agent 47 is back! And we can't wait to see the effects of ray tracing on his head. ❤️ The stealth action game Hitman 3 will be the culmination of the World of Assasination trilogy, which was launched in 2016. We don’t expect anything revolutionary in terms of iconic gameplay, but all the important mechanics will certainly be improved and refined. Each mission undertaken by the killer will take place in an open location. 

The sandbox design of levels will allow you to complete your objectives in any way, from silent elimination of the target to direct confrontations to Rambo style. After the debut of Hitman 3, Agent 47 will probably retire, at least temporarily. Because the next game in the IO Interactive portfolio is going to be Project 007, the game which will focus on James Bond and his first steps in espionage career. Thus the expectations for the grand finale are high.

Back 4 Blood

Release Date: 22 June, 2021
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Back 4 Blood might as well be called Left 4 Dead 3 and probably no one would mind (well, except Gaben 😉). The creators of L4D and L4D2 Turtle Rock Studios don’t even hide their intentions, which is best evidenced by the name of the game. Is this bad news? Definitely not! Fans have been waiting for Valve's move for years. 

Even though the last patch to the second part of the zombie game series lifted hopes up, there is probably no way of having a full-fledged sequel. But we might be getting the best next thing. Back 4 Blood, just like the titles that inspire it, will be an FPS game that places great emphasis on cooperative modes. However, nothing will prevent you and your AI-controlled companion from traversing the city overrun by the living dead.


Release Date: 22 April 2021
Platforms: PC

From what it seems, we can expect the direct competitor of Sid Meier's Civilization. The players will be able to create their own civilization by mixing the most important features of historical cultures and then take your people on a challenging journey from ancient times to the present day. The game is played in a turn-based system, and the ruler's task is to raise his country to a pedestal. A position on the world stage is built through economic domination, diplomacy, technological development and the use of force. Sounds familiar? 

The developers from Amplitube Studios have prepared an extensive combat system that takes into account many different aspects. The fate of the battle is influenced by topography, weather or the arrangement of buildings. After mediocre Civilization VI, the fans of turn-based strategies are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes of getting a decent and present-day title.

It Takes Two

Release Date: 26 March, 2021
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

The creators of A Way Out decided to set up a slightly lighter atmosphere this time. It Takes Two is a cooperative platformer in which the task of two players will be to take control of a pair of heroes and lead them through colorful, beautifully designed but quiet dangerous locations.

During their journey through the unknown, Cody and May will have to solve puzzles, overcome numerous enemies and take part in many mini-games that will require perfect cooperation between the players. The game will feature a characteristic screen division that allows you to observe events from the perspective of both characters at the same time. This may turn out to be one of those big, pleasant surprises among all game premieres in 2021.

Stronghold Warlords

Release Date: 26 January 2021
Platforms: PC

Although it is believed that Stronghold series has its best times behind it, FireFly Studios is constantly trying to restore its glory. As the new part of this legendary RTS game series is coming out this year, which this time will take players to the Far East. There are several countries you can choose from to control, for instance, China, Japan, Mongolia, as well as smaller tribes inhabiting eastern Asia.

The basics of Stronghold Warlords will remain similar, but a significant change will be implemented to the Ruler titles, who will be able to give control of the taken areas. They will also assist the player in combat by leading their troops into battle.

The Medium

Release Date: 28 January 2021
Platforms: PC, Xbox Series

The release of The Medium from Polish studio Bloober Team is also fast approaching. The main character of this horror game is a woman with supernatural abilities of seeing the world of ghosts and influencing it, which will often be necessary to solve the mystery and push the plot forward.

The action of the game takes place in Krakow in the 1990s, and the main goal of the game is to discover the causes of the child's death. All clues lead the heroine to an abandoned, haunted, creepy-looking communist resort. 

Hogwarts Legacy

Release Date: 22 June 2021
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Whoops! Avalanche Studio has stated that Hogwarts Legacy is being delayed until 2022.

Potterheads have been waiting for the next big title, which would be set in the Harry Potter Universe. Excluding mobile games, the last title which allowed you to dive into The Wizarding World was… LEGO Harry Potter. 🗿 Thus the announcement of Hogwarts Legacy was met with excitement of die-hard fans. Fortunately, Avalanche Studio stepped aside from exploiting adventures of the Boy Who Lived we know so much about and decided to take action in the 19th century. 

Hogwarts Legacy will tell about adventures of a rookie wizard, whom the player will be leading from the Year 1 in School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The title is to offer a large open world, as well as numerous elements known from RPG games, such as character development and decisions affecting the plot.

Question mark hangs over these 2021 game releases

These are not all the premieres of 2021 games that are worth paying attention to. Surely you have your own lists that include other titles as well. But we are also aware of the fact that some noteworthy titles are missing from our list of most anticipated games of 2021. 

For example, we can’t help but give a shout out to the zombie parkour simulator - Dying Light 2. Techland postponed the release for an indefinite period of time and it’s not clear the game will reach us in 2021, but more details are coming this year. 

The situation is similar with the repeatedly postponed Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. Fingers crossed the trend of delaying games will not migrate to 2021. 😅 Forza Motorsport is another title which people are anticipating, but it’s yet unclear if it’s coming out in next 12 months. All we can do is wait or divinate on coffee grounds in hopes for getting answers. 

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