New PC games in June 2022 - 15 upcoming releases we can't wait for

By mkmike
New PC games in June 2022 - 15 upcoming releases we can't wait for

A new month means new games to play. Here are 15 upcoming PC games worth keeping an eye on.

June 2022 releases will be a joy to those who like DLCs and new installments in well-known series. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any surprising PC game releases that will possibly steal our hearts.

We will experience the return of Diablo with Diablo Immortal, go fast once more with Sonic in Sonic Origins or return to the world of The Elder Scrolls Online. What new titles should we all be excited about? Here are the best games coming PC in June 2022!

Diablo Immortal – June 2

The legendary series returns – the new game was supposed to have a mobile release only, but we will experience the game on our PCs, too. It will support the WSAD control system, and we will be able to enjoy it on different devices with cross-play. We can’t wait to see this one in action!

Card Shark – June 2

Card games can be quite exciting already: what if we add a bit of cheating to them? Card Shark is set in 18th-century France: playing cards regularly was a frequent pastime, but you need to be wary: if your opponents realise your deceptions, they won’t be happy about it and can “offer” you a duel. Good luck!

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle – June 6

Among the new games coming out next month, we will also have a chance to return to the multiplayer The Elder Scrolls – this time, we end up on High Isle. Aside from brand-new locations, the addition will include two new companions, dungeons or items. If the summary for Card Shark got you interested in card games, a new one, called Tales of Tribute, is introduced here as well.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged – June 9

If you’re waiting for the new adventures of the Postal Dude, you will be happy to know his return is very close, although in a bit different form than usual. This spin-off will be a homage to older FPS games – its gameplay and visuals clearly reference the early 2000s, maintaining the usual humour. The idea sounds more than promising; we will see about the execution shortly.

The Quarry – June 10

We have that all of the new games coming out in June turn out great, although The Quarry gives off B-horror movie vibes; we can’t say we’re not looking forward to it because of that. There's also the aspect of co-op sessions: you will be able to gather up to 7 friends so that your team can control the whole squad of brave teenagers in danger. Prepare lots of popcorn!

The Hand of Merlin – June 14

Blending turn-based RPG with a roguelike nature sounds a bit risky yet intriguing. As The Hand of Merlin leaves Early Access now, the risk was worth it! The gameplay requires good decisions from the get-go: you choose your four heroes at the beginning of your playthrough; if someone dies – there’s no coming back. Fortunately, your spells will be available next time you try your luck; you get a bit stronger with each run.

Starship Troopers - Terran Command – June 16

If you’ve been looking at the list of new PC games in search of a solid strategy, here it is. The Arachnid hordes are a major threat, which is why your units have to be ready for anything: use their abilities and weapons efficiently, and benefit from the terrain you’re fighting the enemy on! Can you save the world?

Redout 2 – June 16

This game is the definition of speed. Forget about realistic physics - welcome the adrenaline rush! Redout 2 will take you on a wild ride on 36 racetracks on futuristic, empty parts of Earth – you don’t have to worry that you’re going too fast. Speaking of being fast, there’s this certain blue hedgehog that also knows a bit about insane speeds.

Sonic Origins – June 23

Sonic Mania was a great game, but if you’d like to see some of the first Sonic titles in action once again, Origins will be the one to pick. The collection includes 4 games in total, all with new unlockables and two game modes to choose from: the Classic will be like playing these back when they were released; the Anniversary mode will feature unlimited lives and bring the resolution to today’s standards!

Capcom Fighting Collection – June 24

Among other new games on Steam, you will be given an opportunity to relive your childhood arcade memories – it means ten classic Capcom fighting games in one massive collection! Most of these are iconic fighting games like the Darkstalkers series next to such gems as Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition.

Disgaea 6 Complete – June 28

The Disgaea series is a fascinating mix of JRPGs and turn-based strategies; it also loves to comment on common cliches in pop culture: expect a lot of references to literature, anime, or, you guessed it, other games. Everything is over-the-top here, including gameplay: some of the attacks are ridiculously strong, and your characters can be even more overpowered with the brand-new Super Reincarnation! Can you beat God of Destruction for good?

MX vs ATV Legends – June 28

The off-road fun returns with the latest instalment in this racing series: choose your perfect vehicle and go crazy! The game features a new Trails mode that introduces outdoor racing in the franchise – you never know what you will stumble upon. The driving won’t be overly realistic, but driving a quad will be a different story than going ham on a bike.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – June 29

The base Monster Hunter Rise needs only one thing: more content! With this expansion, we arrive at Elgado – only to realise that the Three Lords need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Aside from new monsters to defeat, some of the creatures known from other instalments in the series will be making their comeback – better go prepared for a big hunt!

Outriders Worldslayer – June 30

On the last day of June, the release schedule envisages a new-old Outriders experience – you can either start the campaign from the original game or go straight to what Worldslayer has in store, playing as a character set at level 30. It’s the same exciting TPP shooter with RPG elements – including new abilities, dozens of new difficulty tiers (40 in total!) and Ascension Points you get for reaching level max with your characters.

Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course – June 30

June will be closed with a DLC to one of the best (and most difficult) 2D games in recent years – the usual crew of Cuphead will be joined by Ms. Chalice! Helping Chef Saltbaker won’t be an easy task – you will face bosses stronger than anything you’ve seen before on Inkwell Isle. Worry not, though, Ms. Chalice has a few aces up her sleeves – and once she’s unlocked, you can beat the original Cuphead with her assistance!

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This was the line-up of PC games coming in June 2022 – do you think it’s good? The variety is there for sure, and we’re really happy about it. Revisiting some of our beloved franchises is also quite a treat; let’s just hope everything lives up to the hype. If you’d like to preorder any of these, visit this upcoming PC games page on it will help you keep up with all the new releases and find the best deals for them.

Have you been waiting for any of these, or has something just caught your eye? We’d love to hear about the titles fellow players are excited about – be sure to leave a comment down below!


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