Steam sale dates 2022 - when are the next Steam Autumn and Winter Sales?

By mkmike
Steam sale dates 2022 - when are the next Steam Autumn and Winter Sales?

The upcoming Steam sales will feature thousands of discounted PC games – better prepare for them well!

Steam Sales are always greeted with a lot of enthusiasm from players. No wonder people start hyping and anticipating well in advance. Each major event from Valve's storefront offers great, unmissable deals. Even though two big Steam Sales 2022 are already behind us, there's plenty to look forward to this year. When will the next Steam Sales take place?

Upcoming Steam Sales dates

Before we enjoy some of the most significant sales on Steam, a few smaller ones (but also worthwhile!) will occur on Gabe’s platform. Here are the events that will take place later this year:

• Survival Fest –1-8 August

As you can see, Survival Fest is coming in a few days. Not only will we be able to purchase discounted Steam games, but we will also play several demo versions of already-existing PC titles and upcoming releases. Developers don’t run too many of such festivals nowadays, so that will be a great opportunity to check if a game you’re interested in is really worth your time. 😉

• Bash Bash – 19-26 September

As the name suggests, Bash Bash will feature hack’n’slash titles and fight games with many demos to test out.

• Next Fest – 3-10 October

As for October, the latest Next Fest edition will focus on new Steam games. You can expect dozens of demos to play and a chance to chat with developers about their works. Here’s what was featured in the June 2022 Edition of Steam Next Fest if you'd like a reference.

Now, when exactly should we prepare our wallets? Here’s what we know about this year’s remaining three Steam events!

Steam Halloween, Autumn, and Winter Sale 2022 release dates

Keep in mind Valve hasn't published the official dates yet. These are just our assumptions based on past experience, and we'll update the information as soon as Steam confirms the exact days.

• Steam Halloween Sale 2022 – 28 October to 1 November

If you’ve been saving some money for horror games on Steam, this will be the time to grab some. Not sure what's worth getting? Check out our list of best survival horror games on PC. You will definitely find something for yourself!

• Steam Autumn Sale 2022 – 24 November to 1 December

Closer to Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), the Steam Autumn Sale will certainly present the best Steam deals of the whole year. Plus, the next Steam Awards will start during the sale! That will be your chance to show some love to your favorite 2022 games.

• Steam Winter Sale – 22 December 2022 to 5 January 2023

It will be the last big sale on Gaben’s platform this year. It'll end this year with a bang and celebrate the arrival of 2023. Winter Sales tend to have some of the best offers, and players can also choose their game of the year and best PC titles from various categories. 

As you can see, there’s still A LOT to see in 2022 on Steam. We hope you’re as excited as we are! Speaking of excitement, are there any games you’re planning to add to your collection during any upcoming events? The list of the best Steam games to buy during Summer Sale 2022 may come in handy. Some of the PC titles we mentioned in that article could get discounted once again.

Either way, we highly recommend saving some money. You never know what sort of deals Valve is preparing for us. 😊 

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