Returnal on Steam Database - is the PlayStation 5 exclusive coming to PC?

By kasumi
Returnal on Steam Database - is the PlayStation 5 exclusive coming to PC?

According to leaks, we'll be playing this third-person shooter on PC.

Is Returnal coming to Steam?

It's safe to assume that we'll see Returnal on Steam, and a particular company that tends to grab games for its exclusive access is not involved. According to one perceptive user on Restera, a listing for a project named 'Oregon' has recently appeared on SteamDB, which is a 3rd party website that gathers information from Valve's storefront. The names of localization files are suspiciously familiar to the in-game locations of this Housemarque's shooter. 

When is the Returnal PC release date?

As much as the leak seems to point to this particular title, there was no hint about the Returnal PC release date. We're yet to receive an official confirmation from Sony, which really leaves nothing but theories. However, it's worth mentioning that there've been several leaks from GeForce NOW and Nvidia, indicating that Sony is planning on bringing more of its games to PC. 

We will keep an eye on the situation and let you know as soon as an update comes in. For now, you can check out an article about other former Playstation exclusives that are now available on PC.

What are your thoughts on this possible leak? Will you be looking forward to a new console exclusive coming to Steam? Will we get a good PC port? Let's speculate together in the comment section.

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