New PC games in July 2022 – 15 upcoming releases we’re excited for

By mkmike
New PC games in July 2022 – 15 upcoming releases we’re excited for

What is worth playing in July? Here’s what we recommend!

July will be a relatively calm month. There won't be any newly released AAA titles, although racing game fans, horror enthusiasts, and indie enjoyers will have several new installments to check out. Walking around as a cat in a world without humans, driving an F1 car and a captivating interactive film trilogy are only some of the examples. Here're brand-new PC games coming in July 2022!

F1 22 - 1 July

Codemasters gave us such racing games as GRID Legends and older F1 titles, so we can expect an accurate representation of how it actually feels to sit in a cockpit of a speedy F1 car. Not only will we be able to play as one of 20 real drivers and join one of 10 teams, but we will also experience the F1 Sprint, which appeared in Formula 1 races for the first time recently.

Matchpoint - Tennis Championships - 7 July (Day One on PC Game Pass)

We will stick to sports games for a little longer, so how about switching the discipline? With Matchpoint - Tennis Championshipsyou can feel like famous tennis players! The career mode will simulate a championship, in which you can show the results of your intensive training done either with a professional coach or by mini-games. Hone your skills, customize your character and have dozens of matches against other players online or via the good old split-screen.

The subscribers of PC Game Pass will have the opportunity to play the game at its release! If you'd like to join the subscription, it costs only a dollar to try it out for 3 months, no matter if you pick the PC-only variant or Game Pass Ultimate:

Check out the line-up of games coming to Game Pass in July 2022 to see what else will be added to the subscription soon!

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series - 8 July

We have great news if you were wondering whether there will be any remasters among this list of PC games coming in July 2022. Here is one right here. The title will include the remastered versions of the Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil! The setting is the world of human dreams, Phantomile. An evil spirit, Ghadius, wants to change the place into a literal nightmare, and Klonoa's task is to defeat the baddie before it happens!

MADiSON - 8 July

Now, imagine you wake up somewhere dark, with your hands covered in blood and no recalling of how you ended up in a strange mansion. Soon comes the realization that you've been used as a pawn in a demon's game. Take photos with your instant camera, solve puzzles and be ready for anything: the title will involve events that activate at most unexpected times, making the gameplay even more exciting. Will you be able to defeat the evil residing here?

Escape Academy - 14 July

Escape rooms are rather popular among those who enjoy their frequent dose of adrenaline. To exit one in this title, you will have to defuse bombs, become a hacker or find an object. At the same time, you're closer and closer to your demise due to a deadly mechanism and other absolutely-not-dangerous class activities. Will you be able to graduate from the Escape Academy in one piece?

Loopmancer - 14 July

An investigation as a private detective led to your death, but the next thing you know is waking up in your apartment. You've entered the loop. You can only escape by changing the future's course! As a trained fighter, you can effectively defend yourself. Whenever you return to life, you will have an opportunity to unlock new weapons, abilities, and numerous prosthetic enhancements. Roguelike mechanics with a cyberpunk setting? We're in!

As Dusk Falls - 19 July (Day One on PC Game Pass)

Quantic Dream isn't the only studio that can give us a splendid interactive film (as they call their adventure games 😉). However, Interior/Night has some former Quantic employees in their team, which is evident from the get-go. The story begins with an unsuccessful robbery and one accidental encounter that ties the lives of two families for generations. Discover their pasts, see what led to the event and what the future will look like in this narrative-heavy, emotional TV-like drama put together into the form of a video game.

Stray - 19 July

Believe us or not, an adventure title about a cat may turn out to be one of the best PC games July 2022 has to offer! Stray takes place in a future, decaying city led by robots that don't stray (we had to) from interacting as humans would. Exploring the strange cyberpunk world as a cat has its merits: it's easier to hide when necessary, move quickly, and annoy the robots occasionally while you're trying to find your family.

Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels - 19 July

It may not be the most significant release among new PC games in July 2022. On the other hand, there surely are Forza Horizon 5 fans who've been waiting for the traditional Hot Wheels DLC to their favorite racing game series. They will get ten new cars to play with and will have an opportunity to build their own tracks from 80 different pieces.

Endling - Extinction is Forever - 19 July

A cat living in a post-human world is one thing, but what about a fox trying to get by in a future world where humanity is still around and causes enormous problems for wildlife? People took almost everything they could from the planet, and it's finally time to find a place without them. In this adventure game, you need to adapt to your surroundings quickly, or you won't survive a week. Can you protect your family?

Hazel Sky - 20 July

The path to becoming a legit Engineer is steep, and our protagonist, Shane, is about to take a test to be a qualified one. In this TPP title, your trial will involve repairing and building several flying machines. Still, nothing stops you from exploring the city of Gideon and seeing what fate met people who were unsuccessful in the same trial as yours. Good luck!

Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium - 22 July

The arcade classics featured in Capcom Arcade Stadium were fantastic and made us feel nostalgic toward older titles, which is why it's only natural to have the next batch of them! Prepare for all sorts of genres and high difficulty levels, just like it was back in the day. Don't worry, though: you will be able to use several features (like saving the game) that will make the experience more bearable 😉

IMMORTALITY - 26 July (Day One on PC Game Pass)

Thought we were done with interactive films? Here's another one! 😊 It's worth mentioning that it is a literal film trilogy with implemented video game mechanics that make the gameplay very intriguing. Marissa Marcel is nowhere to be found, so study the footage she left for hints and discover the truth behind her disappearance!

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Sweet Transit - 28 July

Upcoming PC games also feature a real-time city builder that focuses heavily on trains. Build your railway empire around the needs of people living in your cities. By making them happy, your workers will do their best to help your case. Provide them with food and accommodation, and ensure they can quickly and effectively travel by train!

Bear and Breakfast - 28 July

One of the last games that will be released in July 2022 is a cozy, pleasant title about a bear who wants to lead a great inn. Equip the place with crucial rooms and objects, prepare delicious food and listen to the stories of other folks living in the woods. They might help you upgrade your shack and spread the word about it, so listening for a bit isn't a bad idea 😉

And that's all we had for you. We think this month will be perfect for experimenting with some genres you may be unfamiliar with. Provided you're interested in pre-ordering any of the titles we've mentioned, find the best deals for them on!

Don't forget to tell us which game you're waiting for the most. Which one piqued your interest enough to get excited about it? Let us know in the comment section. 😊

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