Steam sale dates 2021 - when is the next Halloween Sale, Steam Autumn Sale and Holiday Sale?

Steam sale dates 2021 - when is the next Halloween Sale, Steam Autumn Sale and Holiday Sale?

Prepare your wallets! The official Steamworks Documentation page reveals the exact dates of upcoming Steam sale events!

No more leaks, no more guesses. The dates of upcoming Steam events are clear now, thanks to Steamworks Documentation marketing page

Steam Halloween Sale 2021 date

The first of 3 sales will begin in about 2 and a half weeks time! The start of Steam Halloween Sale 2021 is scheduled for Thursday, October 28th 2021. This is the shortest of the upcoming sales and will last for 4 days only - until Monday, 1st November 2021.

Expect some spooky games on sale as well as content updates in celebration of the Halloween theme.

Steam Autumn Sale 2021 date

The second of the upcoming Steam events will take place only two days before Black Friday 2021. Steam Halloween Sale 2021 will begin on Wednesday, 24th November 2021. The discounts will carry over through Cyber Monday 2021 and will expire the day after, on Tuesday 30th November 2021.

According to Steam documentation, the event will be combined with nominations for the annual Steam Awards. Gamers will be able to select their favourite titles released this year, which will compete for an award a month later during the holiday season. 

Steam Winter Sale 2021 date

Last, but not least, it's time for Christmas shopping. Well-behaved children will receive special discounts from Gaben so that they can purchase gifts for their friends & family (but mostly for themselves). Steam Winter Sale 2021 will launch on Wednesday, 22nd December 2021 and will carry over to the next calendar year, ending on Wednesday January 5th 2022.

The sale will be combined with Steam Awards event - the games nominated during the previous stage will compete for "game of the year" accolades.

Are you looking forward to this year's Steam sales? Will you be hunting for some particular titles? Let us know in the comments section below!

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