Rockstar Games admits the GTA 6 leak is real

By kreskowaty
Rockstar Games admits the GTA 6 leak is real

The GTA 6 developer has suffered a hacker attack.

We’re sure all gamers have already heard about GTA 6 gameplay footage leaking during the weekend. Today Rockstar Games took to their Facebook page and issued an official statement. It all comes down to what everyone already suspected. The GTA 6 leak is real!

The studio wants gamers to rest assured that this situation will not have any negative effect on the title’s further development. Rockstar also does not anticipate the hacker attack to cause any problems with any of their live game services or any major disruptions to their other ongoing project. You can see the full statement on the Grand Theft Auto 6 leak below:

Have you seen the GTA 6 gameplay videos? What do you think about the leak? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


Source: Facebook

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