12 best LEGO games to play on PC & Steam in 2022

By mkmike
12 best LEGO games to play on PC & Steam in 2022

Playing with real bricks is fun, but what about the digital format?

Long, long ago, LEGO Island was the first game that brought the magic of bricks over to the realm of personal computers: in 1997, the journey of LEGO video games on PCs officially began. This first title helped the yellow brick world to gain popularity on our favorite platform, although there’s no denying that it wasn’t until the magicians from Traveller’s Tales (now called TT Games) that the charm started to show. How did it all begin, and what are some of the best LEGO games you can play on your PC?

Traveller’s Tales to TT Games – a brief history of LEGO games

The studio was created in 1989 and worked on a couple of platformers (Sonic or Crash included!) for various devices in its early days. In 2005, the first title that featured the famous Danish bricks, LEGO Star Wars, came to be.

The game was revolutionary at the time: it looked (and, frankly, still looks) great, had a ton of fun, simple activities to do, and was perfect for people who enjoy couch co-op games. No matter who your favorite character in SW was, you could easily control them in this epic journey through the events of the first three episodes of the original saga: just in a brick format and with a little bit more humor put into it. 

In the same year, Traveller’s Tales officially merged with Giant Interactive Entertainment, resulting in TT Games being founded. Two years later, the group was bought by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. As for LEGO games, the studio simply continued making them, bringing even more PC, including the latest LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Best LEGO couch co-op games

Now that we have a basic idea of the origins of TT Games, what are the most notable examples of PC co-op games from this studio? There are quite a bunch that we could recommend, so we came up with the idea of creating a brief list of such titles. Then, if you want to see what the famous Danish blocks are all about, you should play:

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Even though it’s the third game featuring our beloved Gotham guardian, it’s here due to being the richest in the whole trilogy in terms of the content. We mean not only its culmination of Batman’s adventure but it’s also the number of great characters from the DC universe. This is just what you’d expect from a game where two people can choose from a range of their favorite, and often not that popular, characters.

Lego City Undercover

If you don’t want your kid /nephew /someone else of a young age to experience Grand Theft Auto too soon, this should be your go-to. As Chase McCain, you’ll need to infiltrate the criminal world of LEGO City: no way around it other than seeing it from the inside.

Although presented in a light, funny perspective, City Undercover features everything you could think of from the other series. You and your game partner will love a small yet very clever detail: if you’d like to perform a specific activity, you’ll have to wear an appropriate costume. No pick-locking for non-criminals! We're the good guys, after all. 

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-7

What can we say about this one, other than it’s the interpretation of J.K. Rowling’s bestselling book series? One can argue that not a single story interpretation can beat the book, but this game series is worth our time on its own.

It’s been split into two titles, both of which aren’t as heartbreakingly sad as their book or movie counterparts were at times. Remember what happened to Cedrik Diggory? Let’s just say that here, a block-building manual will help us prevent the guy's grim end.

Lego Jurassic World

That’s yet another title from TT Games that combines a couple of movies into one and does so in a way that we know and love the studio for. It’s slapstick humor all around, witty references both to pop culture and original movies. As for the co-op aspect, do not worry: you WILL be able to play as a dinosaur, helping your human companion for once. We know it had to be a feature, and so did you. And it’s as phenomenal as you think.

Lego Lord of the Rings

The original Peter Jackson’s cinematic trilogy is a feast to the eyes for sure, although what if we wanted to familiarise younger generations with it? We firmly believe that experiencing a shorter, condensed version of Lord of the Rings is quite a good idea.

The game is certainly not as mature and scary as what we’ve seen in cinemas back in the day. It means that you can play it with, say, your younger brother, and he won't have any nightmares. We don’t have to mention that the possibility of controlling Sauron is cool enough to pick up the game, do we?

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

If you think your kids are a bit too young to watch an actual Marvel movie, how about introducing them to the cast of brave superheroes from this universe via family-friendly video games? You can play as Spider-Man or Wolverine, but you can also let loose and smash everything with Hulk! What's more, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes lets you choose from over a hundred supes. 

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Similar to the previous title in the list, the bricky version of Pirates of the Caribbean won our hearts by making it possible to play as none other than Jack Sparrow  (CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, yes). Silly grunting noises are known from earlier Traveller’s Tales games instead of regular dialogue work perfectly for this adaptation. After all, a true pirate is raised on grog and probably should have some problems with uttering words.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Despite all of the changes in the developer's department, LEGO Star Wars games were always of the top quality! This time you can revisit nine titles with voice-acting, hundreds of playable characters, and, as usual, enough collectibles to keep you occupied for long. Recognizing iconic movie references with your co-op partner(s) is also highly entertaining 😉

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

While that’s not a crime to check out the original versions of the two first LEGO Star Wars games, we can’t say that The Complete Saga isn’t a better experience: it features new characters and powers, followed by upgraded character customization and bonus levels. Aside from that, this is still the same SW that turned TT Games into what it is now.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Speaking of other titles set in this famous space saga, The Force Awakens may feel like a filler-like addition at first, yet it’s considered a modern (and successful!) take on the game adaptations of SW. There are brilliant voice-acting, fluid, and crisp graphics, all enhanced by several tweaks here and there to make the gaming experience better than it ever was.

LEGO Worlds

There are only so many realms made out of bricks that we can explore, aren't there? As it turns out, not necessarily. The game feels and plays like Minecraft, having its own unique spin on things: the title didn’t abandon the signature humor, and the overall charm of other titles is also still present. Explored all other worlds by TT Games already? Create one yourself!

Lego: The Incredibles

Last but certainly not least, a superhero take on licensed titles with a lot of bricks. Not just some superhero, we’re talking about the fantastic family of Parrs! We get the plot of both Pixar titles under the same name, naturally with a healthy dose of yellow bricks. Provided you’re trying this one out with a family member, the game plays on an entirely new level: fighting baddies with the power of friendship (or family bonds) has to be quite thrilling!

This was our list of LEGO video games that represent perfectly how great of a journey can former Traveller’s Tales create for PC players. They’re all fun, and there’s so much to do in each title that simply naming them couch co-op games doesn’t do them justice.

Do you agree with our picks? Or maybe we’ve missed a game or two that should be mentioned here as well? Either way, the comment section is all yours. Until next time and may the Force be with you! <(-_-)>

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