New PC games in August 2022 – 15 upcoming releases we can’t wait for

By mkmike
New PC games in August 2022 – 15 upcoming releases we can’t wait for

What to expect from the next month? Here are the most anticipated new PC games in August 2022!

There are a few big releases scheduled for August. Obviously, we can't wait for Peter Parker to show us PC gamers around NYC, but that's not all the news. The legendary gang of Saints will come back in all its glory, and we will also witness a new version of a classic game about a vengeful alien.

A JRPG, a brand-new soulslike, and even a racing game mixed with golf (!) are also on the menu, so the upcoming releases in August 2022 indeed look intriguing. Without further ado, here are the upcoming titles we’d love to play already!

Hard West 2 - August 4

Hard West 2 may be a fairly traditional turn-based strategy at its core, yet its premise truly sells it. As a famous scoundrel named Gin Carter, you need to fight for survival after you’ve “explored” the so-called Ghost Train in search of valuables. Now, you and your gifted crew have to challenge the devil himself and save their souls, literally. That sounds intense!

Turbo Golf Racing - August 4 (on PC Game Pass from Day One)

Imagine Rocket League, but people got too bored of football and chose golf as the leading theme of a crazy race. It sounds like a fever dream, but it's an actual Turbo Golf Racing concept that looks much more promising than it sounds. Knowing that up to 8 players can play together, we sense high party-game potential from this one.

The title will be available from Day One via Microsoft's subscription service. As a new member, you need to pay only a dollar to enjoy the vast game library for a whole month! The offer also applies to Game Pass Ultimate:

Farthest Frontier - August 9

We're staying in the realm of strategy games for a little while. This time, you will be tasked with expanding your tiny village to the size of a solid town. Farthest Frontier is a real-time strategy that follows the classic formula of settlement management. To make the gameplay trickier, the developers added several possible diseases you people may struggle with if there are shortcomings in various aspects of the city. Strategize carefully to avoid epidemics!

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Two Point Campus - August 9 (on PC Game Pass from Day One)

First a hospital, now the time has come for managing your own university! We're returning to Two Point city, which you may already know from Two Point Hospital. As the Principal, you must organize the most outstanding campus possible to draw new students specifically to your educational institution. Thankfully, we have the whole summer to think things through. 😉

Cult of the Lamb - August 11

Some may find lambs a bit unsettling, and Cult of the Lamb fully embraces these totally justified fears, making a regular lamb become a cult leader. After escaping death, we need to repay our savior by making our group the strongest flock. In this intriguing roguelike, we will visit five various regions to spread the word to non-believers. Considering how many users have wishlisted this title, it can be an unexpected hit among the upcoming releases in August. 

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - August 12

Hang in there, folks; we're so close to playing as the friendly neighborhood Spidey on our computers! It’s hands-down the hottest upcoming PC game of August 2022, and here's why. Apart from the fantastic base game, the PC version will receive a range of features that will make Peter Parker’s surroundings and adventures even more visually delightful.

If you want to learn a bit more about the PC version of the title, check out our article discussing Spider-Man PC preorders, price, and the PC port features.

Thymesia - August 18

Here’s the mandatory soulslike that we will see among PC games coming in August 2022. In the unwelcoming (to say at least) world of Thymesia, alchemy became way too dangerous, but now it isn’t easy to do anything about it. Our protagonist has essential memories buried deep inside, which must be collected in order to help fight the calamity. Can Corvus change the fate of the Kingdom of Hermes? 

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Madden NFL 23 - August 20

Doing sports between long gaming sessions is good, but how about merging the two activities? 😉 The new entry in the Madden series won’t revolutionize the entire gameplay but will focus on perfecting the way players behave during a match and other factors affecting immersion instead. Choose one of the game modes, including the Face of the Franchise, which allows you to lead the footballer career you’ve created from scratch.

Saints Row - August 23

Who would’ve thought we would see a new Saints Row entry next to other games coming out in August? The previous game in the series did come out quite some time ago, so the hype is real. It’s always been a crazier GTA cousin, so we’re hoping for an absolute madness – with great gameplay and a massive world to explore. And tons of humor as well.

Midnight Fight Express - August 23 (on PC Game Pass from Day One)

A traditional beat’em up may be a rare sight in this year and century. However, Humble Games did an outstanding job with their most recent game. The combat is pleasingly versatile and fluid (enhanced by mo-cap animation), and you will have plenty of weapons and tools to battle effectively. Will this all work? We will find out soon. 

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Soul Hackers 2 - August 26

If you’ve been waiting for a JRPG to appear on the new PC games list, here it is! Soul Hackers 2 is a title that belongs to the Shin Megami Tensei series, continuing a subseries started by a game from the 90s, Devil Summoner. A digital entity called Aion sees that humanity is close to meeting its end and sends its two agents to prevent the tragedy. Help rescue the world with two Devil Summoners, Ringo and Figue!

Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed - August 30

For a completely opposite atmosphere, how about showing humans they shouldn’t get too cocky? Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed is a TPP game in which we will assist Crypto (an alien who’s a bit unsatisfied with his treatment on Earth) in defeating his sworn enemies. Mars Attacks vibes are strong with this franchise, that’s for sure. 

F1 Manager 2022 - August 30

We’re paying a visit to sports games once again, although F1 Manager 2022, as the name suggests, puts you in the role of an F1 team manager. The road to greatness is long and difficult – control the situation before and during races, manage finances, but also such things as the pit stop timing. Will you be able to lead your team to new heights?

IMMORTALITY - August 30 (on PC Game Pass from Day One)

Well, this one was supposed to come out in July, but apparently, we have to wait a bit more for IMMORTALITY. Blending a literal film with video game mechanics is insanely creative, and we would love to see how gameplay turns out. Will we get a chance to unveil the mystery behind Marissa Marcel’s disappearance next month?

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Scathe - August 31

August (as well as this list) ends with an FPS that will remind us of this genre's good old days. It’s just you, your guns, and tons of demons. Enter literal Hell and see if it’s really as hot down there as people are saying! Those who played DOOM Eternal or even older titles like Painkiller will certainly feel at home.

Not too shabby, don’t you think? 😉 The following month will be unexpectedly balanced, with a bit of everything for any video game lover. You can always explore a genre you weren’t familiar with before. Don’t forget to follow for the best offers for any titles you pick.

Have you wishlisted any of these new PC games? Let us know which game piqued your interest the most in the comment section!

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